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Полное имя Jeanne

Город/Область/Регион Beignon/ Бретань

Страна Франция

Начало апр. 2021 - сент. 2021

Продолжительность программы 10-12 месяцев

Я хорошо владею следующими языками: Английский (C1), Немецкий (B1), Французский (Родной)

Заходил(а) 5 День (-я,-ей) назад

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Dear family,

as a lot of people (actually most of it I think), my biggest wish is to travel across the world as much as possible. With my school, I had many opportunities to discover another countries, which I loved : Wales (Cardiff), Italy (Como lake, Milano), Germany (Berlin, an amazing city), and the last one I had the chance to go to is India, in october 2019, which was an incredible experience. All those experiences made me even more curious and eager to discover the world. The experience as an pair is for me a perfect opportunity. Meeting a new family, kids, people. Discovering a new country, culture, society. Connecting with people. All those reasons led me to create this profile and hope for you to want to get to know me better, and maybe welcome me in your everyday life. :)

To be honest, at first I may seem a bit introverted, but once I get to know other people, who I feel like I can trust, and be trusted, I open myself more and more. I am a really engaged girl, multiples societal causes affect me, such as feminism and LGBTQ+ rights. I consider myself responsible and trust-worthy. I also anticipate a lot, which sometimes keep me from enjoying the present instant, but I am working on it. Anyway, this website is not a therapy haha ! I also am really curious and open to new things, and experiencing au pair is completely out of my comfort zone, that's why I decided to try.

I have one little brother, Ferdinand, who's turning 16 soon, and a little sister Adrienne, who's 13. I am the big one ! I love them both and we have a really good relationship, which I am grateful for, even though it hasn't always been the case. My parents, Noëla (mother) and Fabrice (father) are divorced for nearly 10 years. They are both professors. My mum teaches french, and my father teaches history-geography, and french.

I graduated from high school in june 2020, with a literary Baccalauréate (national high school exam). I skipped a class when I was in primary school, that's why I am 17 and not 18. In september, I entered in a preparatory class a few kilometers away from my home where I was studying french literature, history, geography, philosophy, english, german... But The rhythm was really intense and the way those subjects (wich I loved in high school) were teached by my professors didn't fit my expectations and I decided to stop. I am now still searching for I want to do with my life, and I truly think as experience as an au pair abroad, far away from what I've always known, could be very helpful. That's why I am really motivated ! :)

In my free time, I really enjoy dancing (I took classes for 1 year and a half because of the COVID), I also love listening to music : pop, modern Rnb, rap, etc... I am more into contemporary music (except when it comes to Michael Jackson and the album Discovery by the Daft Punk... They take a HUGE place in my heart, right between the animation movie Spirit, which I would love to make you discover if you don't know it already, and my unconditional love for The Beauty and the Beast). I am also interested by philosophy and sociology, which raise really interesting questions about the human condition and all (Yes, you can love serious subjects such as those, and yet being extremely non-objetcive when it comes to a Disney movie). It would be a pleasure to discuss with you, if that is a thing that interest you. I am really curious and open-minded.
I also like walking to discover beautiful landscapes, and as the 21th century teenager that I am, I obviously also enjoy watching tv shows, I plead guilty.

I've never kept children before, but as I said ealier I consider myself really responsible, and I usually easily get along with kids. It would be a pleasure to meet yours, and you family !

I speak french fluently of course, since France is my birth country, and I also have quite a good level in english (C1), so if you are fluent in any of those languages, communication should be easy. I also have basics in german, which even though I studied it for 7 years, I've never been good at. So don't count too much on this one haha ! ^^

I am vegetarian for a few years now, and vegan for almost 1 year. I know it may be scary, but I enjoy cooking ! It would be a pleasure for me to make you discovery the vegan cooking if you are open to it ! :)
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Французский: Родной язык
Английский: Продвинутый (C1)
Немецкий: Средний (B1)

Спортивные увлечения  Non

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Согласен(а) работать сверхурочно за дополнительную плату - ДаСогласен(а) жить в семье, в которой есть домашние животные - ДаСогласен(а) заботиться о домашних животных - Нет

Страны, в которых я хочу работать Германия, Италия, Южная Корея & Япония

Предпочтительный тип населенного пункта Большой город, Пригород, Небольшой город

Продолжительность программы 10-12 месяцев

Самый ранний срок начала работы апр. 2021

Самый поздний срок начала работы сент. 2021

Согласен(а) жить в семье, в которой есть домашние животные

Согласен(а) работать сверхурочно за дополнительную плату

Согласен(а) заботиться о домашних животных

Я могу заботиться о детях в возрасте 6-10 лет, 11-14 лет, Старше 14 лет

Опыт работы с детьми в течение последних 2-х лет 0 часов

За сколькими детьми вы могли бы присматривать? 3

Согласен(а) работать с родителем-одиночкой Да, с матерью-одиночкой

Согласен(а) работать с детьми-инвалидами

Согласен(а) работать с людьми с ограниченными возможностями

Предпочитаемый возраст учеников

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