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Полное имя Melany

Город/Область/Регион Manta/

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Страна Эквадор

Начало июль 2021 - дек. 2021

Продолжительность программы 10-12 месяцев

Я хорошо владею следующими языками: Английский (B2), Испанский (Родной)

Заходил(а) 04 июль 2021

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Письмо семье

Dear future family,
It is an immense pleasure to be able to introduce myself to you, my name is Melany Garcia, I am 20 years old, I am from Ecuador located in South America, my family is small but we are very affectionate, communicative, kind, sociable in any situation, it consists of my mother, her name is Monica, my dad, his name is Angel, we also have three little puppies, I don't have siblings due to life issues. My mother has 1 sister and 2 brothers and thanks to that I have been able to have the opportunity to live, share and take care of my little cousins, I adore children with all my heart and I have learned that we will always have things to learn from them both for their kindness, their innocence , their charisma, their soul and energy and their desire every day to learn something new among many other things such as their actions and attitudes, their reaction to something when they like or dislike something, knowing how to understand them patiently what is essential, as well as taking care of them and teaching them to be loyal, respectful, honest.
About 3 years before graduating from college I began to realize that it really caught my attention to know what university life and everyday life would be like in other countries, I read about it, I investigated, about possible countries that I would like know and among them, the most accessible and willing for me was Russia, it should be noted that it was not my favorite, my parents have always supported me in every decision I make as long as I have everything clear and argued, and so 5 months after graduating from school I decided to study Chemistry and I started my study journey in Russia, at first it was very difficult, but I always had in mind that nothing is impossible, and that if you put your mind to it you can achieve it.
Now I have a bit of confusion regarding my future as a professional but I am looking for it, and I know I will achieve it.
My native language is Spanish, my second language is English and a medium level of the Russian language, i love to made desserts like cakes, cookies and others, I like to travel, get to know new cultures, new places, gastronomy different from mine, and one of my motivations to be an Au pair is because I know that taking care of children makes me happy to be able to live with them, take care of them and be aware of everything they need, the fluency of communication and making them feel good and confortable with me, I am a very kind, cheerful, patient, respectful person in any person or situation , punctual, with full availability and with the best attitude to be able to do the best possible. My favorite sport is volleyball, I love dancing, any genre of music, but especially my Latin music as it has a lot of rhythm, Sabor!! as we usually say here, I also have hobbies to sing and paint.
I am very dynamic with children we could, play, jump, read, draw, I would teach them to speak Spanish since it is my native language, dance, sing, walk in the park, have a picnic afternoon, pool day, among many others, I am also very interested in knowing part of your beautiful and incredible country, culture, gastronomy, knowing a little about your day to day and learning from it, I would be very happy and grateful for your welcome to your family and your country.
Thank you very much for taking a few minutes of your precious time and reading a little about me,
I am very excited and I hope with all my heart to know a little about you very soon and if possible to begin to be a member of your family.
I look forward hearing from you!
Best wishes

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Личная информация

Не куритУмеет плавать - ДаУмеет ездить на велосипеде - ДаЕсть водительские права - да и опыт вождения

Умеет плавать

Умеет ездить на велосипеде

Есть водительские права да и опыт вождения

Есть братья/сестры

Есть действительный паспорт

Не курит

Закончил(а) курс по оказанию первой медицинской помощи

Род вашей деятельности студент

Образование колледж

Language Knowledge

Испанский: Родной язык, С 20 Год
Английский: Выше среднего (B2), С 5 Год
Русский: Начальный (A2), С 2 Год

Спортивные увлечения  VolleyBall

Религиозные взгляды

Религия Au Pair важна

Диетические предпочтения не придерживаюсь диеты

Есть проблемы со здоровьем No

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Информация о работе

Согласен(а) работать сверхурочно за дополнительную плату - ДаСогласен(а) работать с детьми-инвалидами - ДаСогласен(а) жить в семье, в которой есть домашние животные - ДаСогласен(а) заботиться о домашних животных - Да

Страны, в которых я хочу работать (максимум 5) Объединенные Арабские Эмираты, Испания, Франция, Великобритания & Турция

Предпочтительный тип населенного пункта Большой город, Пригород, Небольшой город, Деревня, Село

Продолжительность программы 10-12 месяцев

Самый ранний срок начала работы июль 2021

Самый поздний срок начала работы дек. 2021

Согласен(а) жить в семье, в которой есть домашние животные

Согласен(а) работать сверхурочно за дополнительную плату

Согласен(а) заботиться о домашних животных

Я могу заботиться о детях в возрасте 1-5 лет, 6-10 лет, 11-14 лет, Старше 14 лет

Опыт работы с детьми в течение последних 2-х лет 100 - 200 часов

За сколькими детьми вы могли бы присматривать? 2

Согласен(а) работать с родителем-одиночкой Да, с матерью или отцом

Согласен(а) работать с детьми-инвалидами

Согласен(а) работать с людьми с ограниченными возможностями

Предпочитаемый возраст учеников

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