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Полное имя Julieta

Город/Область/Регион Garrison/ Нью-Йорк

Страна США

Начало авг. 2021 - сент. 2022

Продолжительность программы 10-12 месяцев

Я хорошо владею следующими языками: Английский (C1), Французский (B1), Испанский (Родной)

Заходил(а) 8 Час (-а,-ов) назад

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Hi families,

My name is Julieta (Juliette if you prefer), from Argentina. I'm 22 years old and currently living in the US since seven months ago.

Back in Argentina I live with my mom, my dad, my brother and my two dogs. They're my entire life and my place in the world.

About my studies, I completed my primary and secondary education in a semi-private school. Until last year, I studied Tourism in college and since three years ago I’ve been studying French, German and Italian, being more fluent with the first one and English.

Starting with my family, they are the best thing I have. The relationship with my parents is my treasure. They are so open, caring, comprehensive and always listen to me and I listen to them. I cry everytime I talk about them.

My mom, Susana, is a housewife, she worked before, but left her work when my grandma went sick, since then she dedicates to us full time, although, she always was 100% dedicated to us. We love to cook together, watch series on Netflix, and we talk a lot about everything. Two really chatty people.

My dad, José, works in a hotel; he is the kind of person that works so hard to give us everything and wants us to always be good, often we tell him to relax. He is my example of life; gives everything of himself and we have a great father-daughter relationship. He loves classic music and jazz. Since I was little, I’ve loved listening to music with him; my favorites are Chopin, Schubert and Tchaikovsky and I kinda learned the letter of “I got you under my skin” from Sinatra and “On an evening in Roma” from Dean Martin before learning to speak.

My brother and I have a good relationship too; nevertheless, we almost don’t see each other because when he’s home, I’m in college, traveling or at the daycare. But when we share a moment, we laugh a lot. We also love traveling together.

When it comes to kids in my family, I have a seven years old niece, Delfina. Before she was born, to be honest, I really wasn’t so into kids, but when she came it was like… I don’t know, she was the first baby in the family (my cousin’s daughter) and I fell in love with her; I think that because of her, I started to like kids. She is such a beautiful child: nice, funny, calmed, intelligent. Like with my mom, we cook and bake together, watch Disney movies, paint and draw. She’s learning to read and it's impressive how fast she does it. Sometimes, when my cousin couldn't, I picked her up from her dancing lessons and she stayed at home for dinner.

Three years ago, her little brother was born, my nephew, Maximiliano. He’s like a little piggy, so cute, loves to eat and to copy everything we do and say. He’s, like Delfina, really calmed; I’m still thinking that it’s so rare they almost never cry or have problems with anything.

I love spending time with my friends, going party, having lunches and dinners, playing board games, traveling or just hanging out. There's not much I can say about them, I mean, I won't describe every friend one by one, it'd take forever and it just that actually, I love them and I feel like friends save your life in more than one way. Besides, they’re free psychologists, they listen to you, you can talk with them about stuff you couldn’t or just don’t wanna talk with your parents or a professional. You've your family, but they're the second family you choose.

I consider myself as a funny, loving and caring person. Always wanna see my love ones fine. I'd like to think I put their happiness before mine, and I do it gladly, it makes me happy to see them happy.

I've a strong personality, very confidence in myself and in what I do; but not in an egocentric way.

I'm really extrovert and sociable, not shy at all, like meeting new people. I smile a lot, doesn't mean I'm happy 24/7, but I like to give a friendly vibe to everybody.

Furthermore, I'm too honest and always say what I'm thinking, some people could find that as rude, I know. Nevertheless, I always know when to say what I think and when not to; it's a matter of respect.

Open-minded, comprehensive and patient, which I know are a must when you work and live with new people in other country, with a different culture and way to think. But just these past months I’ve learned how patience I can really be. Another huge aspect of myself: a really chatty person, maybe too much, who loves making conversation. Always try my best and I feel good others are satisfied with what I do. I try to avoid fights and discussions, but if I’ve to, I’ll speak my mind, with respect and in the best way I can. Still, I always recognize if I’m the one who’s wrong.

I adore discovering and living in new places all the time, experimenting new cultures and expanding my knowledge and vision of the world. Always love trying new things, learning from experiences and honestly, I don't plan my future; if someone asks me what I’m gonna do in two years, my answer would be “I don’t even know what I’m gonna do tomorrow”. I like to be surprised, to let almost everything happen spontaneously.

I see myself as a very home-loving person. I’m a foodie, I cook everything; sometimes I prepare a plate I saw on the internet or sometimes I just improvised with whatever I found in the fridge. I've been a vegetarian since I was thirteen, so I use a lot of vegetables and legumes when I cook, but also respect every opinion, so I cook with meat for my parents and friends. My dad has a music room full of old phonograph records (I think that’s the word) and vitriols, you get the whole vintage vibe when you are in there, and it’s my favorite place to spend hours and hours listening to Chopin or Tchaikovsky.

I love reading books of fiction, drama, mystery and history, from ancient history to those about World War Two, and the classics like Jane Austen with “Pride and Prejudice” and “Northanger Abbey”. So yeah, between that and classic music, I admit I'm kinda nerdy.

My biggest passion is traveling, I feel very lucky with each trip I’ve made; every place and culture builds and changes my way to think and see the world, and for better. I adore trying new things, learning from experiences and honestly, I don't plan my future; if someone asks me what I’m gonna do in two years, my answer would be “I don’t even know what I’m gonna do tomorrow”. I like to be surprised, to let almost everything happen spontaneously

The only hobbies that come to my mind right now are reading books and learning new languages. Honestly I'm always doing something different. I do enjoy cooking, going for walks while listening music with my earphones, watching movies and shows, drawing, outdoors and more, but I don't see them as hobbies; I just do those things depending on my mood, I guess.

As I said before, I love history, so it’s not surprising that my biggest motivation to go to Europe is to learn more about it. I know Europe is not the crib of civilization and that I’ll go to a specific country; but still, all the countries have something I’m interested about: Middle Ages; the Crusades; the Renaissance; Gothic, Neoclassical and Baroque architecture; the periods of Elizabeth and Victoria in the UK; the French Revolution: the Austro-Hungarian Empire; the World Wars and much more, those are the one that come to my mind right now.

Besides knowing new places, I’d like to know the non-tourist version; live with native people and learn and experiment from their points of view, getting to know their culture from them, and not just from books, movies and tourist guides. That’s what I’m doing with my American family and it’s an unique experience.

Going to a strange country, with a different language and culture, knowing new people, exchanging points of view, sharing cultures and beliefs. You face situations and problems where you’re all by yourself, having to find solutions without any help; it’s in those unexpected moments where you discover what you’re capable of. That’s a precious feeling and a gift that you can only get by getting out of your comfort zone.

I’ll finish my au pair year at the beginning of July 2021, then I’d possibly return to Argentina to spend some time with my family and friends, at least two or three months. Or I don’t know, maybe I just go to my next destination with my new host family; it all depends on the offers and opportunities. I’m really flexible. Hopefully, if I stay some time in Argentina, I’d be able to get the covid vaccine, but it’s not a sure thing, my country is not as advanced with vaccination as Europe and the US. If I don’t get it, I’ll definitely compromise to quarantine two weeks and to take a covid test before my departure.

I'm looking for a lovely, warm and easy going family that makes me feel part of it. I hope this letter has given you an idea of who I am.

Hope to hear from you soon.

All my best,

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Опыт работы с детьми

Currently, I’m an Au Pair in the US. My host family is beautiful, they treat me well and the kids are gorgeous. I've been with them for seven months now, taking care of a four years old girl and a one year old baby boy. The relationship we've developed with the children is precious. And my hosts are really cool, they’re pretty young, so I consider them as “host bros''; we love playing board games on Friday and Saturday nights, especially Monopoly and Clue, and always have dinner together on Sundays. Although we enjoy spending time, I also understand that sometimes they need family time, and that’s completely okay, because I need my time too, to be alone or to hang out with my friends. Obviously, the moment of saying goodbye to them will be really hard. The experience I'm living is amazing and life changing.

Back home, my first formal work was in a daycare, the same where I went as a child. I started in 2017, as a part-time teacher, like an auxiliary; they called me when some teacher couldn’t go. Normally I went twice a week in the morning, sometimes on Saturday too. At first, that was a big challenge, I've never been with more than two kids at the same time, and from two kids, I started having ten or twelve kids in my care. But it wasn’t as hard as I thought, they are very independent and obedient. Of course, you have to talk to them with sweetness and patience. It really surprised me everyday how clever they are; they understand every situation more than you think.

Another formal job I had was the last two summers. I worked at a hotel babysitting the guest kids, like a summer creche or something like that. I wasn’t with more than four or six kids at the same time. It was so fun, because it was summer and my schedule was more flexible, so I could work at any time without concern about college. My duties consisted of playing in the pool, teaching them to swim, playing in the paddle field next to the pool and inventing some game, to keep them entertained. Always being careful, without letting them in the pool alone or letting them run on the border.

I don't have much experience with older kids or teenagers, only French and English tutoring. Still, I'm easy going and always know how to treat people, especially teenagers. I think we could have a lot in common because I lived and keep living the same experiences they do; I understand them.
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