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Agent Au Pair
电话: 415-376-0202
服务: Au Pair Plus, 互惠生, 住在互惠生
地址: 837 Whalley Avenue
06515 New Haven, 美国
成立: 01 八月 2001

Agent Au Pair is a US Department of State designated agency that places au pairs in the USA with a legal J-1 Visa.

We are the official partner of in the USA.

Our program provides superior customer support to host families and au...

Lpi Learning Logo 
Lpi Learning
电话: 203-285-6767
服务: 互惠生, 名人保姆, 临时保姆, Au Pair Plus
地址: 837 Whalley Avenue
06515 New Haven, 美国
成立: 21 十月 2014

LPI Learning is the exclusive global marketing partner of and is responsible for managing partner relations and marketing strategy.

We are a dynamic, innovative and rapidly growing global enterprise, which offers unique educational...

Geovisions Logo 
电话: 01-203-453-5838
服务: 住在互惠生, 导师, 半互惠互利, 英语老师
地址: 63 Whitfield St.
06437 Guilford, 美国
成立: 01 十月 2006

GeoVisions is committed to help individuals develop global skills to succeed in the twenty-first century. These skills will ultimately lead to greater cooperation and understanding among nations and peoples of the world. We are committed to treating...

查看简介 US Office
电话: 001-203-397-0000
服务: 互惠生, Au Pair Plus, 互惠生保险, 夏季互惠生
地址: 63 Whitfield Street
06437 Guilford, 美国
成立: 02 一月 2015

We are the US office of and provide assistance to au pairs and host families that are interested in learning more about services offered.

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