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在许多国家,互惠生还是一个崭新的项目,并不是对每个人都清楚其含义。 为避免误会,AuPair.com为您提供了互惠生百科,其中仔细解释了整个互惠生的定义(含义,要求零用钱等)。


1 / 18 What is the literal meaning of the word “Au Pair”?
Live - in
Equal to
The French term Au Pair means “equal to”, which implies that the Au Pair and the Host Family are considered on the same level, a relationship which is different from the one between employer and employee.
2 / 18 What is an Au Pair?
A person that cleans the house, looks after the Host Children and lives with the Host Family
A person that looks after the Host Children full-time and lives somewhere else
A young person that helps with childcare and light housework and lives with the Host Family
A young person that cleans the house and lives somewhere else
An Au Pair is generally a young person that provides flexible childcare and helps out with light housework, such as cleaning after the kids, tidying up their rooms, helping out with the children’s laundry.
3 / 18 What is the main difference between an Au Pair and a Nanny?
Nannies have at least a university degree
Au Pairs are younger and work less hours
Au Pairs are also in charge of housework
Nannies are considered employees and have to be paid minimum wage
Nannies do not take part in the Au Pair program. Instead they have to be employed under the labour law of the Host Country and have to be paid a minimum wage salary. Find out more about the differences between a Nanny and an Au Pair here.
4 / 18 What is the primary benefit that an Au Pair receives?
Full board and free room
Minimum wage of the Host Country
Free language course
A free working permit
As part of the Au Pair program, an Au pair has the right to get three meals per day provided by the Host Family and her/his own room.
5 / 18 Where does an Au Pair live?
With the Host Family, in her/his own room
In another flat/apartment/house paid by the Host Family
In another flat/apartment/house paid by the Au Pair
With the Host Family, in the kids’ room
One of the perks of becoming an Au Pair is to live with a Host Family without paying any rent. The Au Pair also needs to have her/his own room. There can be other agreements between the Au Pair and the Host Family, but it is important that the Au Pair has the opportunity to participate in the Host Family’s daily life and must not pay rent in any way.
6 / 18 What’s the main aim of the Au Pair experience?
Living abroad without paying rent
The cultural exchange
Learning a new language
Getting cheap childcare
The main purpose of taking part in the Au Pair program is the opportunity for the Au Pair to get in close touch with another culture by living with a Host Family and for the family to host somebody from a foreign country to get to know their culture. Read more about how to integrate the two cultures in the Host Family here. Read more about how to integrate different cultures in the Host family here.
7 / 18 What is an example of the Au Pair duties?
Cleaning the toilet
Cooking for everyone in the family
Hoovering the living room
Picking up the kids from school
Cleaning the house and cooking for everyone in the family are NOT part of the Au Pair’s duties. Read more about the Au Pair’s responsibilities here.
8 / 18 What are the age requirements to become an Au Pair?
Between 17 - 30, but it depends on the country
Between 18 - 35, but it depends on the country
Between 18 - 25, but it depends on the country
Between 20 - 40, but it depends on the country
Find out the specific age requirements for each country here.
9 / 18 What is another essential requirement to become an Au Pair?
The Au Pair must have a university degree
The Au Pair must not be married and have children
The Au Pair must obtain a working visa
The Au Pair must have a language certificate
Here you can read more about all the requirements in order to become an Au Pair.
10 / 18 What is one of the main requirements to become a Host Family?
The family needs to live in a big house
The family needs to have at least 2 children younger than 18 years old
The family needs to have at least one child younger than 18 years old
The family needs to pay for travel expenses
You can read more about the requirements to become a Host Family here.
11 / 18 Before starting to work together, what should the Au Pair and the Host Family do?
Book the language course
Decide who should cover the travel expenses
Buy an expensive gift for each other
Sign the Au Pair contract
Signing the Au Pair contract is crucial for the relationship between Host family and Au pair, as it is a guarantee to avoid misunderstandings in the future. You can find more information about the Au Pair contract here.
12 / 18 When and where does the Au Pair eat?
In her/his own room
Before the Host Family and the kids
With the Host Family and the kids
After the Host Family and the kids
The Au Pair is allowed and encouraged to join the Host Family during mealtime.
13 / 18 How much does the Au Pair work?
The Au Pair works part-time
The Au Pair works full-time
The Au Pair works overtime
The Au Pair’s working hours can be decided day-by-day
The Au Pair can work up to a certain amount of hours each week, depending on the Host Country, but it is generally considered a part-time job, which should also be planned weeks in advance. Read here to find out the maximum amount of hours allowed for each country.
14 / 18 What does the Au Pair always need time to do during the day?
To clean the house
To attend a language course
To cook meals for the Host Family
To do the Host Family’s laundry
The Au Pair is entitled to have the time to attend a language course as part of the Au Pair experience. This should be discussed with the Host Family and stated in the contract.
15 / 18 What else does the Au Pair NOT have to do?
Looking after other families’ children
Pick up the children from school
Help out with the kids’ laundry
Help the kids do their homework
Looking after other people’s children cannot be considered one of the Au Pair’s duties.
16 / 18 What happens if the Au Pair gets ill?
She/He will receive 1/3 of her/his pocket money
She/He will not receive her pocket money
She/He will still receive her full pocket money
She/He can get fired
Au Pairs do not earn a lot of money, so when they get ill they should still be entitled to receive their full pocket money. Make sure you state these conditions in the Au Pair contract.
17 / 18 Is babysitting included in the Au Pair duties?
No, it isn’t. The Host Family needs to hire somebody else
Yes if it is included in the contract, but it does not need to be paid extra
Yes, it is and does not need to be paid extra
Yes if it is included in the contract and needs to be paid extra
Babysitting can be one of the tasks performed by the Au Pair, but it is considered an extra task and should therefore be paid extra. Make sure you state in the contract how much the Au Pair should get paid for overtime.
18 / 18 Ideally, what will an Au Pair become?
A full-time employee of the Host Family
A substitute for the Host Parents
A full-time housekeeper
An additional member of the Host Family
Taking part in the Au Pair program means, in many cases, becoming part of the Host Family by taking part in their activities and spending time with them.
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互惠生项目是一个国际文化交流项目,让年轻人有机会在国外度过一段时间,了解不同的文化,提高自己的外语技能,作为交换,他们需要提供照顾孩子相关工作的帮助。"互惠生 "一词来自法语,意思是 "在平等的条件下",表示互惠生和寄宿家庭是平等的。



aupair responsibility
照顾孩子+文化交流:就是这样! 互惠生帮助寄宿家庭照顾孩子,享受国外的生活。阅读原文





互惠生项目主要是一种文化交流,因此寄宿家庭和互惠生需要属于不同的国籍。开始时,互惠生和互惠家庭都在寻找一个完美的匹配人选。一旦他们找到了,在出国前有几个问题需要考虑:签证保险银行账户、行李等等。 为了确保互惠生和寄宿家庭之间的顺利合作,他们会签订一份互惠生合同,合同中记录下所有重要的细节。



aupair programs

但是,您需要在目的国的地方当局注册并获得正式的互惠生身份。 如果互惠生需要签证,在某些情况下,互惠生抵达后需要延长签证期限。 这应该在寄宿家庭的帮助支持下完成。


签订互惠生合同是为了避免在国外生活中可能出现的误解和问题。你可以下载互惠生合同的样本,并在入住前和互惠家庭一起签署。 然而,紧急情况或需要终止合同的情况可能会发生。一般来说,在终止合同之前,会有两个星期的正式通知期。在签署合同之前,请确保这个条款也写在合同上。


互惠生的主要职责是照顾寄宿家庭的孩子,并执行与其相关的任务。 互惠生无需为寄宿父母做饭,打扫寄宿父母专用的房间或照顾其他人的孩子等。




每个国家/地区的官方互惠生项目明确了在允许的最长工作时间下,互惠生能获得的最低零用钱数额。 我们建议寄宿家庭和互惠生就零用钱达成协议。 互惠生将用自己的零用钱支付自己的额外费用。 互惠生在任何情况下都不应为自己的食物或房间花钱。


aupair holiday



aupair travel

我们建议在互惠生入住之前先讨论这个问题,最好在互惠生合同中注明下来。 详细了解互惠生的其他费用或寄宿家庭雇佣互惠生的费用


签证费用必须由互惠生支付,在任何情况下,寄宿家庭均无义务退还这笔钱。 互惠生需要在所在国家/地区的目的国大使馆申请签证。互惠生需要确保他们符合签证要求,这样他们的申请才能得到批准。


互惠生需要与寄宿家庭讨论工作时间表,以便他们有时间参加语言课程。 虽然在某些国家/地区,寄宿家庭必须支付语言课程的费用,但在大多数情况下,互惠生需要自费上语言班。



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