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Всем привет! Я Жанна и мне 17 Я с детства люблю детей, «няня» это отличный опыт для взрослой жизни и также отличная возможность подтянуть свой язык Я хочу стать для ваших детей другом/старшей сестрой ,...

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Guten Tag liebe Müter und Väter,ich bin 23Jahre alt und habe und habe schon viele Ideen über Bebysistten,denn es war meinen klein Job wären meine Urlaub.Also als Bebysistten kann ich mit Kinder spaziehen gehen,danzen,Geschichte erzärlen und gern spielen.fühle mich auch sehr froh wenn ich manchmal kleine surprise an Kinder.wenn ich nicht zu machen habe,danze oder...

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I plan to start with Au Pair experience in September 2020 (maybe earlier). My perfect AuPair family would be active, funny and easy going people, with straight forward expectations against me. With a sense of humor and willingness to treat me more like a very responsible daughter. I am open to flexibility in time and work tasks, however it is vital for me to have at least...

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Hola a todos!) Me llamo Natalia, soy ucraniana, trabajo como la profesora de literatura en un colegio, trabajo más con los niños mayores, pero también tengo la experiencia con los niños pequeños, también tengo un sobrino de 4 años, y paso mucho tiempo con él. Quiero probar el trabajo de Aupair en España, quiero conocer más de la cultura española y también mejorar...

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Hello, my name is Anna and I am from Ukraine. I've been living in China for 2 years and I was working in the training center for little babies (3 months - 6 years old). Nowadays I am a teacher in the private kindergarten here in Ukraine. I would like to explore the world, and I find myself to be inspired while I can work with kids. I am responsible, reliable, punctual...

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Dear Host Families, my name is Yana and I’m so excited to live trough this experience with you. I’m 20 years old and I live in the family of three. Myself, my mom and my dad. We also have a cat and a parrot. I’ve graduated from the German school here in Kiev. And currently I’m getting a degree at Linguistic University here as well. My major would be Chinese and English...

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Hiiii, my name is Yulia, I am from Ukraine, 27 years old and would really love to spend next 7-9 months as an au-pair in Spain. I am happy and friendly person who enjoys spending time with kids more than with adolts ? I am from a big family, have 5 yanger siblings, so I used to look after them since I was a child. Later when I was a student I did tutoring to get some money,...

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