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来自Wimauma, 美国的Daniel家庭的互惠生经验 put us in touch with several excellent candidates, including one we ultimately decided to match with. It was just the resource we needed.

来自Colorado Springs, 美国的Lisa家庭的互惠生经验

我们的互惠生真是太棒了! 我们很幸运,只希望她能待更长时间。

来自Alpena, 美国的Eric家庭的互惠生经验


来自MORRIS PLAINS, 美国的Alessia家庭的互惠生经验


来自MORRIS PLAINS, 美国的Alessia家庭的互惠生经验

非常好,善良。 马可和保罗爱她!

来自Byron, 美国的Alex家庭的互惠生经验


来自Cordova, 美国的Melissa家庭的互惠生经验

谢谢你帮我联系到这位可爱的年轻女士!我们非常期待下个月邀请她来我们家。 我们非常期待下个月能邀请她来我们家。

来自Houston, 美国的Gaby Dorough家庭的互惠生经验

Au pair.com让我们很容易找到适合我们家庭的比赛。 我肯定会推荐给任何希望参加这个精彩节目的朋友。 我唯一的建议是推送消息通知,以便我们可以更实时地回复!

来自New Canaan, 美国的Andree家庭的互惠生经验


来自Cambridge, 美国的Tosin家庭的互惠生经验


来自North Oaks, 美国的Elena家庭的互惠生经验

我们首先在AuPair.com上找到了理想的互惠生。 她在我们这里已经快两年了。 我们和AgentAuPair公司一起去了,他们一直很好。

来自El Dorado, 美国的Colleen家庭的互惠生经验

This will be my first time using an Au Pair. We are excited to start this journey!

来自Piscataway, 美国的Farieda家庭的同居帮助者经验

This is my first time, it is easy to fill out form

来自Bigfork, 美国的Jim家庭的互惠生经验

I found Mary on in spring of 2021. She became a nanny for my family and has stayed for 18 months. She had a good amount of experience with children and wanted to get experience working on a farm with animals so this turned out to be a great match. We have had a blast having her be a part of our family and we want to continue.

来自FORT WORTH, 美国的Catelyn家庭的互惠生经验

So amazing! I couldn't believe the profile. Seriously.

来自Kyle, 美国的Kimberly家庭的互惠生经验

I found someone I was interested in in only one day and I found it to be very easy.

来自Downey, 美国的Kenneth家庭的互惠生经验

Au pair itself is pretty good it’s a little unfortunate that you have to find someone so quickly and use a premium it would be nice if you could kinda get a trial run to see how it works but I hope that in the end it was some you know the right choice

来自MINNEAPOLIS, 美国的Abdulbasite家庭的同居帮助者经验

I have a good experience with Au pair, and I enjoy it.

来自Gaithersburg, 美国的Saba家庭的互惠生经验

This is my first experience with Au Pair, If all works out, it will be a wonderful experience and I will be eternally grateful.

来自Beaverton, 美国的Aaron家庭的互惠生经验

Our experience was over all good. We had two Au Pairs that we tried to match with before we settled on our selected Au Pair.