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在英国招聘中的互惠生,保姆,儿童及老年人护理工作 - 第1页


互惠生 招聘中 ABERDEEN, 英国 在 城镇 时长为 4-6个月

4-6个月 一月 2020 - 二月 2020 1 孩子 ABERDEEN (城镇) 250 英镑 每月

乘坐巴士大约10分钟即可到达市中心。 英语学校也同样坐公交车10分钟。 公交车站实际上是从房子2分钟。

互惠生 招聘中 Salford, 英国 在 大城市 时长为 10-12个月

10-12个月 二月 2020 - 三月 2020 3 孩子 Salford (大城市) 300 英镑 每月

你好,亲爱的, 如果您愿意接受我们作为您的寄宿家庭,我们很高兴欢迎您进入我们可爱的家,并且我们期待与您分享想法,文化,美食等等。

互惠生 招聘中 London, 英国 在 大城市 时长为 4-6个月

4-6个月 一月 2020 - 二月 2020 1 孩子 London (大城市) 340 英镑 每月

We are a small family of 3. I am a Personal Assistant at a high school located in Central London. Most of the time I work during school hours - 8:30am-4: 30 pm - but there may be a few occasions during the year I need to work late. My husband works as a content manager for an IT company on the other side of the city. Which means he has a long commute and comes home between 7pm-8pm. He is a very busy man but he loves spending time with our daughter and putting her to bed. We have an ...

保姆 and 外婆互惠生 招聘中 Stafford, 英国 在 郊区 时长为 >1年

>1年 三月 2020 - 三月 2020 3 孩子 Stafford (郊区) 250 英镑 每月

互惠生 and 外婆互惠生 招聘中 Sheffield, 英国 在 大城市 时长为 >1年

>1年 十二月 2019 - 三月 2020 1 孩子 Sheffield (大城市) 400 英镑 每月

互惠生 招聘中 Northampton, 英国 在 城镇 时长为 10-12个月

10-12个月 二月 2020 - 四月 2020 1 孩子 Northampton (城镇) 100 英镑 每月

您好,我们住在一个安静的地区。 离市中心不远。 我们靠近商店和巴士站。 最近的大学是15分钟的公交车车程。

互惠生 招聘中 Stotfold, 英国 在 城镇 时长为 4-6个月

4-6个月 九月 2020 - 九月 2020 1 孩子 Stotfold (城镇) 390 英镑 每月


互惠生 招聘中 Oxford, 英国 在 城镇 时长为 10-12个月

10-12个月 八月 2020 - 九月 2020 2 孩子 Oxford (城镇) 320 英镑 每月

Ciao, stiamo cercando una/un au pair da Settembre 2020. Viviamo a Oxford non lontano dal centro citta', che e' raggiungibile facilmente con autobus e bicicletta. Londra e' a circa 1h di treno. Lavoriamo all'universita' e stiamo cercando un aiuto specialmente con la nostra figlia maggiore che avra' 5 anni, e possibilmente anche con la piu' piccola avra' un anno. Abbiamo avuto esperienze molto positive fino ad ora con due ragazze alla pari dall'anno scorso, quindi stiamo cercando un/a ...

互惠生 招聘中 Rochester, 英国 在 城镇 时长为 >1年

>1年 一月 2020 - 二月 2020 1 孩子 Rochester (城镇) 300 英镑 每月

We would welcome you as part of our family. We live very close to a bus stop where you can get a bus to the local town which has a library, leisure centre, shops, train stations etc. My son’s school is within walking distance of our home. We go to church on sundays and will love for you to come with us if you would like

互惠生 招聘中 Armagh, 英国 在 城镇 时长为 4-6个月

4-6个月 一月 2020 - 三月 2020 2 孩子 Armagh (城镇) 400 英镑 每月

Hello, I am a single father with two teenage boys aged 17 and 20 I work long hours and need someone to be there for the boys in the morning and the afternoon. We hope that you would fit into our family and feel welcome in our house but also you will have your own space and your own free time to explore Northern Ireland. We live in the city of Armagh and are within walking distance to city centre, and to the bus, and many local attractions, we will be travelling to the Republic of ...



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