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在英国招聘中的互惠生,保姆,儿童及老年人护理工作 - 第1页


互惠生 招聘中 Aberdeen, 英国 在 城镇 时长为 >1年

>1年 三月 2020 - 四月 2020 2 孩子 Aberdeen (城镇) 400 英镑 每月

Hello, We are a friendly and fun family of four. We have made our home very welcoming, relaxing and accommodating to whoever walks in through our

互惠生 and 保姆 招聘中 London, 英国 在 大城市 时长为 10-12个月

10-12个月 三月 2020 - 六月 2020 2 孩子 London (大城市) 400 英镑 每月

We live in Bromley, a very nice suburb of London with loads of shops, restaurants and activities. It is approximately 20 minutes into central London by train. We have 2 kids, an 8 year old and a 4 year old. Our home is in the centre of Bromley so it's pretty close to everything. We love to travel and often drive into Europe for weekend getaways. Both parents travel for work so require an Aupair/Nanny to help with the kids. Both kids go to school during week day so plenty of free ...

互惠生 招聘中 Sevenoaks, 英国 在 城镇 时长为 4-6个月

4-6个月 三月 2020 - 五月 2020 2 孩子 Sevenoaks (城镇) 450 英镑 每月


互惠生 招聘中 Stotfold, 英国 在 城镇 时长为 7-9个月

7-9个月 九月 2020 - 九月 2020 1 孩子 Stotfold (城镇) 390 英镑 每月


互惠生 and 保姆 招聘中 Collumpton, 英国 在 农村 时长为 10-12个月

10-12个月 三月 2020 - 四月 2020 2 孩子 Collumpton (农村) 400 英镑 每月

Hello potential aupair There are six of us including 11 months twin girls. It is amazing journey to have them in our life and it is a hard job as well. We have decided that it would be beneficial to have an extra pair of hands in our house SORRY, WE DON’T COVER FLIGHT TICKETS COSTS

互惠生 招聘中 Greenwich, 英国 在 大城市 时长为 1-3个月

1-3个月 七月 2020 - 七月 2020 2 孩子 Greenwich (大城市) 400 英镑 每月

Can you sail? Dear Aupair, We are looking for a happy, confident and energetic young girl to live with us in our home in south London as part of our family. You can expect to be treated like a big sister to our boys. Your job with us will be in two towns: London At the family home, you will help look after our two boys by playing with them, taking them to school, taking them to the playground in the local park, excursions, bathing and putting them ...

互惠生 and 保姆 招聘中 cardiff, 英国 在 大城市 时长为 10-12个月

10-12个月 三月 2020 - 十一月 2021 2 孩子 cardiff (大城市) 300 英镑 每月

Hi welcome to my family profile my name is Maclaire i am French citizen who lives with husband and children . i have a son who is 5 years old and a daughter she is 11 months we live in Cardiff capital of Wales we are looking for a lovely lady who is responsible and love being with kids and very confident and passionate.we look foward to hearing from you

互惠生 and 保姆 招聘中 SHEFFIELD, 英国 在 城镇 时长为 >1年

>1年 四月 2020 - 四月 2020 3 孩子 SHEFFIELD (城镇) 900 英镑 每月

Dear Aupair, Thank you for taking out time to read through our profile. We hope you'd come to like and better still be our aupair. If there any information required, we are more than happy to provide more information OUR HOUSE; 3 km our house to town centre and sheffield universty. Just 10 minutes for cafes, shops, park. Our places is lovely, neighbours is very friendly. My children school near our home just 10 minutes by

保姆 招聘中 Dorchester and Poundbury, 英国 在 城镇 时长为 >1年

>1年 八月 2019 - 六月 2021 2 孩子 Dorchester and Poundbury (城镇) 800 英镑 每月

We are close to Schools, University’s, trains and

互惠生 招聘中 Kenilworth, 英国 在 城镇 时长为 10-12个月

10-12个月 五月 2020 - 六月 2020 3 孩子 Kenilworth (城镇) 250 英镑 每月

我们生活在城镇的边缘,步行20分钟即可到达商店,酒吧和咖啡馆,但也在乡村边缘。 我们家外面有一个巴士站,那里有直达Warwick University,Coventry和Leamington SPa的巴士。 访问汽车。 整个房子里都有Wifi。



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