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互惠生 作业 gan yavne 以色列 为 1-3个月 - 1328047



保姆 and 外婆互惠生 招聘中 TEL AVIV, 以色列 在 城镇 时长为 >1年

1 孩子 (6-10岁) TEL AVIV (城镇) 八月 2020 - 十月 2020
300 美元 每月

互惠生 招聘中 Petah-Tikva, 以色列 在 大城市 时长为 10-12个月

2 孩子 (新生儿, 6-10岁) Petah-Tikva (大城市) 七月 2020 - 九月 2020
250 欧元 每月

Hello to our new Au-Pair We hope to be your future host family and give you a good experience here in Israel, and help you learn more about our

互惠生 招聘中 Jerusalem, 以色列 在 城镇 时长为 1-3个月

1 孩子 (6-10岁) Jerusalem (城镇) 七月 2020 - 九月 2020
500 美元 每月

Dear all, I am delighted to offer a position as a family member in my home. I am sure this will be one of the greatest experience that will change your life for ever. I have a 8 years old Daughter who has had already 7 other exchange aupair similar ...

互惠生 招聘中 Bazra, 以色列 在 村 时长为 10-12个月

3 孩子 (6-10岁) Bazra (村) 八月 2020 - 九月 2020
600 欧元 每月

Hi, We are a happy family moving from switzerland to Israel. We will be living in Bazra a small and beautiful village close to Raanana/Kfar Sava and tel aviv. We have 3 kids age 9,7,7 and in the future we want to have a dog too (: We will need ...

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