家庭ID号: 1235150

孩子: 1 孩子, 1-5岁, 6-10岁, 11-14岁

城市: Shenzhen / 大城市 更多 ⇩

名称 Ma

国家 Guangdong

邮政编码 只限于付费用户

工作开始: 十一月 2019 - 九月 2020

需要互惠生去: 10-12个月

最后一次操作: 5 Hours Ago


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Dear future au pair,

We live in China's southern city, Shenzhen, adjacent to Hong Kong. This city is modern and open. Our neighborhood is very green and beautiful. Metro station, city library, Children's Palace, stadium are all within walking distance. Shared bikes are also popular. It’s quite convenient to get around here. There are a lot of places worth seeing as well, like architecture from 300 years ago, temples, theme park and etc.

We have been au pair host family for about 1 year now, are hosting our second au pair and our contract. Both of our au pairs decided on taking up Chinese language learning and coming back in future after their experience living with us.
We are open-minded and healthy friendly family, filled with joy and love.
There are two boys in the family. 6-year-old boy child Ethan and 24 month Easton. In the family, we speak both Mandarin. We can speak English very well. So it wouldn't matter much if you don't speak Chinese. We would expect you to organise educational activities with both kids instead of housework. Grandma lives with us, taking care of most housework.

We hope that you speak very fluent and standard English.
Our main expectation would be being around with Easton and Ethan, and speaking in English with them.
*Ethan's school is over at 4:30pm. Some times he has extra classes like taekwondo, lego, and sometimes other classes and in this case he will be off from school at 5:30pm.
You are free on Sunday and Monday.

We'd like to discuss the schedule together with you so that you also feel comfortable and confident. If you feel interested, please drop a message and leave your whatsapp or skype (or wechat if you have it.) and your time available for a video chat. We hope to find our au pair ASAP. So we should respond quite actively recently and should feeback to you our decision in 3 days after the video chat.

It would be our great honor if you would consider us as you host family candidate. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Warmest regards,
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We hope that you are very kind-heated, honest and with positive disposition, since this is the quality we've been teaching our children.
You will feel home here with us, since we would take you as an elder sister or brother of this family and love and care you as our child. We would be open to communicate with you, listen to your feelings and expecations, and would make this a valuable and enjoyable experience to you.
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你们住在哪里 大城市

家庭年龄在 25-40

您是单亲吗? 不,我们家有父亲和母亲

家庭国籍 中国人

在家里说什么语言 英语, 中文

宗教 没有宗教信仰

宗教对您来说重要吗? 不重要

职业 Chief Business Officer (CBO)

你们家住着多少人? 5

描述您的孩子们?(名字,年龄,性别) 2 year old and 6 year old

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互惠生/保姆开始工作的最早时间 十一月 2019

互惠生/保姆开始工作的最晚时间 九月 2020

您打算提供多长时间的工作? 10-12个月

我们正在寻找 互惠生

互惠生/保姆的性别要求 没有偏好

您更喜欢的互惠生/保姆的国籍是? American, Australian, Austrian, Belarusian, Belgian, Brazilian, British, Canadian, Chilean, Colombian, Costarican, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Guam, Icelandic, Irish, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Liechtensteinian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgian, Martiniquais, Mexican, New Zealander, Norwegian, Peruvian, Polish, Portuguese, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, Ukrainian


所期望的最短经验? 200小时以上

您要求的受教育水平 没有偏好

互惠生要照看的孩子年龄? 1-5岁, 6-10岁, 11-14岁

互惠生要照看多少个孩子? 1

互惠生/保姆每周要工作多少小时? 30 - 35

互惠生每月能得到多少零用钱? 400 美元

您愿意付(部分的)互惠生的旅行费用吗? YES

我们要求的互惠生年龄在 18-33









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Seperate room. Fully furnished. Air-conditioned. With big window and nice view. Chinese class(paid by us).Monthly allowance.Compensation for flights.Insureance.Scholarship

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