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Experience report: Luba, a Russian Au Pair in Spain

by Luba on Aug 05, 2020
Experience report: Luba, a Russian Au Pair in Spain
My name is Luba. I'm 23 years old. I call myself HAPPY AU PAIR TRAVELLER. I have already participated in this international exchange program twice. The first time I went to the southern part of France, where I stayed for three months and after 6 months in Russia I went again to Europe, but already to Spain.

Being in France, where I gained my first experience as a Russian Au Pair, I enjoyed the time with my Host Family and their children. I also learned a lot of French words, phrases. I was fascinated by French cuisine, we often invited guests and were guests in other homes. Probably the first thing I noticed was the way my family took me in.

I was accepted as a family member, as an older sister. Of course, it took me a few days to adapt in a new place, but it was absolutely natural. The family in France helped me to start speaking French, opened up their culture to me, and in the meantime I helped their children to learn new words in English, sometimes talking about Russia.
In Spain I was lucky to live with a Latvian-Spanish family, where the children’s mother speaks Russian very well (my native language). There I lived in the most beautiful city - San Sebastian - in my opinion. Everybody in Spain speaks English very well and that's why I met many people there, who also had a rest or came as a tourist. We communicated with the children in this family in Russian, so they could learn new words and expressions. In addition, I also learned and practiced a little Spanish, but more often I spoke to the children's father in English.

I spent about three months in this city and it was enough to spend it interestingly and useful: to learn a new language, to learn Spanish culture, to meet new people and travel a lot. 
I am madly happy that I spent this time with those children, with families. This is an experience that I want every young person to experience. An experience that will change the way you think and bring bright colors to your daily life. Once you take a chance, you can be happy for life.
Some Thoughts...
Jan, 08, 2022 - 04:01 pm
Wow that's great looking forward for this adventure as an au pair experiencing different cultures thank you for sharing
Jan, 27, 2022 - 07:01 pm
This post gave me hope
Feb, 26, 2022 - 04:02 pm
Wow that's awesome
Mar, 18, 2022 - 09:03 pm
What a nice story! Congrats on your successful journey and thank you for sharing. Умница!
May, 15, 2022 - 06:05 am
Thank for sharing your experience
Oct, 18, 2022 - 08:10 pm
Thank you for sharing. I wish to experience different cultures in future
Oct, 18, 2022 - 09:10 pm
Thank you for your story Hoping to find a host family too soon
Oct, 25, 2022 - 10:10 am
Hoping also to find a host family..
Dec, 09, 2022 - 04:12 pm
Very nice
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