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List of Au Pairs and child care jobs by country

Not only do you know that you want to become an Au Pair, but you know exactly where? Great! Then you will find a list of all Host Families registered with us here, sorted by location. For almost every country in the world, you can find an Au Pair Family without an agency - and we will help you!

Please note that this list can change daily and is always based on the number of users who register with us. You wonder where the fluctuations come from and why there are so many Host Families in some countries and so few in others?

Au pairing in a popular country

On the one hand this is due to the fact that the Au Pair program is well known in different countries. Especially in European countries like Italy, Spain and Ireland there is a long tradition of cultural exchange. Most families are familiar with the concept and many have been thinking about the idea of hosting an Au Pair in their own home for a long time. Being an Au Pair without an agency is no problem here.
In other countries, the program is even institutionalised to the extent that there is an official Au Pair visa in these countries. For example, if you are interested in staying in France, Germany, Austria or the USA, you will find that applying for a visa (if you need one) works very easily - authorities and agencies are familiar with the program and there are official guidelines for it. This makes it easier not only for the candidates but also for the Host Families, so you will find many of them in these countries.

Finding a Host Family in unusual places

However, the situation is different on other continents. For example, if you want to go to Africa, Asia or South America as an Au Pair, you have a smaller choice. Although you will most likely find at least one Host Family in each country who is looking for suitable candidates, the Au Pair program is not so widespread in the countries on these continents - at least for Host Families. In fact, most applicants come from exactly these regions. So theoretically, you can become an Au Pair without an agency in these parts of the world - but the implementation is a bit more difficult.
Again, feasibility plays a big role here: because if there is no visa and no corresponding structures for a work permit, a stay according to the Au Pair program becomes very complicated. Countries like Australia, New Zealand or Canada, for example, have introduced a Working Holiday Visa which allows people from some nations to work there. This is why the program is very popular there.
However, in most other countries, especially from the above mentioned continents, there is often no suitable visa. Here you would need a work permit, but this is only compatible with an employment contract, a certain number of working hours per week and a sufficiently high salary. Childcare combined with travel is simply not yet a fixed concept in many places. 
Does this mean that you cannot become an Au Pair in certain countries? No, absolutely not! However, it does mean that you will have to be creative. If you have a specific country in mind and have found a Host Family there, don't waste time and contact the embassy of that country in your home country immediately. Search for the menu item "Visa" or "Entry" and go through the different visa forms. There you will also find the requirements for a visa. 
Conclusion: in many countries that are especially popular for Au Pairs, you will find a large selection of Host Families and it will probably not take long to find a suitable match. In some others, where the program is not very common, you will have to be a bit more persistent - but it is worth it!
We wish you every success in finding a suitable Host Family!

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