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Daniel's family
Wimauma, Usa

Daniel's family <br/>Wimauma, Usa put us in touch with several excellent candidates, including one we ultimately decided to match with. It was just the resource ❱❱ put us in touch with several excellent candidates, including one we ultimately decided to match with. It was just the resource we needed.

Myra, Ugandan
Au Pair in Greece

Myra, Ugandan <br/>Au Pair in Greece

Oh wow, I am not sure where to start from. First I’d like to say if I had the capacity to film a documentary. I totally would make one ❱❱

Oh wow, I am not sure where to start from. First I’d like to say if I had the capacity to film a documentary. I totally would make one about the cultural shock and difference between Africa and Europe. Well My name is Myra and I am from Africa (Uganda) I joined the program early this year as a means to fully embrace my passion which has always been working with children and what better way is there to explore it, than engaging in child care internationally. I met the family about a month in and they were so warm and welcoming, (we exchanged all necessary details and fast forward about 2 months later I joined them) The first few weeks were sort of hard because I struggled with communication to the children as they did not speak or understood any English at the time, but I persisted and took it one day at a time until we found a common ground (I call it Greenglish) basically I mix English words and Greek words to be able to teach them some English and they are really learning a lot in fact the eldest child now communicates to me with more English words lately and my relationship with them is fast growing in that they are more receptive to ideas and I can reason with them better upon making some decisions like brushing teeth(you know how kids can dislike this), washing hands, going to sleep etc.. I have visited so many beaches and places within the country and made a few friends courtesy of the family. Onto the cons, of course it’s not always merry around the house as I said earlier the cultural shock caught me by surprise the kids are pretty aggressive and have so many mood swings as well as luck of a proper communication manner as they always raise there voices while talking and being the quiet persona that I am that sometimes gets overwhelming. As well as a lot gets lost in translation which in turn can be reason for some misunderstandings. I am struggling with the issue of boundaries as I live where I work and because of that I end up working overtime and doing a lot more than I should be and at times it is hard to talk about with the hosts because I feel like it might create some sort of tension but then I end with a bit of anxiety and I am somewhat always tired from the extra workload which in turn makes it difficult for me to engage in other personal activities, also the time schedules make it impossible to fully explore unless with the family. But I am sure I will find the right way to communicate better and hopefully that can help eliminate the problem, other than that the family is really nice and welcoming, very interesting and I glad I get to live and experience everything fast hand. Also I am learning some great intel to help me make an informed decision on what next.

Lisa's family
Colorado Springs, Usa

Lisa's family <br/>Colorado Springs, Usa

Our Au-pair has been absolutely amazing! We are so lucky and only wish she could stay longer.

Our Au-pair has been absolutely amazing! We are so lucky and only wish she could stay longer.

Alex's family
Byron, Usa

Alex's family <br/>Byron, Usa

Easy site to navigate. Tons of candidates. Took me less than a week to hire someone

Easy site to navigate. Tons of candidates. Took me less than a week to hire someone

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Au Pair Experiences

Read stories of Au Pairs who already had a wonderful experience with their Host Families
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Rishee, her Au Pair story in Turkey Finding the perfect Host Family is not easy. It took three years to Rishee to find a match and, in the end, it was totally worth it! Read Rishee's experience and don't ever give up!
Everything you need to know about the Au Pair search
Benedicta's Au Pair story in Paris For the last couple of months, Benedicta could spend her Au Pair stay in a suburb of Paris. Even during the corona pandemic she managed to make the best out of her stay. 

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There are times in life when you notice that you need a change. Whether you are a candidate seeking for the adventure of your life or a Host Family who wants to extend their family boundaries - you can find your match with Find more details about the Au Pair requirements and the application process in the world.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you have any questions about the program or our website? We are always happy to help! Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions
How many hours a week can an Au Pair work?
Every Host Country has different regulations in terms of working hours for the Au Pair. They could go from a maximum of 20 hours/week in some countries to 45 in others. Check the specific Au Pair programs for every Host Country and write down the details in the Au Pair contract. » » »
Do you get paid as an Au Pair?
Yes! In exchange for their help with childcare and some light chores around the house, Au Pairs receive a room, full board and some pocket money that could be given weekly or monthly, depending on the agreements with the Host Family. The amount varies according to the Host Country between 26€ in Germany and 900 $ in USA. » » »
What is an Au Pair expected to do?
The Au Pair is expected to look after the Host Children and to help the Host Family run the household by doing some light chores around the house. Every Host Family has different needs, but it is important that the Au Pair does not do housework that should be done by a housekeeper. » » »
How much is an Au Pair per month?
The cost of an Au Pair per month depends on the pocket money and the expenses for food and utilities. Read the regulations about pocket money in every Host Country, as they differ depending on where you are and find out how much it will cost you to have another person living in your house. » » »