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Bradley's family
Mamaroneck, Usa

Bradley's family <br/>Mamaroneck, Usa

Really great and seemless experience. The site is so easy to navigate and it is easy to communicate with au pairs and find the right match.

Myra, Ugandan
Au Pair in Greece

Myra, Ugandan <br/> Au Pair in Greece

Oh wow, I am not sure where to start from. First I’d like to say if I had the capacity to film a documentary. I totally would make one about the cultural shock and difference between Africa and Europe. Well My name is Myra and I am from Africa (Uganda) I joined the program early this year as

Alex's family
Byron, Usa

Alex's family <br/>Byron, Usa

Easy site to navigate. Tons of candidates. Took me less than a week to hire someone

Bilal's family
Chesterfield, Usa

Bilal's family <br/>Chesterfield, Usa

Been using aupair.com for 5 years now and our experience has been good.

Daniel's family
Wimauma, Usa

Daniel's family <br/>Wimauma, Usa

AuPair.com put us in touch with several excellent candidates, including one we ultimately decided to match with. It was just the resource we needed.

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Use our secure messaging system to get in touch with your future Au Pair or Host Family. Make an appointment for an Au Pair interview. Are you wondering how? We will show you! » » »

The most important step in your Au Pair search is the agreement between both sides. Make sure to discuss important matters such as duties, hours and pocket money and sign the contract! » » »

Your Online Au Pair Agency

Service for Agencies
AuPair.com is an online matching agency - which is safe and easy to use. As an online matching platform, we cannot directly take part in the Au Pair  arrangement process, since we are not a full service agency. However, we can help you with useful information on our website. 
If you do not want to organize your Au Pair stay yourself, get in touch with one of our reliable partner Au Pair agencies, who will guide you through the whole process and your Au Pair stay!

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Membership options

You can choose between two different memberships on AuPair.com. Find out in detail what the differences and the advantages of each option are.
Basic Members on AuPair.com
AuPair.com is one of the world’s biggest Au Pair matching platforms, giving the opportunity to everyone to enter the amazing world of Au Pairing!
Beyond the chance to find out if your potential Au Pair or Host Family is interested in you, with a Basic profile AuPair.com offers you useful articles and blog posts for both Au Pairs and Host Families, which will help you getting to know more about the program.
Documents that are needed for your Au Pair stay, such as the Au Pair contract and the invitation letter, and many more helpful tools can also be found on our website with a Basic profile.
Premium Members on AuPair.com
The Premium Membership allows you to contact ALL users directly! It's the easiest and fastest way to find your perfect match!
You will be able to contact other users directly through personalized messages and exchange personal data and contact details with them.
If you have a Premium Host Family profile, you will also receive a handbook for Host Families with additional tips and information on the Au Pair program, as well as a more detailed version of the Au Pair contract!

Au Pair Experiences

Read stories of Au Pairs who already had a wonderful experience with their Host Families
Everything you need to know about the Au Pair search
Sara's experience: an Italian Au Pair in France Sara is a 19 years old girl who decided to take a gap year and moved to France as an Au Pair. Read her advice and learn more about her story.
Everything you need to know about the Au Pair search
Multicultural Host Family & their Au Pairs Read the story of Alena and Tommaso, a multicultural Host Family from Italy, who chose the Au Pair program as a childcare solution for their 5-year-old daughter.
Everything you need to know about the Au Pair search
Luba, a Russian Au Pair in Spain Luba has been an Au Pair twice, once in the south of France and once in San Sébastian, in the north of Spain. In her experience report she shares her impressions. 
Everything you need to know about the Au Pair search
An Au Pair found her second family Anastasia believes in signs, and when a Host Family from Germany wrote her, she didn't know yet that they will become her "second family". 

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5 tips when you are moving abroad

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Interesting facts about France

5 interesting facts about France from a Latina's perspective

Genesis Rivas | 4 min read

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Au Pair World Wide

There are times in life when you notice that you need a change. Whether you are a candidate seeking for the adventure of your life or a Host Family who wants to extend their family boundaries - you can find your match with AuPair.com. Find more details about the Au Pair requirements and the application process in the world.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you have any questions about the program or our website? We are always happy to help! Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions
Can Au Pairs work more than 45 hours?
No. Every country has its own regulations for how many hours/week the Au Pair is allowed to work, and they correspond to a specific monthly pocket money. In some countries, like the USA, this includes extra babysitting hours. In other Host Countries it depends on the agreement between Au Pair and Host » » »
Is an Au Pair tax-deductible?
It is possible to get a tax refund for childcare in many countries. Whether the costs for an Au Pair are refundable or partly refundable depends on the Host Family’s home country regulations. Furthermore, the Au Pair should always get paid via bank. Cash payments will not be considered by the finance office. » » »
How much do you have to pay an Au Pair?
Pocket money is different for every Host Country and ranges between 200 $ and 900 $. Find out what the minimum amount of pocket money for each country is and write it down in the contract. You can also agree on a different sum with the other party, but make sure that the minimum amount is respected. » » »
Do Au Pairs need their own room?
Yes! One of the main requirements to become a Host Family is the possibility to provide the Au Pair with a private room in your house. The room needs to be at least 8 sqm, has to have proper heating and lighting, a lock for privacy and enough furniture to make it comfortable. » » »