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Register for free and submit a job offer for an Au Pair, Babysitter or Caregiver. Create your own profile and don't forget to add interesting information about:

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  • Your daily routine
  • Activities
  • General rules in the family
Au Pair Duties
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If you are still not a Premium member you will have the chance to let Au Pairs know you are interested through a standard message.

After you have registered as a host family and offered a position for an Au Pair, Babysitter or Caregiver Assistant, you will be contacted by candidates. Premium Au pairs and agencies will contact you directly.
Register for free and you'll have the chance to find a job offer. After registering, you will be able to contact families interested in your application. Before contacting families, create your own profile and make sure that is accurate and complete. Don't forget to add interesting information about:

Your life
  • Photos (do not upload photos of parties where you look sexy or provocative).
  • Your daily routine / habits
  • Languages
  • Interests and time abroad
  • Experiencie with children
Your expectations as an Au Pair
  • Why are you the perfect candidate to become an Au Pair?
  • Why would you like to work as an Au Pair?
  • What do you expect from becoming an Au Pair?

Once your profile has been completely written, and if you are still not a Premium member, you will be able to show your interest to those families you select or bookmark, After families have received your application, they will be able to review your profile. If the host family interested in your application is a Premium member, they will contact you directly. If not, you can become an Au Pair Premium by yourself.

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