ID de la familia: 884894

Niños: 3 Niños, 1-5 años, 6-10 años

Ciudad: East meadow / Ciudad grande | Más ⇩

Nombre Anthony

Región New York

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Inicio del empleo: Abr. 2023 - Oct 2023

Duración de la estancia: 6-24 meses

Última sesión: Hace 18 horas

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Carta al Aupair

First off, thanks for your interest in our family. We live in East Meadow, about 45 minutes outside midtown Manhattan (NYC). We have had a lot of amazing aupairs stay and help us since the twins were born. Because they were great with the kids, we treated them all with love and respect, like part of the family (and we still keep in touch). We would drive them to the train station so they could go to the city on the weekends and explore, helped them find English classes and even helped them practice. If you want to be part of a home that will treat you like family and be supportive of your goals, please contact us. A lot of our past aupairs are available and willing to talk to you if you would like to more about us and their time with us.
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Descripción del trabajo

We need help Monday-Friday to wake, change, feed, bathe, dress, play/teach and to get the kids ready for sleep. We need you to clean/maintain their rooms and play areas as well as wash their clothes 1-2 times/week. (Our dog) Albee loves attention so you need to be ok with dogs, and be able to feed him 2x a day. This year Arya is going to 3rd grade so homework help is a must. Arya is very smart but can be a handful, so we need someone who can bond with her and not only be her caretaker but her friend. Ava is going to kindergarten at same school as Arya and they need to be dropped-off and picked-up from the bus stop (2 blocks away). Ava loves to play dress up and has started learning to use makeup. Alejandro (autism) goes to a school that specializes in kids with on the spectrum. He gets picked up by bus in front of our house around the same time as Arya. We need someone with a driver’s license who we can trust to drive the kids to and from their activities (1-2 days per week). We also need someone willing to cook 2 to 3 days a week now that Amy is going into the city 3 days a week.. Lastly, please let us know if you have special talents that you think the kids could benefit from (ie: playing instruments, sports, singing, nutritionist, organizational skills, etc) as that also helps us with figuring out who we will host and help us with our kids.being able to communicate and share your ideas is a must so we can stay on top of the kids daily progress.
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Acerca de la familia

Mascotas - SíDebe cuidar personas con discapacidad - Sí


Viven en Ciudad grande

Edad de los padres 40-55

Familia Monoparental No, somos una pareja

Nacionalidad estadounidense

Idiomas que se hablan en casa Inglés, Español

Religión Otra

Importancia de la religión No es importante

Profesión Recursos humanos / Diseñador gráfico

Cantidad de personas que viven en la casa 5

Número de hijos, sexo y edad 8 año Mujer
5 año Mujer
5 año Hombre

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Requisitos del trabajo

Debe saber nadar - SíDebe saber montar en bicicleta - SíDebe conducir - Sí

Cantidad de horas laborales semanales 40 - 45

Dinero de bolsillo de la Au Pair 1120 USD

salario de Niñera 1120 USD

Sexo preferido Mujer

Duración de la estancia 6-24 meses

Fecha más pronta de inicio Abr. 2023

Fecha límite de inicio Oct 2023

Buscando Au Pair y Niñera

Edad de los niños/personas al cargo del candidato 1-5 años, 6-10 años

Número de niños/personas al cargo del candidato 3

Experiencia requerida (en horas) 200+

Necesitamos un tutor que pueda enseñar

¿Qué edad tienen los estudiantes que el Tutor debe enseñar?

Necesitamos asistencia y apoyo en

Nacionalidad preferida Americano, Argentino, Boliviano, Brasileño, Britiánico, Canadiense, Colombiano, Costarricense, Cubano, Dominicano, Ecuatoriano, Guatemalteco, Hondureño, Irlandés, Italiano, Mexicano, Panameño, Paraguayo, Peruano, Portugués, Puertorriqueño, Salvadoreño, Español

Conocimiento del idioma
 Español, Minimum Principiante (A1)
- Seleccionar -
 Inglés, Minimum Principiante (A1)

Nivel de estudios preferido Instituto

Dispuesto a pagar gastos de viaje Yes

Edad preferida 18-39

Dispuesto a aceptar candidato fumador Sí, fuera de casa

Debe cuidar personas con discapacidad

Debe cuidar de las mascotas

Debe saber nadar

Debe saber montar en bicicleta

Puede asistir a un curso del idioma

Requiere conocimientos de primeros auxilios No

Debe conducir

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Descripción de la familia

Hi there, our names are Anthony and Amy . We have 3 great kids and a dog. Our oldest daughter is named Arya (9yrs old in March) and 5 year old twins named Ava and Alejandro, and a 10 year-old black Labrador Retriever named Albee. We have close extended family that comes over regularly (grandmother and cousins) to visit/help. We tend to host family gatherings and friends get togethers at our house during the warmer months and hopefully you will want to join us.
-Arya is very smart, silly, funny, cuddly and sentimental. She used to love to draw, paint, do puzzles and play games (especially Roblox and Minecraft) But mostly she loves play dates with friends (and soccer, swimming, running and swinging).
-Ava is super smart, helpful (with Alejandro), funny and totally lovable. She loves to dance, take baths, play with her big sister and eat desserts/ice creams. She also loves playing outside and when the weather is warm (like the swings, running, trampoline, swimming and playing softball).
-Alejandro is so very sweet, funny (when we laughs its contagious) and strong. He loves to jump all over the place. He was diagnosed with Autism at 20 months. He's steadily learning to do many things, and all his therapists say what a great kid he is. He loves music (youtube videos), books, and farm animals, running and climbing, but most of all he loves the water (baths).
-Albee is a big dog with an even bigger bark, but he is very sweet. He loves to play (outside) but doesn’t get it as much as before the kids came. He knows a few tricks and will do them (for a treat) from you. If you walk him, he will be your best friend.
-We like to go to (Unitarian) service on Sundays. You are more than welcome to join us if you like. Amy does yoga and Anthony likes kickboxing (occasionally)
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Alojamiento del Au Pair

We live in a house in a quite neighborhood with great neighbors. We just finished remodeling the house and are happy to say that we new accommodations. As our aupair you will have a room of your own and share a bathroom with the 3 kids. We have a back yard big enough for the kids to play and you too if you like. We have 2 cars, if we trust your driving you could use for school or gym. We are open to discussing anything else that you can think of.
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