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Read authentic experience reports from families from USA, Switzerland and around the world who have hired an Au Pairs and have been part of a cultural exchange

Hosting an Au Pair is exciting! Especially, if your family takes part in the program for the first time, you might have many questions. It is natural that you might also feel a little unsure whether this program is the right thing for you and what to expect from the experience with an Au Pair. Can your family deal with another person in the household? Will the children accept the Au Pair (and what if not)? And what if something goes wrong?
For this very purpose, we have gathered Au Pair experience reviews of hundreds of families who have already participated in the program and share their experience with you. Luckily, you are not the first one who thinks about hosting an Au Pair at home. Rely on the opinion of those former or current Host Families and see what they think about it. Always remember that you can learn from their example. In general, there are two things that you should keep in mind: formal and personal experience.

Formal experience

What we mean by formal criteria are things like paperwork, the visa application, setting up the contract. All of those points are very important but need a little time and effort so that everything goes well and smooth. When you see that a Host Family struggled with the contract or the visa application, for example, you can have a look at our Au Pair Wiki and educate yourself about the topic. This way you can avoid misunderstandings and a delay in time.

Personal experience

When it comes to the Au Pair program, personality is key! Even if you had to wait for months for the embassy to approve your Au Pair’s visa, being with your Au Pair, learning more about her or his culture and seeing him or her playing with your kids create unforgettable memories. What we have learnt during the years is that personal experience during the Au Pair program weighs more than any inconvenience caused by authorities and paperwork. Make sure that you and your candidate ‘click’ by setting up a video interview before the arrival. This way, you can learn more about the applicant and see if you really match.
Now, continue reading the family testimonials and see what you can learn from them. Whenever you feel ready to tackle the Au Pair experience, you can create a profile on, set up your search criteria and find your ideal Au Pair. Should you have any questions or feedback for us, you can always get in touch. We are there to help you! 

Au Pair experience of family Alex from Byron, USA

Easy site to navigate. Tons of candidates. Took me less than a week to hire someone

Au Pair experience of family Melissa from Cordova, USA

Thank you for helping me to connect with this lovely young lady! We are so looking forward to inviting her into our home next month.

Au Pair experience of family Alessia from MORRIS PLAINS, USA

Very creative and sweet girl. She loves to play with the kids and the kids had looking for her all the time.

Au Pair experience of family Gaby Dorough from Houston, USA made it extremely easy to find a good match for our family. I will definitely recommend it to any of my friends looking to participate in this awesome program. My only suggestion would be push notifications for messages so we can respond in more real time!

Au Pair experience of family Claire from mill creek, USA

She was very good, very organized

Au Pair experience of family Andree from New Canaan, USA

It was a fantastic experience, Sarah was amazing

Au Pair experience of family Alessia from MORRIS PLAINS, USA

Very nice and kind. Marco and Paolo love her!

Au Pair experience of family Elena from North Oaks, USA

We found the perfect Au Pair, first on She has been with us for almost two years. We went with the AgentAuPair company, and they have been very good.

Au Pair experience of family Anam from Gainesville, USA

Still learning and experiencing.

Au Pair experience of family Jeremiah from Lynnwood, USA

Very good

Au Pair experience of family Jeff from Monrovia, USA

Everything is okay.

Live-in Help for Seniors experience of family Benjamin from Fort washington, USA

Aupair was great and we want another one!

Nanny experience of family OSAYAME from Decatur, USA

So far so good !

Au Pair experience of family Kareem from Fort worth, USA

I finofound what I’m looking for... great for my family

Au Pair experience of family Alex from Byron, USA

Au Pair left before contract ended.

Au Pair experience of family Hillary from HUDSON, USA

Great so far!

Au Pair experience of family Ted from Colorado Springs, USA

No experiences at this time

Au Pair experience of family Markus from Ersigen, Switzerland

Very quickly found a suitable au pair.

Au Pair experience of family Tamara from Castro-Urdiales , Spain

The experience of having Laura as our aupair has been fantastic. She is a nice and active girl. She is also very imaginative and capable to deal with any kind of situation. She loves playing with the boys and keep them active and calm. This year with her has been awesome.

Au Pair experience of family Beatrice from Preganziol, Italy

A great experience! I found a reliable girl and we lived like a family!

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