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Stories of families from Switzerland, Spain and around the world who have hired an Au Pairs to take care of their children and have been part of the cultural exchange

Patrics family from Switzerland

Everything ist fine. She makes an excellent job und loves children

Rosers family from Spain

We've just agreed to host Iva from July 14th to August 25th.

Tobiass family from Germany

We used the website for the second time and identified our second au-pair.

OYINKANs family from United Kingdom


Dorotas family from Denmark

a good database of au pair-candidates - thank you for your help.

Zoes family from United Kingdom

Very user friendly website with a decent search engine and clear guidelines.

Normans family from United Kingdom

Easy to use.

Zoes family from United Kingdom

Very satisfied, very easy to use and easy to find someone suitable.

Andradas family from United Kingdom

Found the site easy to navigate and our experience with Maria was pleasant!

Mariellas family from United Kingdom

Very good - excellent au pair - very reliable and trustworthy

Delphines family from United Kingdom

Very good experience. Great Aupair

Mrs.Mwaipopos family from United Kingdom

Very good

Erendiras family from United Kingdom

I have found really convenient and practical the searching and contacting method of María is a extraordinary girl, we love her so much.

Hannahs family from United Kingdom

I found quite easy to navigate and like the search functions. We are looking especially for a German speaking Au-pair for example and it is easy to select and communicate. The young lady we hired fitted into our family really well and, even though really thrown in at the deep end when she arrived, braved all the challenges with remarkable resilience and good cheer. She is really helpful and understands how to help out a family.

Alicias family from United Kingdom

Easy to use website, so far I find Silvia to be very friendly and approachable. I think the kids will enjoy having her around.

Sergios family from Italy

The experience with website was very good and I recommend Valentina to other family

Aneetas family from Austria

Very quick and easy Website to use and get in touch with Au Pairs.

Victorias family from United Kingdom

The filters were great as all of the au pairs we were matched up with were suitable. We found a perfect au pair very quickly and easily.

Kevins family from United Kingdom

V good

Manuelas family from Italy

very useful site, easy to manage and with a lot of au pairs from all the world

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