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Stories of families from United Kingdom, Italy and around the world who have hired an Au Pairs to take care of their children and have been part of the cultural exchange

Parass family from United Kingdom

Conscientious, hardworking individual.

Claudias family from Italy

Excellent site. User friendly

Claudias family from Italy

Excellent site. Easy to use. The Aupair was wonderful. She is part of our family now. We’re keep in touch and she is visiting us in the next future. She is the Aupair every parents dreams for their children

annas family from Italy

great experience that I want to replay

Magdalenas family from Spain

Really happy to be a host happy we offered our au pair to come back because we were really sstisfied.

Martas family from Spain

Paulina is a wonderful girl, very polite and a loving person. She is the aupair all mothers are looking for! Besides my dougters love her.

Nicholass family from Belgium

Bella was a wonderful au pair

Giobis family from Italy

The site costs a bit but it does its job very well. I just wish there was a quick filter to get only Schenghen area or at least Europe, otherwise I have to click through all the countries. Maya is our first aupair and she's wonderful. Sweet, clever, she knows 5 languages, she's very sweet with our daughter and so on. It's a shame she's leaving us in June.

Magdalenas family from Spain

This is the second au pair for our family and I hope that it will be as good as last year or better experience for our family and for our au pair. We are happy to be a host family and will continuo doing it.

Tamaras family from Spain

She is a marvelous person, very helpful. She is part of my family and we keep in touch with her. She is very lovely and warmhearted. She is always lloking after the children teaching them to do new things. The babies love her and they are super excited and happy when we videochat with her. I can only say that has been a great experience and that we have a family member for the rest of our lives.

Sarahs family from Germany offers a great platform to find the AuPairs from all over the world who fits the family's performance, character and gut feeling. Thank you!

Lilis family from Australia

Easy communication, we found AuPair within 2 weeks.

vitors family from Spain

Au pair provided the options for what we wanted and we engaged with two really cool Au Pairs and ended up opting for one of them but both were really high grade.

Tamaras family from Spain

Jennifer is a great person, very kind and helpful. She is a warm hearted woman, very responsible and caring. She is always there if needed and treats the children awsomely. She is very capable to be, teach and play with the children on her own, to cook, to tidy up. She is open minded, easygoing and cheerful.

Jenifers family from United Kingdom

Our au pair has been great

Emilys family from United Kingdom

Brilliant. Laura has been a fnanatastic part of our family and now has to back to her own to help them.

Rose & Soerens family from Germany made finding the right Au Pair easy. Yana is exactly what we were looking for in not just an Au Pair but a new family member. And that's exactly what she is - she just fit in right from the start. Always positive and helpful!

Kathryns family from Australia

We have now found two Au Pairs through and they have both been wonderful.

Marys family from United Kingdom

very good reliable Service from and our Au pair was very good and we would definitely recommend her the family are very sad to see her go!

Eriks family from Norway

Good experience with the website.rnThe Au pair seems just perfect for our needs.rnCan't wait to get her to live with us.

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