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Read authentic experience reports from families from United Kingdom, Spain and around the world who have hired an Au Pairs and have been part of a cultural exchange

Hosting an Au Pair is exciting! Especially, if your family takes part in the program for the first time, you might have many questions. It is natural that you might also feel a little unsure whether this program is the right thing for you and what to expect from the experience with an Au Pair. Can your family deal with another person in the household? Will the children accept the Au Pair (and what if not)? And what if something goes wrong?
For this very purpose, we have gathered Au Pair experience reviews of hundreds of families who have already participated in the program and share their experience with you. Luckily, you are not the first one who thinks about hosting an Au Pair at home. Rely on the opinion of those former or current Host Families and see what they think about it. Always remember that you can learn from their example. In general, there are two things that you should keep in mind: formal and personal experience.

Formal experience

What we mean by formal criteria are things like paperwork, the visa application, setting up the contract. All of those points are very important but need a little time and effort so that everything goes well and smooth. When you see that a Host Family struggled with the contract or the visa application, for example, you can have a look at our Au Pair Wiki and educate yourself about the topic. This way you can avoid misunderstandings and a delay in time.

Personal experience

When it comes to the Au Pair program, personality is key! Even if you had to wait for months for the embassy to approve your Au Pair’s visa, being with your Au Pair, learning more about her or his culture and seeing him or her playing with your kids create unforgettable memories. What we have learnt during the years is that personal experience during the Au Pair program weighs more than any inconvenience caused by authorities and paperwork. Make sure that you and your candidate ‘click’ by setting up a video interview before the arrival. This way, you can learn more about the applicant and see if you really match.
Now, continue reading the family testimonials and see what you can learn from them. Whenever you feel ready to tackle the Au Pair experience, you can create a profile on, set up your search criteria and find your ideal Au Pair. Should you have any questions or feedback for us, you can always get in touch. We are there to help you! 

Au Pair experience of family Lynn from PERTH, United Kingdom

Rebecca was lovely. We were sorry she had to return home much sooner than planned to be with her family when the pandemic came.

Au Pair experience of family Ricard from Sant Esteve de Palautordera, Spain

Dana has been an amazing au pair. As an experienced English teacher she helped my younger son to prepare his F.C.E. exam. She is very tidy, very clean, very organized and she filled our home with her energy and gladness. Thank so much!

Au Pair experience of family Rene from Hoofddorp, Netherlands

We found Matilde thru this website and she is already the 4th au-pair we hired with this service.Very possitive about the service (not about the high price for the premium membership everytime :( ). Matilde is a great au-pair and a good help for us as parents and a big sister to our two kids that love and adore her. unfortunately for us also this au-pair will be starting her study again (good for her though). But i know for shure that we will find a good replacement for her thru again

Au Pair experience of family John from London, United Kingdom

Great experience.

Au Pair experience of family Halley from L\'Auberson, Switzerland

We are excited to welcome Bénédicte for two months! was a very effective way for us to meet. Thank you!

Au Pair experience of family MAGDA from NOALE, Italy

Erica is a very nice and sweet girl. She took care of my son as a big sister trying to know him better every day and to get over his actions to understand his deeper feelings and psychology. She is very well mannered and clean, I absolutely advise other family to hire her. She will probably come back to visit since she started a couple of days before the lockdown and didn’t visit so much around.

Au Pair experience of family Lorreta from london, United Kingdom

Wonderful experience. Ana is an amazing person and fitted in well as part of the family

Au Pair experience of family Sylvain from Collonges sous Saleve, France

Again a success despite the covid!

Au Pair experience of family Serpil from Heidelberg, Germany

Very good!

Au Pair experience of family Thorsten from 45721, Germany

Very Good experience with Lise

Au Pair experience of family Stefan from Kreuzau, Germany

Perfect experience! Thank you very much for that opportunity to find such a great AuPair for our children! Of course it is hell of a work due to the regulations and requirements from German authorities, but the platform helps with good advices and makes it very easy to filter the appropriate candidates. This way it is possible reduce the number of applicants and focus on the suitable ones....which also helps the candidates themselves to focus on families appropriate for them! Greetings, Stefan and the kids!

Au Pair experience of family Ivy from Morschach, Switzerland

Ms. Rivera will be a good candidate to be our AU Pair.

Au Pair experience of family Kristina from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

we enjoyed the time together

Au Pair experience of family Jana from Dersum, Germany

Au offers the most au pairs and best filters. The only thing I don´t like is that you can´t continue messaging with au pairs when your premium account ends even though you startet a conversation with during the premium version.

Au Pair experience of family Julie from toulouse, France

Really good experience !

Au Pair experience of family Elisabeth from Colchester, United Kingdom

Very happy with all aupairs

Au Pair experience of family Sebastian from Naarden, Netherlands

Nice search possibilities, good candidates, friendly support

Au Pair experience of family Rose & Soeren from Wedel, Germany

Top au-pair!

Au Pair experience of family Anam from Gainesville, USA

still learning and experiencing.

Au Pair experience of family Lucy from London, United Kingdom

Great experiences.

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