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What TV mom are you?

by AlenaReading time: 4 min.
What TV mom are you?
The world is on pause. Because of coronavirus, many people around the world are locked down, staying at their houses and spending 24/7 with their families. And even though we didn’t choose this situation, we choose how to spend the time we have. One of the nice bonding experiences is to watch a TV series together and then discuss it. 

Many great shows talk about family and parent’s roles. Were you ever curious which TV character makes similar parental choices like you or has a similar background? We chose our top 10 different - and at the same time in many ways similar - TV moms of all times. Read the description, then watch an episode or a few and decide if find some similarities. So, let us introduce you to:
  • Sam Fox, TV series “Better things”
It’s a semi-autobiographical story created by Pamela Adlon, who also brilliantly plays the main role of Sam Fox. Sam is a divorced working actress who has three daughters and who’s trying to hold her family and her life together despite all problems she faces. She is emotional, she’s bold, she doesn’t always have enough time for her kids - like many single working moms - but she never gives up because Sam is strong and she knows that her family rely on her.  
  • Pearson moms, TV series “This is us”
This is a great family show. Most people cry - I did - watching this show, and the reason in many cases is the way how the show’s moms behave. They are all about their families. Take Rebecca, Kate, Beth or even Marilyn Pearson - they all protect, accept and care for their families no matter what. Not always these choices are easy, not even always “right” but they do what is best for the whole family. It’s a great story about unconditional love through generations, that may make you to want to call your parents immediately. 
  • Any mom, TV series “Big little lies”
Many moms try to give their kids the great childhood, try to give them as much time as possible to stay kids. Choose any mom from this TV show - from Jane and Celeste who both struggled from violence and abuse and still were able to protect their sons to Madeline or Renata Klein who have very different approaches when it comes to raising children but try to create the safe atmosphere at least at home. 
  • Lorelai Gilmore, TV series “Gilmore Girls”
Do you consider yourself a cool mom and your kids best friend or even sister? Then you most probably find many similarities with Lorelai Gilmore, a funny, sweet, supportive and understanding mom to her daughter, Rory. They have movie nights, they spend time together, share secrets. They are open and close to each other, although sometimes Lorelai is insecure to lose this “coolness” and to become to “mommy”.  
  • Peggy Bundy, TV series “Married... with Children”
If you ever wanted to be a mom who’s super independent, who’s not really caring about all these domestic stuff and who finds more pleasure in shopping and watching TV than in cooking or working - meet Peggy. But despite her sarcasm, pretended ignorance and readiness to criticize each and everyone, each episode shows that she deeply cares for her kids, and loves her husband. She always fight for them, help them and support them when they need her. And regarding her housewife choices - well, let’s be honest, family can help to clean and cook, right?  
  • Claire Dunphy, TV series “Modern Family”
Claire is a stay-at-home mom raising three kids while her loving yet always busy husband sells houses. She may seem bossy, overprotective, over carrying, overstressed (there is even a term for this kind of mother - “the helicopter soccer mom”) - all because she tries to be the best mom. She is a type of a perfectionist who participates in all activities, takes care of the whole family (even her extended family), keeps the house clean. But nevertheless, she’s funny, creative and warm-hearted when she stops to play “super mom” for a moment.
  • Marge Simpson, TV series “The Simpsons”
Despite being a cartoon character, Marge Simpson represents “stereotypical classical mom”. Apparently, she’s very hardworking and talented - we see her having many job, from police officer to crime scene investigator and even a mayor. As a mom and wife, she’s kind, warm and caring. But she can also feel disappointed about her son or husband even if she loves them. She is a very “normal” person if I may use this word, with her ups and downs, with doubts and fears but in general enjoying her life.   
  • Christy Plunkett & Bonnie Plunkett, TV series “Mom”
Christy is Bonnie’s daughter, and they both are single moms. They both have done some huge mistakes in the past, both were not the iconical “best mother” to their own children, but we see them when they are trying to reconnect and to recreate their relationships, sometimes with almost no success. Christy’s own daughter also becomes a single mom at a very young age but decides to give her child to adoption to break “the family curse”. It may seem desperate and extremely sad, but this show and its main characters are all about starting over, being a better version of themselves and trying hard to find the meaning of the motherly role. It’s also about forgiveness that is not always possible and being supportive to each other even when it seems impossible. 
  • Jean Milburn, TV series “Sex education”
Jean is a sex therapist and she’s not looking for committed relationships with men after her divorce. For her son, Otis, it causes many weird situations. As a mother, Jean is trying to be open and supportive but sometimes she oversteps boundaries in her relationship with Otis that makes him react with anger. Nonetheless, they usually share mutual understanding especially when they openly and honestly talk to each other.
  • Mary Cooper, TV series “The Big Bang Theory” and “Young Sheldon”
Fan fact: did you know that the actress who plays Mary in “Young Sheldon” is a real-life daughter of the actress who plays Mary in “The Big Bang Theory”? This is a nice thing as we can see the character development. In general, Mary is a very nice, friendly person who's trying to meet her community’s expectations (religious, parental, womanly) wherein raising a genius kid who doesn't fit into the society.

Who is your favorite TV mom or whom you find similar to yourself? Share with us in comments! 
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