Register service for Au Pair Agencies is a place where you can meet over a milion Au Pairs and Host Families and more than 600 new users register daily. 
Our online matching agency offers three types of accounts:
  • Au Pair account
  • Host Family account 
  • Au Pair agency account
Although the service has been designed and created mainly for Au Pairs and Host Families, we can offer our assistance to agencies as well. Every Au Pair agency can register at and use our service for free. 
As agencies gain access to the contact details of members, we have to check carefully every new agency registered with us. After you set up an account, please get in touch with us
Register as an agency

Basic Membership for agencies at

Basic membership gives you a possibility to contact all our members by adding them to your Hotlist. Furthermore, you can get in touch with other agencies registered with us and invite them to cooperate. 
As a Basic Agency you can create accounts of your customers. How does it work? The profiles will be displayed on our website. Everyone who will try to get in touch with your customer, will be able to contact you directly through the contact form in your profile. grants you a commonly available profile with your agency contact form. This way everyone, who tries to reach you, can do it through your profile. 

Certificate for Au Pair agencies offers the Au Pair Agency Certificate to every agency which registered with us and fulfils the requirements. How does it work? Figure out!

Premium Membership for agencies at

Premium Membership allows you to send personalized messages to both Au Pairs and Host Families. This way you can get in touch with all members of our service and exchange contact details! Your messages will be delivered straight to the receiver’s mailbox. Does it sound like something obvious? It is not! will forward your messages to our members’ mailboxes. As an answer, you will receive a message and an email address as well. It’s an unusual case - provides you indirectly with contact details.

  Basic Account Premium Account
Your agency’s profile with contact form
Presentations of your customers’ profiles
Adding Au Pairs and Host Families to your Hotlist
Sending personalized messages to all Au Pairs and Host Families
Access to videos, references and some contact details of our members

If you are interested to learn more details about Au Pair Program, check our Au Pair dictionary.

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