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Au Pair's Guide to Screen Time and Building Trust with Host Kids

by Chang Li on Nov 29, 2023Reading time: 3 min.
Au Pair's Guide to Screen Time and Building Trust with Host Kids
Living with your Host Family and caring for their children as an Au Pair can be an enriching cross-cultural experience. This role, however, comes with its set of challenges, one of which is managing the use of electronic products by host children. Therefore, we would like to provide some practical tips on how to navigate this role effectively, particularly in establishing a healthy balance between digital consumption and other activities for children.

Building trust is important

As an Au Pair, the first step towards managing the use of electronic products by host children is to build a foundation of trust. This trust fosters open communication, which is crucial in setting boundaries around the use of electronic devices.

It’s essential to engage in activities with the children that allow you to bond and understand each other better. This could be anything from playing board games, reading together, cooking, or simply chatting about their interests. When children feel seen and heard, they are more likely to respect the rules you set.

Try to collaborate with the kids on a plan

In the digital age, electronic devices are a significant part of children’s lives. However, excessive screen time can have adverse effects. As an Au Pair, you play a crucial role in managing this.

  1. Set Clear Rules: Firstly, it's important to have clear rules about when and for how long the children can use electronic devices. These should be reasonable and consistent.
  2. Encourage Other Activities: Encourage children to engage in activities that don't involve screens. This could be outdoor games, arts and crafts, reading, or any other hobby they might enjoy.
  3. Lead by Example: Children often imitate adults. Therefore, ensure you're setting a good example by managing your screen time effectively too.

Communicating with the Host Family

Communication with the Host Family is vital in managing this issue. Discuss your concerns and strategies with them. This will ensure that you are on the same page and can present a united front to the children.

  1. Ask your Host Family how long their children are allowed to use electronic devices. It is important to discuss this issue and not to give your host children different rules to those of their own parents.  
  2. Regular Meetings: Regular check-ins with your Host Family will help ensure everyone is aligned on the goals and methods for managing screen time.
  3. Express Your Concerns: If you notice the children spending excessive time on electronic devices, express your concerns to the Host Family. Make sure to do this respectfully and suggest potential solutions.

Protecting children in the digital world is a critical aspect of being an Au Pair. This involves ensuring that the children are not exposed to inappropriate content and that their interactions online are secure and safe.

One effective way to manage the content children can access is through the use of parental control settings. These controls can limit and filter the type of content that children can view, providing a safety net against harmful or inappropriate material.

Another key measure is educating children about online safety. It's crucial to instill in them an understanding of privacy and the potential risks associated with sharing personal information online. This education can help them navigate the digital world responsibly and safely.

Monitoring children’s use of electronic devices is also an essential step. This does not imply spying on their every action, but rather, being aware of the apps they are using and the people with whom they are interacting. This awareness can help detect any potentially unsafe situations and allow for timely intervention.


Being an Au Pair can be a fulfilling experience, and managing screen time for host children is a significant part of this role. By building trust, setting clear rules, encouraging other activities, and communicating effectively with the Host Family, you can ensure that the children have a balanced and safe digital experience. Remember, the goal is not to eliminate screen time but to create a healthy balance that facilitates growth, learning, and fun.
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