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How can I avoid scammers? provides you with the best tips to protect yourself from potential scammers. Follow our recommendations and find your Au Pair / Host Family in the shortest time!
  • Arrange a video call as soon as you get in touch with a potential Au Pair / Host Family
As soon as you get in touch with a scammer, you will be asked to exchange your e-mail address so that they can get further contact with you. They will avoid Skype and video calls where you could get to find out their real identity. In order to avoid this, make sure you arrange a video call with those interesting candidates and do not provide them with your e-mail address until you are sure they are not scammers.
  • Do not transfer any money abroad (MoneyGram, Western Union…)
Scammers will ask you to wire funds in order to book an apartment (Host Families), help to bear the flight/visa costs (Au Pairs), etc. Be careful and make sure this won’t happen to you! In case you are willing to share or bear some of the costs, make sure you write it down in the contract and make the payment once the Au Pair stay has begun.  
  • Beware of fake entities or documents (travel agent, lawyer, landlord, embassy…)
As real as they may look, do not trust any document sent by Internet where any kind of payment is required. Documents must be generally issued in the Au Pair’s home country (visa, driving license, etc.); do not forget every country’s embassy has an office all over the world where you can call and ask for further information. 
  • Do not accept any checks 
Scammers usually use checks as a way of making you believe their offer is serious. 
You will get some money in advance so that you trust them and believe they want you to become their Au Pair; unfortunately a few days later you will be asked to send the money back because you are no longer needed (usually this comes together with a dramatic story). The moment you realize you had got a fake check but sent back real money instead it will probably be too late.
  • Do not validate your password on the Internet 
You will never be asked to validate your account after confirming your e-mail address in order to start using Keep in mind you will only be required to write down your password in order to log in on so beware of fake validation e-mails where scammers will be able to steal your profile. 
  • Be suspicious of too great deals
Is the Host Family offering a huge amount of pocket money? Did you happen to find the perfect Au Pair with a lot of experience and the best references? Is the offer so good that it is even hard to believe? Inform yourself about the host country’s official program and make sure you are not dealing with scammers!

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