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Terms and Conditions

The following rules govern the conduct of people who browse and/or create a personal profile on AuPair.com website; hereinafter referred as users.

Browsing and/or registering on this website indicates that you accept the terms and conditions herein listed regardless of whether you choose to register with us or not. Please do not browse this website if you do not accept the terms and conditions listed hereinafter.
Before browsing and/or registering on our website, please read the terms and conditions carefully. 

1. Introduction and definitions

AuPair.com is an online matching website connecting Au Pairs and Host Families from all around the world.  
Additionally, AuPair.com provides its services to Au Pair placement agencies which function as intermediates between Au Pairs and Host Families. 
Through AuPair.com every user registered as a Host Family, an Au Pair or an Au Pair placement agency, is allowed to:
  • Look for and find a matching Au Pair/Host Family
  • Create a profile as a potential Au Pair/Host Family/Au Pair placement agency 

Free features on the website:
  • Registration
  • Upload pictures
  • Send standard requests to all Au Pairs
  • For Au Pairs: Send and reply personalized messages to Host Families.
Matching System
On AuPair.com you can use various matching tools, such as:
  • Your searching criteria define what kind of matching Au Pairs/Host Families are recommended to you. 
  • Your job profile defines to what kind of Au Pairs/Host Families your application will be recommended.
  • You can use the quick-search tool to browse profiles without affecting your search criteria.
Premium Membership
On AuPair.com you can choose one of the payment options to purchase a Premium Membership. 
As a Premium Member on AuPair.com, you can:
  • Send and reply to personalized messages to Au Pairs/Host Families
  • Access Au Pairs’/Host Families’ contact details as described in the Privacy Policy of AuPair.com
Personalized messages are free-form messages, allowing users to freely formulate texts and exchange personal and contact details through AuPair.com. 

2. Registration and costs 

By registering with AuPair.com the user agrees to obey the terms and conditions of AuPair.com. The user will be blocked without any notice as a conventional penalty for violation of the terms and conditions or misuse of the website services.
Neither the personal profile, nor Membership, can be forwarded to any third party. Every use of a personal account by any third party is prohibited. Any breach will entitle AuPair.com to block the user involved without notice or motivation.
The registration and the use of the services of Au Pair.com are free of charge for Au Pairs. Host Families can register and send standard requests for free.
The use of the Premium Membership and all advanced features of the website are available upon payment. The payment is a fixed amount for the entire duration of a fixed period of time. The Premium Membership ends automatically when the period of validity expires without any need of termination. Similar to a personal account, the Premium Membership is not transferable. 
Any physical person can register with AuPair.com as a Host Family/Au Pair with the purpose of finding a suitable Au Pair/Host Family.
Any Au Pair placing agency can register with AuPair.com with the purpose of offering Au Pair placement services.
Data provided in the registration forms during registration must be true, complete and correct. AuPair.com has the right to verify the data provided and request relevant evidence proving provided data is reliable. If, after the registration, the data stored in the profile changes, the profile should be updated immediately. Any breach will entitle AuPair.com to block the user involved without notice or motivation.
In order to register at AuPair.com the user must be of legal age. Exceptions shall be made in case of Au Pairs, who start searching for a Host Family shortly before turning 18. In this case, the Au Pair declares that registration is made with the full consent of the Au Pair’s legal representative.   
If the user’s access is limited due to breach of the duties and obligations of users (please refer to point 3 hereinafter) or misuse of the website services, the user’s account will be blocked without any notice and/or motivation. The unused credit will be retained by AuPair.com and will not be refunded as a conventional penalty for breach of contract.
AuPair.com cannot be held liable for the accuracy of the data given by the users during registration or in their personal profiles or messages and has no obligation to verify the accuracy or reliability of the data provided. 
Au Pair.com has the right to contact any member at any time regarding any issue related to the user’s personal profile.

3. Duties and obligations of users

The user is solemnly responsible for all published content and has to obey the rules set hereinafter.
Services provided by AuPair.com are strictly for personal use only. Any transmission to third parties is banned. Personal data regarding any user (contact details and personal messages in particular) that were made visible to another user during communication, are strictly confidential and cannot be published or forwarded to a third party.
Every user of AuPair.com is banned from:
  • Posting or transmitting any defamatory, threatening, obscene, indecent, seditious, abusive, pornographic, scandalous, offensive or illegal material or information. 
  • Creating a profile for another purpose than to find a Host Family or an Au Pair. 
  • Posting or transmitting any material for which the user has not obtained the necessary license or approvals or which constitutes or encourages conducts that are criminal offences, give rise to civil liability, are contrary to the law or infringe third parties rights.
  • Spreading viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms or other malicious software or harmful data 
AuPair.com has the right but not the obligation to modify or delete such materials and block accounts.

AuPair.com has the right to draw the same consequences, if the first contact has been made through the website and defamatory, threatening, obscene, indecent, seditious, abusive, pornographic, scandalous or offensive messages have been sent on other messaging systems or platforms. 
Contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses or social media profiles and links to other websites are not allowed in any other field other than fields which are intended for this purpose. Contact details are all details that allow in any way to contact the user beyond the service. Any kind of breach allows AuPair.com to delete the user personal profile as well as request the Premium Membership payment and/or restoration for damages.
AuPair.com has the right to request documents and any other kind of evidence proving the provided data correct. If the data is incorrect, unreliable, incomplete or untruthful, AuPair.com has the right to block the user and retain any payment previously made without notice and/or motivation as a conventional penalty for breach of contract.
Failure to follow any of the above rules of conduct may result in immediate termination of membership and civil and criminal penalties. AuPair.com has the right to block the user and retain the money paid for premium services without notice and/or motivation as a conventional penalty for breach of contract.

4. Service information 

The service provided by AuPair.com is limited by current availability of the present technologies. Users must be aware that the present technology may not be free from mistakes.
A right to access the services does not exist at any time. In case of system failure there is no right for damages/losses compensation, restoration or restitution of any money already paid. AuPair.com tries to ensure that the website is available continuously. If the website is not available for any reason, AuPair.com cannot be held responsible.
Access to AuPair.com may be limited without any notice in case of system failure, maintenance, repair or other reasons.

5. Connections to and from other websites

AuPair.com has no influence or responsibility for the design and/or the content of any linked website and has no obligation to check its content. AuPair.com is not responsible for any inappropriate, offensive, infringing or technically harmful content stored on any of the linked websites.

6. Warranties

AuPair.com is not responsible for the accuracy of the personal data and any other information given by the users. AuPair.com cannot be held responsible if, despite the use of the service, the search has not been successful.  
AuPair.com has no duty to verify if users’ profiles are infringing any third parties’ rights or if personal data provided through profiles, messages (or other) is copied, transferred, published or forwarded in any way.

7. Liability

All information provided through AuPair.com should be considered informative material for users. AuPair.com is not responsible for the accuracy or the truthfulness of the information provided. The users must verify the accuracy of the required information themselves. 
All agreements between users are completely beyond AuPair.com’s scope of responsibility.
AuPair.com is not responsible for any kind of loss/damage that may arise from fraud/scam attempts through the website AuPair.com.

8. Deactivation, termination or cancellation of use 

The account of each registered user may be deactivated at any time – a deactivated account is neither visible nor available to all the other users. 
The account of each user may be deleted by the user at any time – a deleted account is irretrievable and all information and data stored are irreversibly removed.  
Right of cancellation
Each user has the right to cancel the account without specifying any reason. If the user cancels the Premium Membership and demands a refund of the Premium Membership payment, the cancellation notice must be submitted in writing within14 days after the start date of the Premium Membership. To exercise the right of refund, the refund policy must be fulfilled. 
Withdrawal  - refund policy
In case the user would like to cancel the Premium Membership within14 days after payment, the money will be refunded.
  • If the Premium Membership services have been used, AuPair.com will not refund the payment and retain it as a compensation for the services used.  
  • If the account has been deleted and therefore all the information stored is irretrievably removed, it is not possible to prove whether the refund policy has been fulfilled. Thus, a refund will not be granted.
The Premium Membership is considered provided if:
  • Host Families send or reply to personalized messages or if any contact data has been exchanged through personalized messages, which enable users to communicate outside the scope of AuPair.com.
  • Au Pairs have sent any messages after the account has been upgraded to Premium Membership.
AuPair.com has the right to block the user at any time and without motivation if he/she does not give consent to the Privacy Policy or if he/she withdraws the consent.
Breach of Terms and Conditions contract
In case of any breach of the terms and conditions listed, or in case of any breach of rights, laws, or third party’s rights enforceable in the Federal Republic of Germany, AuPair.com has the right to block the user at any time and without notice or motivation and any payment previously made will be retained by AuPair.com as a conventional penalty for breach of contract.
Applicable Law / Final Provisions
AuPair.com has the right to change the Terms and Conditions  at any time and will inform the users through email.
The laws applicable are the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the applicable European Unions Laws. The Court of jurisdiction is Cologne.
If any provision of the contract is entirely or partially invalid, or should the contract contain a loophole, the validity of the remaining provisions or the remaining valid parts of the provisions are to be considered valid.

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