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Dating as an Au Pair
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 15th Jul, 2019
Between having to take care of your Host Kids and wanting to travel as much as you can, starting a new relationship as an Au Pair can be tricky. Is it worth it though? Read this blog post to learn about the pros and cons of dating as an Au Pair and get some tips to stay safe. Read More »
How to prepare for your Au Pair stay
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 9th Jul, 2019
Before you can start your Au Pair adventure, there's still a lot to prepare. If you want to know what you will have to do to get ready for your time abroad, click on this article to learn more. Read More »
How to celebrate Independence Day as an Au Pair
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 2nd Jul, 2019
Once a year, Americans treat red, white and blue as if they were the only colors of the rainbow. July 4th marks one of the United States’ most important holidays: Independence Day! Whether you’re going to celebrate with your Host Family or your friends: Read on to get inspired. Read More »
How to spend your gap year
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 25th Jun, 2019
You know you want to spend some time abroad, but are unsure about how to do it? There are many different ways to spend your gap year. To help you decide, in this article, we have compared the different ways to go abroad. Read More »
Best places for an Au Pair stay in Europe
For Au Pairs | by Lorenzo on 19th Jun, 2019
How to stay in shape as an Au Pair
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 18th Jun, 2019
Burgers, Hot Dogs, Milkshakes and co: Depending on where you spend your Au Pair experience, staying in shape can be very hard. In this blog post, we have gathered useful information on how to maintain your weight abroad.  Read More »
Brexit: consequences for the Au Pair program
For Au Pairs | by Elena on 21st Jan, 2019
What will Brexit mean for the Au Pair program in the UK? In this article we have gathered some possible scenarios of what could happen to travelling freely to the UK and what consequences Brexit could have for the EU citizens taking part in the program in the UK. Read More »
My schedule as an Au Pair in New York
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 11st Jun, 2019
If you ever wondered what a typical day in the life of an Au Pair looks like, you've come to the right place. Read this article to get insight on the schedule Sammy-Jo had to follow during her time as an Au Pair in New York. Read More »
Au Pair USA vs. Au Pair Europe
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 4th Jun, 2019
Are you considering an Au Pair stay in the US or Europe? In this blog post, we'll try helping you make a decision by showing you the differences between the two programs.  Read More »
Culture Shock as an Au Pair in the US
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 28th May, 2019
As an Au Pair, you will likely experience something called “culture shock”. In this article, we will explain what culture shock is and what it might look like for Au Pairs in the US.  Read More »
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