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Brexit: the consequences for the Au Pair program
For Au Pairs | by Elena on 24th Dec, 2021
Will the EU Au Pairs still be able to travel without a visa? Will the rules change for the non-EU Au Pairs as well? Let's try to understand what the consequences of Brexit could be.
Read More »
Alice from is sharing her story
For Au Pairs | by Alice on 15th Aug, 2022
My name is Alice and I work as a Marketing Manager at Eight years ago I was very lucky to be able to spend some months as an Au Pair in Ireland. In this blogpost I would like to inspire future Au Pairs to consider going to the beautiful green island that I have totally fallen in love with. Read More »
Au Pair in Poland: Useful tips
For Au Pairs | by Ewa on 11st Jul, 2022
Are you thinking about becoming an Au Pair in Poland? Here are some tips to help you understand Polish culture. Read More »
8 reasons to study in Germany
For Au Pairs | by Zun Mao on 8th Mar, 2022
After spending a gap year abroad, many Au Pairs might wonder what to do next. Read the article to find out more! Read More »
Dealing with homesickness during the Holidays
For Au Pairs | by Genesis Rivas on 20th Dec, 2021
Being abroad and feeling homesick is normal, especially during the holiday season. Read our article and learn 6 tips to help you cope better with feelings of homesickness.  Read More »
Fun Christmas Activities For Kids
For Au Pairs | by Charity on 24th Nov, 2021
Make your holidays truly memorable with these 10 fun Christmas activities that both the kids and the adults will enjoy! Read More »
Au Pair In Belgium: What You Need To Know
For Au Pairs | by Charity P. on 9th Sep, 2021
You’re considering becoming an Au Pair in Belgium? Before you take the plunge, here are a few things you should consider. Read More »
Au pairing in a neighbouring country
For Au Pairs | by Axelle on 17th May, 2021
Becoming an Au Pair can be one of the best experiences and choosing your host country is part of that adventure! Here are some pros and cons for you. Read More »
Intercultural relationships
For Au Pairs | by Sabrina on 31st Mar, 2021
Dating someone from a different culture than ours can be a challenge, but it is also a great source of learning. Get ready for this adventure. Read More Read More »
Moving to Portugal: what you need to know
For Au Pairs | by Sabrina on 22nd Jan, 2021
Portugal has become a very popular destination for expats from all over the world. Here is some information about this beautiful country and its culture for those interested in moving to this destination. Read More »
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