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Nationalität philippinisch | Mehr ⇩

Vor- und Zuname Mary Jean

Ort/Region/Land Saarbrücken/ Saarland

Land Deutschland

Start Feb. 2023 - Mai 2023

Aufenthaltslänge 10-12 monate

Gute Sprachkenntnisse in Englisch (Muttersprache)

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‼️PLEASE READ‼️I am only looking for a host family around Saarbrücken Germany area only ; (live-out)‼️otherwise, I wont entertain.

Dear future host family,

I am Mary Jean E. , 25 years old from the Philippines and now I am living in Saarbrücken Germany. I was once a nanny and a private tutor of three swiss national kids back in Thailand .I am a licensed professional teacher in the Philippines. I helped them with their lives sessions during online class and when they were back to school, i helped them prepare their uniforms, lunchboxes and i also brought and picked them up at school. After i brought the kids to school, I make use of my time in the garden of my host fam’s house, i love gardening, trimming grass, and planting. I also make use of my time in my masteral classes for I am also studying to pursue my master’s degree in education. Three months after, the family had to go back to Switzerland and the father of the kids who was the boss of the company in Thailand gave me a job offer at the same company. I was offered to be a quality specialist which was beyond my skills as a teacher but then I proved it to them that I am worthy of the position. Whil working as a Quality Specialist back then, I started enrolling myself in diploma courses in line with ny work to be able to have knowledge about it. I enrolled in diploma in logistics operation. After my contract in that company, I was also able to use my profession as a teacher. In Thailand I got a job as a teacher at British Columbia International School Bangkok. There I spent 4 months only as a teacher because I decided to go to Europe and explore. november 2022, I arrived in Switzerland and now Im in Germany as a tourist. Im allowed to stay in Europe for three months and then God is so good because He gave me an opportunity to study German language here which could also help me extend my stay here in Europe. With that being said, I also see that as an opportunity to find a part time job or a an exchange program. So for now, while im enjoying my Europe exploration, Im still doing my studies (masteral class for teacher on saturdays and sundays, january 9th will be the start of my german language class, and on February will be the start of my last two modules in Diploma course)

Back in the Philippines, I am the eldest of three siblings. I experienced taking care of new borns since I was with my two brothers since when they were born. With all those real-life experiences, I can say to myself that I can be more of a teacher that only teaches in a four corner classroom,that I can also share my expertise and learnings as an au pair. With my experience being a teacher, I can somehow teach kids those basic and primary lessons and skills. I am also open to learning new cultural aspects from my new environment. To my future host family, you can be rest assured that I am trustworthy person, I accept those criticisms as a motivation for myself that leads to personal development, I am family-centered and I would bring this personality to my future host family , I am well-rounded and able to understand the diverse cultures and especially the needs of every kids I am going to take care with. I am a multi-tasker, able to meet the work in the desired time, I am very meticulous in terms of cleanliness at home, I want everything to be in order and properly arranged , I am also into plants. I love to work on planting flowering plants during my vacant time, I am also into reading books, in every morning I started my day doing exercises like jogging and doing the army dozen exercises.
My personality is I take both challenges and failures in a balanced manner. I grab this opportunity to apply as an au pair to take part on cultural exchange because being a teacher doesnt stop on teaching only. “For the flower to bloom, you should keep watering in it” . As a person, I should never stop learning, I should not stop developing my skills and should be open for every opportunity that come along my way.

Best regards,
Mary Jean
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To experience diversity of cultures which ai think will also be an addition to my experience as a teacher. I also want to develop my social skills, for my professional advancement and for my personal development
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Gewünschtes Zielland Deutschland

Bevorzugte Gegend Großstadt, Vorort, Stadt, Dorf, Ländlich

Aufenthaltslänge 10-12 monate

Frühester Beginn Feb. 2023

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Über mich:

Im a multi-tasker, im a morning person who likes hiking and other exercises. I love sunsets and sunrise. I love taking kids to a walk and telling them all the places I’ve been to.