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Get prepared for your Au Pair stay

There are many things to plan!

Once you’ve found your perfect match it is time to get ready for the Au Pair stay. The Au Pair contract, health insurance and in some cases a visa - there are many things to plan! But don’t worry, we are going to help you with this step by step guide. 

Remember: the most important thing is that you give your best to have a successful cultural exchange and a year full of positive memories!
Step by step - for a Host Family

Step 1: Discuss the contract with the Au Pair

Step 2: Sign the contract with the Au Pair

Step 3: Find out if you need to purchase any insurance for your Au Pair.

Step 4: Does your Au Pair need a visa? If yes, write an invitation letter

Step 5: If your Au Pair needs a visa, support her/him with the appointment at the embassy

Step 6: Start preparing the room for the Au Pair’s arrival

Step 7: Pick the Au Pair up and welcome your new family member 

Step 8:  Enjoy your time with the Au Pair!
Step by step - for an Au Pair

Step 1: Talk with the Host Family about the contract

Step 2: Sign the contract with the Host Family

Step 3: Take care of your insurance!

Step 4: If you need a visa, ask the family for an invitation letter.

Step 5: Ask the Host Family to send you the original versions of all the documents for the visa application, if you need one, and...

Step 6: ...make an appointment at the embassy

Step 7: Get ready to meet your Host Family and start your adventure!

Step 8:  Enjoy your time with the family!
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