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Criminal record

The criminal record is one of the document which you may require as an Au Pair. You can find more information about how to apply for it, and whether you need it or not!
Au Pair criminal record
You have decided to become an Au Pair and you have already found a host family on Now it is time to organize your trip and you would probably also need to hand in some documents. It is often requested that you hand in your criminal record.  If you have chosen to organize your stay abroad with an agency they will ask you to hand it in as it is part of their standard documents in support of the application. 
If you have found you host family with the help of an online agency as it is the decision of the family whether they want to see your criminal record or not. In the case they ask you for it you should always hand it in even if it is not clear. 

To apply for the criminal record

You can ask for a query to get an excerpt out of the PNC (=police national computer) at every police station. Therefore you would only need your ID and they will charge you around 10 GBP. Please be aware that it will take approximately 2 weeks until you receive your document. What kind of offences is listed in your criminal record depends on the country. Depending on the Au Pair Program of every country you can be asked for different kinds of certificates. 

Condition of your criminal record

Generally you can say that a clear criminal record is an advantage when applying for an Au Pair Job. You should always keep in mind that the host family invites you to live in their house and to take care of their children. This is a huge responsibility they give you. Au Pair agencies that place Au Pairs only accept candidates with clear criminal records. If you are searching on your own via online agencies for your host family it is up to them whether they want you to hand in a criminal record or not. 


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