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Au Pair tour in Denmark

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Not all countries in the world are just as pacific and safe as Denmark is. The people are wonderful and the views everywhere are spectacular. It is one of the Nordic countries of the European Union and encompasses the territory of the Faroe Islands and the territory of Greenland. If you want to know a bit more about it, you should absolutely check this Tour Guide we have prepared for you!
places to visit in denmark
You made the great decision of becoming an Au Pair. Now it is time to find the perfect country for your stay. Denmark is just the right choice if you enjoy a mixture of breathtaking nature, culture and modernism. There are a lot of places to visit in Denmark as an Au Pair. You have the choice between big cities and nature. Denmark is located at the Baltic Sea and North Sea. 

If you want an overview of the most interesting parts of Denmark, you should definitely go on reading. We provide you with the most beautiful and interesting places to see in this innovative country. 

Au Pair in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, its metropolitan area covers around one million inhabitants. It is the cultural and economic centre of the country. 
Become an Au Pair in Kopenhagen
Did you know, that Copenhagen has been elected (more than once) as the most livable city in the world? It is definitely a place worth seeing or staying as Au Pair. The city is filled with amazing architecture. There are cycle paths everywhere. The harbour is so clean, you can even swim in the water. Copenhagen is very young and historical. Here are places you should visit during your stay in Denmark.

Nyhavn is the harbour of Copenhagen. The area is known for its colourful houses. As said before, it is an extremely clean space, so take a dip in the water in summer. There are lovely restaurants around Nyhavn. If you stay during winter, you should not miss the beautiful christmas market located at the harbour. Furthermore, you can do a guided tour on the canal. Get in one of the boats and relax while seeing the sights of Denmark. You will be able to see the opera house, the library black diamond, the little mermaid and many more surprises.

Amalienborg is the city residence of the danish queen Margrethe II. In case you didn’t know yet: Denmark’s political system  is a constitutional monarchy. You can find out more about the history of the monarchy in the museum inside Amalienborg. Strøget is the place to be if you love shopping. You can find all kinds of shops here. Look around and enjoy your free time, you will find amazing Danish designers in this area. The round tower gives you the opportunity to see Copenhagen from above. It was built back in the 17th century as observatory. By the way: The round tower is still used as meteorological observatory and is the oldest functioning one in Europe. The castle Rosenborg is 400 years old. It is located right in the heart of Copenhagen. You can find the Danish crown jewels in the castle. If you enjoy history, you should visit the renaissance castle Rosenborg. The food culture in Denmark is very big as well. The people in the country eat very healthy. One thing you have to try in Copenhagen is Smørrebrød, a thickly topped open sandwich. 

Au Pair in Odense

Become an Au Pair in Odense
The third largest city of Denmark is Odense. The city is located on the island Funen. As Au Pair in the city of Odense you can enjoy loads of different attractions. Plan a day out with your Host Kids and visit the zoological garden. There are also great playgrounds in the city. If it’s a rainy day you could spend it in the trampoline world with your kids. The Danish railway museum is another place worth a visit if you are interested in technology. Another great museum is the open-air museum Funen village. You can see live actors pretending to live in ancient times. The cathedral of Odense is very impressive and a sight you shouldn’t miss. Odense offers loads of shopping opportunities. You will find high end designer fashion, but also vintages and second hand stores. As Odense is located on the island Funen, you have the possibility of exploring the island during your Au Pair holiday. You could visit the castle Egeskov or the Viking museum Ladby. 

Denmark is located at the Baltic and the North Sea. Both offer great beaches, clean air and breathtaking landscapes. The following will help you decide whether to spend your Au Pair time at the Baltic Sea or North Sea of Denmark. 

Danish Baltic Sea

Au Pair in Sønderjylland

Sønderjylland is the southern part of the Baltic coast in Denmark. You will experience amazing nature living here as Au Pair. The Wadden Sea for example is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage. The fjord landscape is worth a visit if you are in Denmark. This area is just the place to be if you love spending time outside. Maybe spend your free time fishing or horseback riding on the beach. You and your Host Kids will have loads of fun together as there are many activity offers in Sønderjylland. The adventure park Universe for example will be an unforgettable adventure, get to know the world of technology! In summer there is a popular festival in Sønderjylland called ”Ringridning” festival. It derives from the middle ages, the main aim is to spear as much rings as possible while horseback riding. Back in the days, they didn’t spear the ring but the opponent. 

Au Pair in Aarhus 

Become an Au Pair in Aarhus
Modern Aarhus
Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark with almost 300.000 inhabitants. This city provides you with culture and delight. The most important places you have to visit during your Au Pair stay in Aarhus are: the art museum ARoS, the prehistoric museum Moesgaard, the biggest cultural institution in northern Europe concert hall Aarhus and the amusement park Tivoli Friheden. 
Aarhus is very close to the beach, so take your free time and relax with your new friends at the beach. There are little coffee shops around the beach. The “Infinite Bridge” is at the beach of Varna/Ballehage. The amazing circular architecture of the bridge gives you a 360 degree panoramic view. Food is very important in Aarhus. The biggest food festival in northern Europe is in Aarhus. You shouldn’t miss it! The city has a great mixture of street food and exquisite restaurants. 

Danish North Sea

Au Pair in Thyborøn

Thyborøn is a little holiday and fishing village located by the Danish North Sea. As An Au Pair you can enjoy the calm and beautiful atmosphere in this area. If you want to have a break from the big city, Thyborøn is a great destination for your Au Pair holiday. The nature and coast is just breathtaking. You can go camping in the wild here, go on hikes and stay outside all day long. Thyborøn has some interesting museums and places to visit, as well as churches. You should also take a look at the lighthouse Bovbjerg. 
Become an Au Pair in Denmark
Lighthouse in Denmark


Holstebro is the city of contrasts. This is another amazing destination for your Au Pair holiday or whole stay. Take a dip in the North Sea, clear your mind and relax. Go and enjoy the music theatre Holstebro or the open-museum Hjen Hede. This part of Denmark offers a great range of culinary delights. Holstebro is the home of restaurants, taverns and coffee shops. Fun fact: the food is produced locally and of biological cultivation. You can not only find modern Danish, but also French or Asian cuisine. 
Denmark sounds like just the right destination for your Au Pair stay? Then start your adventure now! Get all the important information before your time abroad. Denmark is waiting for you! 

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