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How to become an Au Pair?

au pair guide You’ve read the information about the Au Pair program and analyzed the pros and cons of this experience? Are you sure that you would like to become an Au Pair and find a Host Family online? Below you can see a step-by-step advice list that will help you to become a part of the Au Pair experience:

1. Register as an Au Pair
2. Search for a prospective Host Family
3. Attend an online interview
4. Sign the Au Pair contract and sort out visa formalities
5. Pack and prepare for your trip
6. Adapt to the new country and sort out registration
7. Enjoy your experience

Download the Au Pair guidebook
Learn more about the Au Pair program and figure out how to find a Host Family in no time! Download the Au Pair guidebook and get started today

Let's look into each step in detail. 

1. Register at and create your profile 

As an Au Pair you can use the platform for free: send messages, browse profiles and get many other benefits after the registration. To stand out among all the participants, you need to create an interesting profile.

Fill in the information about you, add some pictures or even videos to make your profile look more personal. Add certificates and recommendations that prove your experience. Consider writing a Host Family letter to share your expectations and motivation in becoming an Au Pair with your future Host Family. You can also decide which information you would like to make public or private.   
Join! is the best place to find a Host Family - just register, create an account, upload some pictures and chase your dreams! Join us
Your profile plays an important role in finding the right Host Family that matches your interests and expectations. Read more information about Au Pair profile and pay attention to details while filling in the information. 

2. Search for a prospective Host Family

Once you are signed in as an Au Pair, you can start searching for Host Families in different countries. The platform gives you a possibility to browse the families that match your preferences and destinations. In addition to suggestions, you can add other families to your Favourites. This way you will have a selected list of users you are interested in. Each added family will receive a notification.
You can also send free requests to Host Families of your choice. They will receive your application and get a possibility to accept or deny your profile. Try to get in touch with 20-30 families per day to speed up the matching process and shortlist the most suitable options.

3. Meet up during the video-interview

After shortlisting the most suitable families, it is really important to talk to them and get to know each other better. During the interview both parties will share their expectations and important details of cooperation. You will be able to see, which family suits you better. In addition to this,  a live video-talk will protect you from possible scam cases. Since scammers are afraid to reveal their identity, they usually refuse to join video-talks. 
Meet up!
Before making any decision, meet up during the video-interview. Keep in mind the time zone, make some notes first... What else? Find out!

Think of the list of important questions you would like to discuss with your prospective Host Family. Some of them might be:
  • Have you hosted an Au Pair before?
  • What do you expect from your Au Pair? What are the Au Pair responsibilities
  • What does your weekly routine look like?
  • Why are you willing to host an Au Pair?
  • How would you describe the area you live in?
  • Do the kids go to kindergarden/ school? Do they have further regular activities?
  • What are the kids like? Do they have special needs / allergies?
  • Do you have any hobbies/ regular family activities?
If you like a certain family during the talk and you both feel this could be a good match, organize another call and discuss more specific details about accommodation, boarding, pocket money, required documents, insurance, visa requirements if any, transportation and other important parts of the Au Pair experience. 

We’ve also gathered other interview tips that will help you organize a more productive conversation.

4. Sign the Au Pair contract and close other formalities

The Au Pair contract is a formal document stating all important details discussed between you and your future Host Family. It can help you avoid many possible misunderstandings and problems during the stay. Download the template of the Au Pair contract and edit it together with your Host Family according to your case and the host country’s law. Sign the contract and keep it with you. It is one of the visa requirements, though you might also need it for other formalities. 
Also discuss with your future Host Family whether you will need any additional documents abroad for registration, opening a bank account or other procedures. 

5. Prepare to your trip

There are many important things you need to consider before going abroad: clarifying formalities with the host country’s embassy if you need a visa, gathering all documents you need for registration in the host country, making sure your insurance coverage is sufficient, packing the suitcase, booking the tickets.  If the Host Family is willing to help you with the travel costs, we recommend to write it down in the Au Pair contract and define the installments that will be added to your monthly pocket money during the year. Nevertheless, it is not a responsibility of the Host Family to cover travel expenses.  
Au Pair's travel - tips before going abroad
Do you already know what you should take with you? Who should cover the travel cost? Do you need a visa? Find all the answers right here

Before your departure, we advise you to make sure that:
  • you know your Host Family's phone number and address
  • your Host Family knows all your contact details (including mobile and landline number)
  • Your Host Family knows your arrival details and you have agreed whether they will wait for you at the airport/bus station or you will have to take a taxi/bus to get to their house

6. Adapt to the new country

Once you have arrived it is time to get to know your Host Family and the place where you will be living. Normally it will take some time for the children to adapt to a new person, so don't worry if they seem to be distant at the beginning.
In order to make your adaptation easier, we recommend you to discuss with the Host Family the following terms at the very beginning of your stay:
  • Weekly schedule. What should be done and when? 
  • Rules in the household
  • Use of the Internet/ telephone
  • Language course. When can you attend the courses to improve your language knowledge? 
  • Financial questions, bank account
  • Emergency issues. Are there neighbors, grandparents or other people you can contact in case of emergency? Make sure you have the parents' mobile numbers with you and also know the emergency numbers of your host country.

7. Enjoy your Au Pair experience

Don’t forget, that the Au Pair program gives you a unique opportunity to stay abroad for some time and gain new experience. Explore the country and local culture, meet new people and make sure you enjoy this experience to the max. 
Read more about different aspects of the Au Pair program in our Au Pair A to Z WIKI and visit the FaQ if you have other questions. 
We wish you a great experience!

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