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Tutor Program

The tutoring program can be described as a cultural exchange program and is becoming more and more popular. The Host Family will be hosting and offering full board for 1-3 months to a young person with a different mother tongue in order for both to learn a new culture and improve a language.

Some of the tutors have already some experience abroad and can speak the host country's language pretty well so they will also get the chance to practise it. 

What are your duties as a tutor?

A tutor will help the host children to learn or improve their language skills in the tutor's mother tongue. Although tutors are often required to speak with the children in his/her mother tongue during the whole stay, their "working time" won't exceed the maximum of 15 hours per week in order to make sure they will also have enough free time to make friends and travel around. Both Host Family and tutor will discuss and decide how to organize those 15 hours in order to improve their language skills (lesson plan, conversation together with family activities, etc.). Learning a foreign language in a familiar atmosphere will help you to easy improve your skills.

The Host Family will organize the stay and help the tutor to learn as much as possible about the host country's culture. The tutor will become a part of the family during the stay and should be included in the different family activities.

Tutors see the exchange program as a chance to live a great experience abroad while teaching their culture and language; at the same time, they will be able to see a new country and experience a new lifestyle. 

During the tutoring program, unlike the Au Pair program, tutors will not get any pocket money. The host children must be under 18 in order for the family to be entitled to participate.

Both tutors and Host Families should inform themselves about on the visa regulations for the host country in order to make sure the program will be working. The tutor can stay with the Host Family up to 3 months so there will be no visa needed in most cases. However, this may vary depending on both the home and the host country.
Requirements to become a tutor:

  • 18-35 years old
  • Graduation
  • Teaching experience would be a plus
  • Experience with children would be a plus

Requirements to become a Host Family:

  • You have an extra room for the tutor
  • 3 meals per day
  • Drive from and to the airport

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