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Olena: A Ukrainian Au Pair in Poland

by Sabrina on Mar 20, 2024Reading time: 2 min.
Being an Au Pair in Poland
I had zeal and zest for summer vacation at my university this year. The main reason was that I decided to become an Au Pair in Poland
I learned about this program from the German teacher at my high school. She said it is a great opportunity for those who like traveling and learning languages to push themselves to improve. I love spending time with children, so I thought that such a decision would be the right one.
To be honest, at first, I was a little scared, as I hadn’t had such an experience before. My Host Family turned out to be so nice, though. They were ready to give me advice every time I had problems with something. We traveled a lot, and I got to know their country and culture better. Also, they were kind enough to ask me about the situation in Ukraine now. 
My main responsibility was taking care of the small girl, who is one year old. I was there for her for 8 hours during the day, and in the evening I was free. Sometimes I helped with her three-year-old brother too. The day off was Sunday, and I was able to choose what to do that day. I mostly went sightseeing in the city of Warsaw, but from time to time I also spent time with my Host Family. 
Now I miss the children, as they have become an integral part of my life for the past three months. They called me “Auntie” and I felt very welcome. The family has a dog too. I liked him, even though he is a bit too active and likes biting everything in his way. 
The good thing is that I improved my English a lot and learned many Polish phrases. I also became more flexible and ready for new challenges because, with children, anything can happen at any time as they are growing and curious to see and touch everything in the world! 
So, if anyone still has any doubts about the Au Pair program, do not! Text some families and arrange an online meeting to discuss all contract details. Make sure you find “your” family and let the story begin. Some difficulties may appear, but don’t be afraid of asking questions. Remember that your host family wants to make you feel comfortable with them. Trust me, being an Au Pair will help you grow personally and become wiser. I’m glad to be a part of this community!
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