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Why you should learn Polish

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The Polish language is considered to be one of the most challenging European languages to learn. Although Polish might not be the first option for foreigners to learn, some take up the challenge. Did you know that you can even get a degree in Polish in Japan? Nevertheless, you will find Polish speakers in almost every part of the world, since there are around 20 million Poles and people of Polish origin. In Poland, there live about 38 million Polish citizens. There is a big chance to meet Polish people all over Europe, especially since the number of Poles living in western Europe is very high. Yet, many Polish people also live outside of Europe. I bet you didn’t know there are almost 2 million Poles living in South America! The main reason is the migration in XIX. What’s more, nearly 800 000 Poles live in Brazil alone. In addition, Polish people are the major minority in Iceland and Norway. In the following paragraph, we summarized some reasons for you to learn Polish!

1. It trains your brain 

Did you know that your brain finishes developing in your early to mid-20s, and then you need to train it if you want to keep your brain in shape? Learning new topics is a solution to keep it active. The Polish language is a good choice because it is one of the most demanding languages to learn. With its declination in seven cases, many rules, and specific letters, Polish will make you think and analyse a lot. Consider it as an investment in your future mental health.

2. Polish is a fascinating language

On the other hand, Polish is an interesting and unique language. In case you are worrying that it might be too hard: Remember that there are non-native speakers who have mastered it! So, consider giving it a try! What if you concluded that you would like to start learning it, but at the same time, you worry that after leaving Poland, you won’t have anyone to practice your skills with? In the end, Polish is the official language only in Poland. But don’t worry, emigrants and their descendants can be found everywhere. As mentioned before in the text, Polonia is huge. You will find a tandem partner almost in every part of the world. 

3. Polish people will love you

Okay, this sounds good to you?…  but the language is tough. You will struggle with pronunciation. Practicing won’t be easy, so you’ll probably feel like you are not good enough. Are those your thoughts? Think twice, because Polish people actually LOVE when a foreigner talks in Polish to them. Do you know only five words? That’s awesome! These are probably the first thoughts of Polish people noticing when you try to speak Polish. They will probably smile and be very interested in talking to you. Really, with just a few words and many gestures, you’ll be able to communicate.

4. You will have amazing friendships

If you decide to attend a language course, you’ll meet other brave, fellow foreigners with whom you can become friends and practice the language together. Besides,  isn’t it better to struggle together while studying a new language than to struggle alone? After the classes, you can go to a party and shine bright like a diamond showing off your new skills. 

5. Enjoy Polish culture on a different level

With your language skills, you will be able to understand the culture and Polish people. Some people consider Poles as nice but hard to understand. Trying to perceive the world from a Polish perspective might be an interesting experience. What is more, when it comes to music, the Polish language sounds a bit harsh at first. By learning it, you will become more focused on the melody and the sound of songs instead of pronunciation. If you are a rap fan, you will surely find some tracks you will enjoy, since rap is the most popular genre in Poland.

If you are convinced to start learning Polish, go for it. This experience might be fun. If you are not sure, just give it a try! And after giving it a try, start speaking with Polish people in their mother tongue. If external motivation keeps you going, you will probably decide to continue your journey. 
*good luck

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