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Experience report of Tiphaine in Germany
by Tiphaine on 31st Aug, 2020
Tiphaine is a young French Au Pair who accepted the challenge of living in an unknown land, whose language she did not know well. Find out what she experienced!
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My year in Germany as an Au Pair from Peru
by Abigail on 21st Jul, 2020
Abigail from Peru has developed both professionally and personally during her Au Pair year in Germany. In her field report she tells about her way to independence.  Read More »
My Au Pair experience in Bavaria
by Salma on 14th Jul, 2020
Salma made the long way from Mexico to become an Au Pair in Bavaria, Germany. She loved spending time with her Host Family and in her report she shares what she has experienced.  Read More »
Luisina, an Argentinian Au Pair in Germany
by Luisina on 1st Jul, 2020
Luisina answered our questions about her Au Pair stay in Germany, coming all the way from Argentina! Enjoy her experience report and ask her some more questions! Read More »
Nodira's life as an Au Pair in Germany
by Nodira on 1st Jul, 2020
Nodira is an Au Pair from Tajikistan and has worked for a family in Germany. In her experience report, she gives an insight into her everyday life and tells what she is doing now, four years later.  Read More »
The truth about my Au Pair life in Germany
by Gabriela on 30th Jun, 2020
Gabriela, a Moldovan Au Pair in Germany, tells us her truth about her stay abroad. Follow her story through two different families during the Coronavirus pandemic. Read More »
My time as an Au Pair in Germany
by Joanne on 25th Jun, 2020
Since September 2019, Joanne from France spends her Au Pair year in Germany. She tells you about being an Au Pair before and during the pandemic. Read More »
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