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Au Pair Insurance with Dr. Walter

For an Au Pair and Host Family one of the most important points is the right insurance for the Au Pair. Both sides need to pay attention to this matter and need to inform themselves depending on the host country and the Au Pair's home country. It is also different from host country to host country who pays for the insurance. It is important for Au Pair and Host Family to talk about this topic especially when there is no regulation about the insurance and its payment in the host country.

Everything should be done before the Au Pair leaves to the host country, so that only the suitcase needs to be packed.  
Without the right insurance the Au Pair stay can become a little bit more exciting than it should be. 

For that reason the expert for International and Travel Insurances Dr. Walter has created the first german Au Pair Insurance more than 50 years ago. Today the company negotiates about 4000 contracts a year and provides foreign Au Pairs in Germany and other european countries and German Au Pairs in foreign countries with carefree stays in their host country. 
Since the company has specialized on insurance concepts for long term stays in a foreign country and works together with more than 40 other insurance companies, about 100.000 travelers, including students, employees, emigrants and Au Pairs and Host Families trust in Dr. Walter. It doesn't matter if it's an international health insurance, travel health insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance, assistance insurance or travel cancelation insurance, Dr. Walter always has the perfect solution for adventurers.  

Incoming- & Outcoming-Au Pair-Insurance

Basically there is a difference between Au Pair insurances for german Au Pairs, that are going to a foreign country (Outgoing-Au Pair-Insurance) and Au Pair insurances for foreign Au Pairs in Germany (Incoming-Au Pair-Insurance).
The insurance for foreign Au Pairs in Germany will be paid by the Host Family. This is why the services of the Dr. Walter Au Pair Insurance do not only fit the needs of the Au Pair but also of the Host Family. 

Au Pairs from EU countries

Au Pairs that are from an EU country and stay within the EU benefit from the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). There is a huge BUT though, because there are many treatments in a foreign country that won't be covered by the usual health insurance. If the patient has to go back to his/her home country for further treatment it is possible that the health insurance won't pay for the transportation costs. Without an additional insurance it can become very expensive.

Besides there are other insurances like the liability insurance and accident insurance that need to be negotiated. An Au Pair Insurance of Dr. Walter therefore is an absolute plus. 

Au Pairs from Non-EU countries

Au Pairs that are from a Non-EU country always have to negotiate an insurance for their stay in another country. Both, Host Family and Au pair should inform themselves about the insurances and discuss who is going to be responsible for the costs. In countries that have official regulations for the Au Pair program it is defined who has to bear the costs.   

What is insured?

Besides a liability, accident and deportation costs insurance the offer of Dr. Walter also includes a health insurance that covers pain-relieving dental treatments and pregnancies (as long as the patient hasn't been pregnant before her stay). Especially treatments of this kind are often forgotten or ignored by other insurance companies and lead to incredibly high costs. 

The different insurances are easy to get online within a few minutes. Immediately after the conclusion the Au Pair or Host Family receives a confirmation in a an email. It is really important to get the insurance before the Au Pair leaves her home country, so she/he is covered for all cases from the first minutes she sets foot on the host country's ground. 

In Germany and the Netherlands the Host Family will have to pay for the insurance. In other countries the Au Pair is usually responsible for bearing the costs, yet is is possible to discuss this topic with each other. 
Now there won't be standing anything in the Au Pair's way. 

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