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Find Au Pairs, Granny Au Pairs and Nannies from Russian Federation and become a Host Family without an Au Pair agency.

Елизавета is a Non-Smoker Елизавета has got a first aid certification Елизавета can swim Елизавета can ride a bike Елизавета has references

Hello! My name is Lisa and I am twenty two years old. I successfully graduated from a linguistic gymnasium in my city, after which I immediately entered the university for a technical specialty, a budgetary basis. So now I am a BA in Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics. I have a small family, only parents and one younger brother. But I was also closely involved in his...

Kristina, 21 years old, Student from Russian Federation looking for Au Pair & Live-in Tutor jobs in Mexico, Spain, USA, Costa Rica

Russian Au Pair
Russian, English, Spanish ... Jul 2021 - Sep 2021 (>1 year) Very active in response
Kristina is a Non-Smoker Kristina hasn't got a first aid certification Kristina can swim Kristina can ride a bike Kristina has references

Dear Host Family, My name is Kristina, I am 21 years old and currently a senior, majoring in History with minors in Urban Studies. In 2017, I left my Siberian hometown, Omsk, to get higher education in Moscow and have lived there since then in a dorm, where I learned how to get on with different people, peacefully sharing common space. My interests include languages (I...

Julia, 18, Moldovan, Graduate (high school) currently in Russian Federation searching for Au Pair job in Germany

Moldovan Au Pair
Russian, English, German Mar 2021 - Aug 2021 (10-12 months) Very active in response
Julia is a Non-Smoker Julia has got a first aid certification Julia cannot swim Julia can ride a bike

Dear Family, My name's Julia, I'm 18. My nationality is a Moldavan-Bulgarian and I'm living in Moscow region, Russia. So, I graduated from a high school last summer and now I work as a part-time, but it's a temporarily. I used to have a thoughts about that, what I'd like to live in some another country a long time ago, but i hadn't a chance. I like to learn a new languages...

Fatima Zohra, 25, Algerian, Student currently in Russian Federation searching for Au Pair job in Germany, Switzerland

Algerian Au Pair
Arabic, French, English ... Aug 2021 - Sep 2022 (10-12 months) Very active in response
Fatima Zohra is a Non-Smoker Fatima Zohra has got a first aid certification Fatima Zohra can swim Fatima Zohra cannot ride a bike

"Only a life lived for others is worth living." Albert Einstein Dear family, My name is Fatima, I am 25 years old; I'm currently sixth year medical at the state university. in Russia. I will graduate in summer 2021 and will be available from September. I am writing to you because I am interested in working after graduation, I hope I have been able to help you. I speak 4...

Ксения is a Non-Smoker Ксения hasn't got a first aid certification Ксения can swim Ксения can ride a bike

My name is Ksyusha, I am 21 years old, I am sociable, punctual. I want to become a nanny because I love children. The family must choose me because I quickly establish contact with the children. Food preparation, clothing care, room cleaning assistance, homework

Юлия, 21 years old, English Teacher from Russian Federation looking for Au Pair jobs in China, France, Netherlands, USA, United Kingdom

Russian Au Pair
Russian, English, Chinese Mar 2021 - Oct 2021 (4-6 months) New registered
Юлия is a Non-Smoker Юлия has got a first aid certification Юлия can swim Юлия can ride a bike

Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Юлия, мне 21 год, и я из России. Одно из главных моих хобби - изучение иностранных языков. С начальной школы я активно учу английский язык, с 2019 - 2020 я работала преподавателем...

София is a Non-Smoker София hasn't got a first aid certification София can swim София can ride a bike

Hello, my name is Sofia. All my life I have sat with my sisters and brother. I have no sisters and brothers, only cousins, so I know what it means to really treat a child. I know how to put a baby to bed, find an approach to him (probably) I am a very kind and honest person who loves people and children. I can cook, absolutely not a conflict person. I can also attend some...

Arina, 18 years old, Student from Russian Federation looking for Au Pair & Nanny jobs in Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Russian Au Pair
Russian, German Jun 2021 - Aug 2021 (10-12 months) Very active in response
Arina is a Non-Smoker Arina has got a first aid certification Arina can swim Arina can ride a bike

COVID-19: The border between Russia and Germany, Russia and Switzerland, Russia and Austria is open, you can get a visa. Hello:) My name is Arina. I am looking for a family since June 2021. At the moment I am studying at the Medical University. I communicate well with children, I like to spend time with them. I have a younger sister (11 years old) and a cousin (4 years old)....

Liudmila, 46 years old, Chef from Russian Federation looking for Nanny jobs in Australia, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, USA

Russian Au Pair
Romanian Feb 2021 - Apr 2021 (10-12 months) New registered
Liudmila is a Non-Smoker Liudmila has got a first aid certification Liudmila can swim Liudmila can ride a bike

Добрый день! Хочется жить и работать в страну где тепло люблю людей,детей ,животных умею готовить ответственная намажу общий язык со всеми

Виктория is a Non-Smoker Виктория has got a first aid certification Виктория can swim Виктория can ride a bike

Good day! My name is Victoria, I am 18 years old. I live in Moscow. I am a very active and positive person. Cheerful, energetic, inquisitive. You will never get bored with me. I love children, and they love me) I want to become an Au Pair because I enjoy spending time with children. Teach them new things, rejoice at their successes with them, play with them, and see sincere...


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