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Who pays for the Au Pair language course?

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Language courses are sometimes a compulsory requirement of the Au Pair program. Even if your Host Country does not require a language course as mandatory, it is still a good idea to attend one.

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Au Pair language course
There are several reasons for young people to participate in the Au Pair program
These could be discovering new countries and cultures, earning pocket money while living with the Host Family and also learning new languages. Each person has its own reasons - and all of them are acceptable - but in this article we would like to discover more about learning a language through language courses for Au Pairs.

Language courses give you the opportunity to improve your knowledge and meet new people. You will see results soon - you will feel more confident in communicating with people in this language. 

Au Pair language course - is it mandatory?

As an Au Pair, you will be able to learn the language spoken in your Host Country by attending special courses 2-3 times a week for several hours. In some countries – for example, France -  an Au Pair is obligated to attend the course for at least three months. Also in China this is one of the requirements of the Au Pair program
Other countries don’t make it mandatory and attending a course depends on the Au Pair’s wish. You can find detailed information right here:
Country Language course
Australia NOT mandatory. Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course.
Austria Mandatory.  Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course.
Belgium Mandatory for 3 months. Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course.
Canada Mandatory.  Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course.
China Mandatory. Host Family pays for a course in advance.
Denmark NOT mandatory. Host Family pays for a course.
England / United Kingdom NOT mandatory. Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course.
Finland NOT mandatory. Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course.
France Mandatory for 3 months. Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course.
Germany Mandatory. Host Family pays 50 Euro fee.
Ireland NOT mandatory. Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course.
Italy Mandatory.  Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course.
Luxembourg Mandatory.  Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course.
New Zealand NOT mandatory. Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course.
The Netherlands NOT mandatory. Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course but can do it.
Norway NOT mandatory.  Host Family has to pay the tuition up to 8400 NOK per year.
Sweden Mandatory and free of charge.
Switzerland Mandatory and will be partially covered by the Host Family.
Spain Mandatory.  Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course.
Turkey NOT mandatory. Host Family is NOT obliged to pay for a course.
USA Mandatory. The Host Family has to pay up to $500 for the course.

To find a suitable course, ask your Host Family to help you find a language school nearby. You will attend a course 2-3 times a week there. Apart from improving your grammar, a course will help you to understand the country's culture and people. 
When you find an ideal course with a flexible timetable, discuss with your Host Family about your working hours. You need to know when you are free in advance so you can organize your activities during your free time. Some spontaneous situations may come up sometimes. In general, it is better for you to have a fixed timetable. This will help you to better adapt and plan your days. 

Who should pay for the Au Pair’s language course?

In general terms, the Au Pair will be the one bearing the costs for a language course in the host country, but this case depends on the host country regulations.

As a rule, Host Families are not obligated to pay for language courses but in some countries, like Germany or Denmark, they will pay a part of the fee. 
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Nonetheless, Host Families need to include enough space for the language courses in the Au Pair’s daily schedule, so be sure to discuss your working hours and salary before arriving and include it in a contract for Au Pairs.

Is the language course worth spending time and money?

Of course! It's true that the Au Pair program is not only about learning languages, it is mostly a good way to explore a new culture. But we would definitely recommend to attend a language course due to several reasons.
First of all, learning a language will give you different opportunities and even change your way of thinking. Just imagine a whole new world of possibilities – starting from conversations with native speakers and ending with attending a university in the host country.
Moreover, a language course is also a good way to find friends and hang out with them in your free time, learning the language together and also travelling with them all over the country.
Last but not least – you will be able to understand your Host Kids better and won’t be afraid to go to the city with them, take them to the park or to a museum. What a good way of spending time with the Host Kids, right?
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Can you help me with the paperwork and the placement process?
Unfortunately, we can’t help you with it. We are an online matching agency, thus we can’t interfere in your searching or placing process. We are happy to provide you with all our searching and matching tools and the information about the Au Pair experience. As our platform is available worldwide, we are unable to take care of all the applications we get daily. Feel free to use our service to visit your dream destination and find a great Host Family. We will be also glad to get your feedback! If you have any ideas or comments, get in touch with us
How long does it take to find a Host Family?
It depends on several factors. Create your profile and make it attractive for other users. Check that you meet the Au Pair requirements set by the Au Pair program. Be active and contact 20-30 Host Families per day. While contacting the Host Families, make also sure that you fulfil the family’s expectations. Be active, open minded and try to convince families that the time spent with you will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for their kids! Generally speaking, it takes from one week up to a few months to find a Host Family
Can I become an Au Pair?
The Au Pair program accepts participants who meet mainly education, family and age requirements. Please take a look at the full list of Au Pair requirements.  If you meet them, register as an Au Pair today and find a Host Family that matches your criteria.  

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