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Certificate for Au Pair agencies

⏱ Reading time: 3 min. makes every effort to ensure that all our users, in particular Au Pair agencies, meet quality standards.

Our aim is to protect Au Pairs and Host Families and to recognize the work of our best partner agencies.
Agency certificate

We would like to introduce our “Certified Agencies” program. Thanks to this new service, agencies can obtain a certificate of quality and will receive other benefits which will help them to reach more Au Pairs, Host Families and new partner agencies through our platform. 


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Apply for a certificate sends a mail message containing a list of recommended agencies to every Au Pair right after registration. Would you like to see the name of your agency on this list? Just apply for our certificate and reach your customers with zero effort!!
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Benefits for your agency

All ‘Certified Agencies’ program member agencies that fulfil the quality standards will receive the following benefits: 

  • Profile on the website with ‘Certified Agency’ badge
  • Host Families and Au Pairs will have the possibility to contact the agency directly through our system
  • Certificate of quality 
  • Quality stamp for the member agency’s website

Furthermore, certified agencies will be featured in the list of recommended agencies sent to all the Au Pairs who might be interested in the member agency’s service.


In order to become a member of the ‘Certified Agencies’ program, the agency must first join our service. To do so, the Au Pair agency has to register on our site.

How to join 

In order to join, the agency has to create an account and has to provide us with the necessary information. We will then check the account and will provide the agency with access to advanced features of the service. 


To activate the account, the agency must send us basic information regarding the agency’s business:

  • Link to agency’s website with information about the Au Pair program
  • Valid email address at the agency’s exclusive domain
  • Copy of the agency’s business license or other document testifying the agency's legal activity
  • Link to the agency’s social media accounts
  • Details of two contacts that could provide credentials

We are doing our best to ensure a safe and friendly environment at, but we may be open to an agency suggestion if any of the above points is troublesome to meet (within reason).

How to apply for the certificate

Member agencies of the ‘Certified Agencies’ program differ from other intermediaries with regards to the quality standards. Au Pair agencies willing to apply for the certificate must meet all the quality standards listed below:

The member agencies:

  • understand the concept of the Au Pair program and adhere to its regulations.
  • consider the Au Pair program being a culture exchange program and acknowledge that the Au Pair is meant to be a temporary host family member, not a domestic worker.
  • understand that the main purpose of the Au Pairs is to get to know the language and the culture of the host country.
  • are committed to supporting both the Au Pairs and the Host Families throughout the application and matching process as well as throughout the Au Pair stay at the Host Family’s place.
  • understand the need for mediation in case of potential conflict between Au Pairs and Host Families and have to ensure that both sides are treated equally.
  • arrange a new match for both Au Pair and Host Family in case of failure of the Au Pair relationship.
  • provide a 24-hour emergency number for the Au Pair program participants.
  • provide at least two recommendations from other certified or IAPA Au Pair agencies.
  • meet the legal requirements and are authorized to place Au Pairs.
  • present a website with all the information about their Au Pair programs and a valid address and phone number under which they can be reached.

The member agencies make sure that:

  • Au Pairs integrate into the Host Families
  • All the administrative procedures necessary for a legal Au Pair stay in the Host Country are completed
  • Au Pairs are covered by a proper insurance
  • Au Pairs participate in the language course
  • Both Au Pairs and Host Families adhere to the Au Pair program rules.

We would like to encourage all Au Pair agencies interested in the participation in the ‘Certified Agencies’ program to get in touch with us! We will ask the agency’s representative a few questions and possibly meet during an interview. We may ask to provide all the necessary information and documents, but we will do our best to guide the agency through the process without any complications. service for Au Pair Agencies service for Au Pair Agencies Read More »
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