ID della Famiglia: 1792854

Assistente per Anziani richiesto per:
Compagnia e conversazione, Fare passeggiate e gite, Mobilità, Guidare, Shopping e commissioni, Pulizie e bucato, Semplici faccende di casa, Cucinare, Lavarsi e vestirsi

Città: Fort Collins / Città | Piú ⇩

Nome James

Regione Colorado

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Inizio del lavoro: Apr. 2023 - Giu. 2023

Durata del soggiorno: 24-24 mesi

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Lettera di Benvenuto per l'Au Pair

Seeking Live-In Caregiver/Roommate for Spring 2023 - Work one-on-one with one client (50-year-old male professor with disability)

Dear Caregivers, Thanks for your interest in helping me. To learn more about me, my care needs, or fill out an application, visit my website at for details and to apply. Thanks, James

For this position, beginning summer 2023, you must speak and write in English and obtain a student or visitor visa (or TN visa for Canadian or Mexican citizens).

• Most of the night, you would be free to sleep.
• Help me reposition at ~3am
• Be on call in case of an emergency.
• Free room, board, meals, dining, assistance with basic expenses.
• You would have most daytime hours free to study or relax.

OPTIONAL - Cash allowance up to $1500 per month to help with any of the following:
• Morning: 5:45-8:30 AM
• Lunch: 11am-noon
• Dinner: 5:30-7 p.m.
• Evening: 9-10:30 PM
• Night: 9pm-6am - Fill-in
• Other: Massage, exercise; Organizing, cleaning, odd jobs


This would be a great opportunity for a student at a local school or university or anyone who is looking to improve English skills, is seeking mentorship, and would like to spend time living in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Colorado State University has a great Intensive English Program.

If you are not a US citizen, a visa would be required. Please investigate Visa Appointment Wait Times on the US Department of State website to search for cities nearest to you with a US consulate or embassy:

Individuals who are either authorized to work in the United States or who can obtain a B1 visa to participate in a volunteer service program through the charity, may qualify as a volunteer caregiver (see below) for up to 10 years and obtain free room, board, expenses, and an allowance.

Because this is a permanent (not temporary) need, I am unable to sponsor a work visa for someone who is not a citizen of Mexico or Canada that qualifies for a TN professional visa (which could be a full-time position). I would be happy to host a student from a local school or university (from the US or elsewhere on a student visa).

You must know English add at least an advanced intermediate level and have a desire to relocate to Fort Collins, Colorado (recently ranked the best place to live in the USA).

If you are interested, please reach out.

Thank you,

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Descrizione del Lavoro

Help at night in exchange for room (separate bedroom and bathroom), board, meals, dining, and assistance with other expenses, as well as academic mentorship. You would provide approximately 10 hours of hands-on help per week with getting ready for bed and to be here through the night to help me reposition or in case of an emergency. The rest of the night, you would be free to sleep. Although I need help at night 7 days a week, you would cover 5-6 nights per week and another caregiver could provide remaining coverage.

Care tasks include:
• Safely transfer between wheelchair/bed using patient lift (not physical lifting) and positioning
• Perform regular bathing, dressing, hygiene, grooming.
• Perform routine care of urinary drainage devices and apply and irrigate catheter.
• Assist with general housekeeping: cleaning, laundry, and ironing, etc.
• Other tasks in the scope of the work agreement acknowledged by both parties.

Needed guidance, training, and access will be provided by James and his designee(s).

Night Shift: 9:00pm-6:00am
• Meds, Nebulize
• Oral hygiene
• Transfer to bed
• Wash hands and face
• Undress (skin check)
• Irrigate catheter (cath change every 2 weeks)
• Wheelchair and glove cleaning/maintenance
• Positioning and setup supplies
• Final check (10-10:30pm)
• Turn at 3:00am
• Be available to respond to care needs and emergencies
• Maintain quiet environment

For qualified applicants (must be eligible for amicitia reciproca volunteer service program using a B1 visa):

Additional paid work beyond the night shift -- I need caregiving help at other times as well, including mornings, meals, and for errands, transportation, and a variety of other household tasks. I am open to creating an agreement that works well for both of us. It would be a combination of a roommate agreement and a caregiver agreement.

You are seeking a position and a place to live and a roommate, mentor, and friend. I need someone responsible who I can rely on. We'd be roommates sharing a home, so we should enjoy each other's company and have overlapping interests and a consistent daily schedule that matches. You should be kind, intelligent, caring, empathetic, compassionate, respectful, and willing to learn/help, calm under pressure and in case of emergency, flexible, mature, emotionally stable, self-sufficient, dependable, clean/organized, and goal/detail oriented, and have a good sense of humor, positive attitude, good observation and communication skills, and physical endurance.

• At least 18 years old.
• High school education (college preferred).
• Eligible to live and work in the USA.
• Fluent in English (reading and writing).
• Willingness to help with what is needed.

COVID-19 considerations:
Caregiver will be required to provide a record of up-to-date vaccine.
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Informazioni sulla Famiglia

Deve badare a persone affette da disabilità  - Si

Ha animali domestici? No

La Famiglia abita in Città

Età del senior 40-55

la persona anziana vive da sola? Sì, solo un uomo

Nazionalità della Famiglia Statunitense

Lingue parlate in Famiglia Inglese

Religione Cristiana

Importanza della religione Non importante

Occupazione Pedagogista

Persone che vivono in casa 1

Età e genere del senior 50 anno Maschile

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Requisiti richiesti

Corso di primo soccorso richiesto - SiPatente di guida richiesta - Si

Ore di lavoro alla settimana 25 - 30

Paghetta del/della Live in Help per gli anziani (al mese) 1500 USD

Stipendio del/della Assistente agli anziani 1500 USD

Genere dell'Au Pair Femmina

Durata del soggiorno 24-24 mesi

Prima data di inizio utile Apr. 2023

Ultima data di inizio Giu. 2023

Cerco Assistente agli anziani e Live in Help per gli anziani

Età delle persone/bambini da accudire

Bambini/persone che devono essere accuditi 1

Livello minimo di esperienza richiesto Nessuna preferenza

Abbiamo bisogno di un Tutor che insegni

Quanti anni hanno gli studenti a cui insegnerà il Tutor?

Abbiamo bisogno di assistenza e supporto in Compagnia e conversazione, Fare passeggiate e gite, Mobilità, Guidare, Shopping e commissioni, Pulizie e bucato, Semplici faccende di casa, Cucinare, Lavarsi e vestirsi

Nazionalità preferita Americana, Australiana, Austriaca, Belga, Brasiliana, Britannica, Canadese, Danese, Olandese, Inglese, Finlandese, Tedesca, Islandese, Irlandese, Italiana, Giapponese, Lussemburghese, Messicana, Norvegese, Polacca, Portoricana, Rumena, Russa, Scozzese, Singaporiana, Svedese, Svizzera, Taiwanese, Thailandese, Ucraina

Conoscenza della lingua richiesta Buona

Livello di educazione richiesto Liceo

Contribuirà alle spese di viaggio yes

Età richiesta 16-50

Accetta fumatori No

Deve badare a persone affette da disabilità Si

Deve accudire animali No

Cerca un candidato in grado di nuotare No

Cerca un candidato in grado di andare in bicicletta No

Il candidato può frequentare un corso di lingua Si

Corso di primo soccorso richiesto Si

Patente di guida richiesta Si

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Descrizione famiglia

James is a kind, intelligent, and thoughtful 50-year-old man with a disability. He sustained a C5 spinal cord injury (SCI) in a mountain bike adventure race at age 27. He works as a professor in Food Science and Human Nutrition at Colorado State University and manages small businesses via One James, LLC. He lives in an apartment in Fort Collins, CO. Local, part-time caregivers help with his daily care.

James enjoys spending time with family and friends, enjoying meals together at home, exploring restaurants and breweries in Old Town, and enjoying an occasional tequila shot. He likes listening to music, reading, and learning about art and culture. He feels most at ease when his needs are being met by a reliable team and when his environment is clean and tidy. His strengths include delegating tasks, planning, problem solving, and communicating his needs and preferences.

James has some bilateral shoulder, elbow, and wrist function and is able to complete tasks such as using a cell phone and computer for work and communication, wheelchair mobility, feeding—with assistance/setup, and picking up and manipulating objects including remote controls, zipper pulls, and modified reachers. He works independently for much of the daytime.

Caregivers assist with activities of daily living including med management, catheter care, bathing, bowel program, dressing, grooming, hygiene, bed mobility, and transfers using a ceiling lift James independently uses a manual wheelchair with power assist wheels for mobility within the home and community. Total assistance is required with housekeeping, community mobility, shopping, and all meals.
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Alloggio dell'AuPair

The home is a beautiful, spacious, 95% furnished 2 bed, 2 bath home near Old Town, Fort Collins. You'd have a separate bedroom and bathroom.

There’s a state-of-the-art kitchen with stainless steel appliances–gas stove/range, microwave, toaster oven, dishwasher, washer and dryer in unit, central heat and air conditioning, ceiling fans, high-speed Internet, and Wi-Fi.
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