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Jobs after the Au Pair stay
For Au Pairs | by Julia on 7th Nov, 2019
Start of the series: after the Au Pair stay you will be qualified for different jobs and working fields. We will give you advice on how to find out what you want to do in life and describe the most popular jobs.  Read More »
How to become a children's entertainer
For Au Pairs | by Galina Semina on 13rd Nov, 2019
Part 2 of our new series: you're looking for a job after your Au Pair stay? What about becoming a children’s entertainer and continue working abroad? Keep on reading! Read More »
What happens when the team meets?
For Au Pairs | by Felicia on 12nd Nov, 2019
Get behind the scenes of and join our lively and international team in this article! Read More »
Brexit: consequences for the Au Pair program
For Au Pairs | by Elena on 21st Jan, 2019
What will Brexit mean for the Au Pair program in the UK? In this article we have gathered some possible scenarios of what could happen to travelling freely to the UK and what consequences Brexit could have for the EU citizens taking part in the program in the UK. Read More »
How to live on a budget
For Au Pairs | by Julia on 5th Nov, 2019
You found your ideal Host Family but now you're wondering how to live on a budget as an Au Pair? We share our best 10 tips to save money during your stay abroad.  Read More »
Eating disorder as an Au Pair - What to do?
For Au Pairs | by Julia on 10th Oct, 2019
Most Au Pairs fit the risk group of eating disorders, that’s why we wanted to deal with this sensitive topic during our Mental Health Awareness Month. We'll give you insight into the different types of eating disorders and will also provide Host Families with tips on how to deal with the situation if they suspect their Au Pair is struggling with healthy eating habits.  Read More »
Halloween around the World
For Au Pairs | by Felicia on 29th Oct, 2019
Halloween is a very popular holiday among children. Let's find out its origins, the different traditions and how to celebrate it! Read More »
What you post online is tied to you forever
For Au Pairs | by Felicia on 22nd Oct, 2019
We may have forgotten how important the things we share online are. What impact can online posts have on our life? Read more to find it out.
Read More »
Online language courses for Au Pairs
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 15th Oct, 2019
One of the requirements of the Au Pair program is taking part in a language course. But not everyone has the time or money to commute to a physical classroom on a regular basis. Are online language courses a valid alternative for busy Au Pairs? Read More »
My bad Au Pair experience
For Au Pairs | by Marina on 2nd Oct, 2019
Former Au Pair Marina reached out when she heard about our mental health series. She shares her very bad Au Pair experience which brought her to her limits. Read More »
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