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Brexit: the consequences for the Au Pair program

For Au Pairs | Elena | Reading time: 10 min.
Will the EU Au Pairs still be able to travel without a visa? Will the rules change for the non-EU Au Pairs as well? Let's try to understand what the consequences of Brexit could be.
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How to Overcome the Language Barrier in Speaking?

For Au Pairs | Agata Telefus
Overcoming the language barrier in speaking is not a piece of cake, but with our handy tips, we're confident you'll be a step closer! Read our guide to find out. Read More »

Au Pair vs. Other Cultural Programs

For Au Pairs | Agata Telefus
Would you like to experience foreign culture and live abroad, but you are unsure what cultural program suits you best? Read to discover the perfect fit!
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Poland’s Hidden Gems

For Au Pairs | Agata Telefus
Discover Poland’s hidden gems - get to know its unknown and unique attractions. Get off the beaten track with! Read More »

The legend of La Befana

For Au Pairs | Sabrina | Reading time: 3 min.
Did you know that the Italian Christmas season ends on January 6th? That's when La Befana comes to sweep away the holidays. Learn about this legend here. Read More »

Sexual harassment during Au Pair stay

For Au Pairs | Genesis Rivas
Unfortunately, sexual harassment can occur in any place and to any person. Here are some tips on how to deal with this situation during your Au Pair stay. Read More »

Orthodox Christmas Traditions

For Au Pairs | Nastassia | Reading time: 4 min.
Let’s uncover some unique traditions that make Orthodox Christmas a cherished time for Host Families and Au Pairs. Read More »

Five tips to learn a language faster

For Au Pairs | Agata Telefus | Reading time: 5 min.
Becoming an Au Pair is a fantastic way to learn a foreign language. Are you concerned that your language skills might not be sufficient when you move abroad as an Au Pair? Explore our five game-changing strategies designed to speed up your language-learning journey! Read More »

Work-life balance: Tips for Au Pairs

For Au Pairs | Agata Telefus | Reading time: 4 min.
Keeping a healthy work-life balance is crucial to your well-being and managing stress. While your Au Pair stay is more of a cultural exchange than a full-time job, the daily tasks still share some job-like characteristics. Therefore, it's essential to find a balance between your duties and your personal life. Read More »

Au Pair's Guide to Screen Time

For Au Pairs | Chang Li | Reading time: 3 min.
Living with your Host Family and caring for their children as an Au Pair can be an enriching cross-cultural experience. This role, however, comes with its set of challenges, one of which is managing the use of electronic products by host children.  Read More »
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