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Sing Karaoke with - Feliz Navidad
For Au Pairs | by Julia on 1st Dec, 2020
A contemplative Advent season despite lockdown - makes it possible! The Au Pair community sings "Feliz Navidad" worldwide. Become part of it! Read More »
Coronavirus and the Au Pair program
For Au Pairs | by Felicia on 18th Nov, 2020
Given the worldwide concerns about the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, we decided to deal with the topic from the Au Pairs’ and the Host Families’ perspective. What are the consequences of the coronavirus on the Au Pair program? Find out all the measures taken by every country.
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Moving to Germany
For Au Pairs | by Zurui on 24th Sep, 2020
Germany lies in the heart of Europe and is a cosmopolitan, democratic country with diversified traditions and customs. Are you ready to move to Germany and wondering what to expect? Here are some tips for you to integrate into German culture and life. Read More »
Au Pair personality in the Zodiac
For Au Pairs | by Felicia on 2nd Jun, 2020
Which zodiac sign are you? Whether you are fond of astrology or not, you have to admit that the Zodiac is fascinating and sometimes can even reveal hidden aspects of your personality. Find out your typical personality traits as an Au Pair according to your zodiac sign!
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Stay in touch with your international friends
For Au Pairs | by Maryann on 19th May, 2020
During your Au Pair stay, you meet amazing people that you don't want to lose sight of. Read this blog post to find out my tips to stay in touch with them. Read More »
How to keep your travel memories
For Au Pairs | by Maryann on 5th May, 2020
Do you enjoy bringing back travel memories but you don't know what to do with them afterwards? In this post, I share with you some ideas to keep your travel memories! Read More »
Brexit: the consequences for the Au Pair program
For Au Pairs | by Elena on 24th Apr, 2020
Will the EU Au Pairs still be able to travel without a visa? Will the rules change for the non-EU Au Pairs as well? Let's try to understand what the consequences of Brexit could be.
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My doubts before going abroad as an Au Pair
For Au Pairs | by Maryann on 21st Apr, 2020
Before going abroad, we have many doubts and the current Coronavirus health crisis increases them. In this article, I share with you my doubts before becoming an Au Pair in the USA. Read More »
Easter during Corona
For Au Pairs | by Felicia on 7th Apr, 2020
In the worldwide chaos caused by the Coronavirus, celebrating the Easter holidays is going to be very different from the usual. Find out the Easter traditions all over the world and how to make the most out of your quarantine Easter.
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Host Kids during the quarantine
For Au Pairs | by Maryann & Felicia on 24th Mar, 2020
Are you running out of ideas to entertain the kids during the quarantine? Are you wondering about the best way to deal with this serious topic with them? Here are some activities that you can do with them during these hard times and some useful tips about keeping the situation under control.
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