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Au Pair Duties - How much is too much?
For Au Pairs | by Leonie on 25th Mar, 2019
It is important to know your duties and responsibilities as well as knowing what you don’t have to be responsible for during your stay abroad.  Start your cultural exchange the right wait! Read information about the duties as Au Pair here.
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Christian Au Pair meets Jewish Host Family
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 19th Mar, 2019

Should I work for a Host Family with different religious beliefs? Read this blog post if you want how living with a jewish Host Family can affect your Au Pair experience.

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Fun with food
For Au Pairs | by Leonie on 18th Mar, 2019
It’s a rainy day or holiday and you don’t know what to do with your Host Kids? I have just the right solution for you: a fun day of cooking! You might not be the best chef and your kids can be picky eaters. So let them be part of the process. I will show you simple ways to make cooking a fun activity for all of you.
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Au Pair in a big city
For Au Pairs | by Leonie on 13rd Mar, 2019

Have you ever wondered how life might be in a big city? As an Au Pair you have the possibility of experiencing the big city life. London, Paris, New York City and loads of other potential places are waiting for you.

Here is some important information about city life as an Au Pair.

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New York in 24 hours
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 7th Mar, 2019
As an Au Pair in New York you get a lot of visitors from home. Unfortunately, they don’t always have enough time for a proper tour of the city. To ensure they get to experience as much as possible, here's your itinerary for a perfect day in New York. Read More »
Wie ich Au Pair in New York wurde
For Au Pairs | by Wooley Sammy-Jo on 5th Mar, 2019
Wolltest Du schon einmal Au Pair in den USA werden? Au Pair in den Vereinigten Staaten zu werden kann ein wenig komplizierter sein. Lies mehr über Sammy-Jos Erfahrungen und den Prozess für ein Au Pair Jahr in New York.  Read More »
Coming back home as an Au Pair
For Au Pairs | by Leonie on 5th Mar, 2019
Coming back home after spending an unforgettable time abroad. The idea of leaving the Host Family sounds scary. It was also a scary thought for me while I spend time abroad as an Au Pair in London. I will give you some advice to help you through this difficult time. Read More »
Long distance relationship as an Au Pair
For Au Pairs | by Leonie on 6th Mar, 2019
Can I stay with my boyfriend or girlfriend while being abroad as an Au Pair? Do long distance relationships make any sense? Let me give you some inside tips and advice on how to make it all possible, because it is for sure! Read More »
How much do you know about European cuisine?
For Au Pairs | by Daniel on 30th Dec, 2018
Would you like to come to Europe as an Au Pair, but you know nothing about European cuisine? Try to guess and recognize as many typical dishes and traditional products as you can! We have prepared a quiz which will for sure work up your appetite! Read More »
Studying a language as an Au Pair
For Au Pairs | by Abbey on 27th Feb, 2019
The Au Pair program gives you the opportunity to immerse into a new culture. Do you want to study a language as an Au Pair? Au Pair Abbey provides you with the best tips and hints on how to find a suitable language course.  Read More »
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