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Brexit: consequences for the Au Pair program
For Au Pairs | by Elena C on 21st Jan, 2019
What will Brexit mean for the Au Pair program in the UK? In this article we have gathered some possible scenarios of what could happen to travelling freely to the UK and what consequences Brexit could have for the EU citizens taking part in the program in the UK. Read More »
Is the Au Pair stay useful for your resume?
For Au Pairs | by Tanja on 4th Oct, 2018
Some of you have probably wondered if it is actually useful for the future to work as an Au Pair, especially in those cases where people want to stay for 6 months or longer. Becoming an Au Pair means for many to start the university later or even skip it for one year.  Read More »
Australian Au Pair Experience
For Au Pairs | by Jordan on 10th Jan, 2019 would like to introduce Jordan Fields from “The Places Jo Goes”! Jordan comes from Oklahoma, USA and was recently an Au Pair in Spain. She has a blog where she talks about travelling and lifestyle and gives amazing tips to her readers. Read more about it here! Read More »
Travel scam
For Au Pairs | by Elena C on 30th Oct, 2018
Living as an Au Pair abroad will give you the chance to travel and visit many destinations around your Host Country or the countries nearby. In this article, we have gathered  the most common travel scams and we will give you some tips on how to deal with uncomfortable circumstances. Read More »
Feeling Homesick: my recipe for getting better
For Au Pairs | by Wiktoria on 14th Jan, 2019
This week Au Pair Wiktoria is going to talk about her own experience of feeling homesick while she was Au Pairing in Spain. If you too are struggling with this, read her article to find out her amazing tips and steps to take in order to deal with homesickness. Read More »
What to do if the Host Family doesn’t pay
For Au Pairs | by Julia on 26th Sep, 2018
An Au Pair is an amazing opportunity for intercultural exchange and getting experience in the field of child care. As an Au Pair you become a family member who lives in the Host Family’s house. However the Host Family shouldn’t take you for granted. Read More »
Au Pair in the countryside
For Au Pairs | by Elena C on 4th Oct, 2018
Moving to a small town is not always a very popular option for Au Pairs. Many people associate the countryside with being totally isolated and they think of the city as the best way to get to experience the host country, meet friends and have fun. Read More »
Au Pair Wiktoria in Spain
For Au Pairs | by Wiktoria on 18th Dec, 2018 would like to introduce our readers to one of our new blog writers - Wiktoria. She is an Au Pair from Poland that has started to collaborate with us and will write about her personal experience as an Au Pair.These posts will give you an insight on what it actually means to become an Au Pair!  Read More »
Tips for the first interview with the Host Family
For Au Pairs | by Wiktoria on 21st Dec, 2018
Once again Wiktoria has gathered some useful information from her own experience to give you some tips on how to prepare for the first Skype interview with your Host Family! See her list of questions that you should ask and find out what the Host Family is probably going to ask you! Read More »
How much do you know about European cuisine?
For Au Pairs | by Daniel on 30th Dec, 2018
Would you like to come to Europe as an Au Pair, but you know nothing about European cuisine? Try to guess and recognize as many typical dishes and traditional products as you can! We have prepared a quiz which will for sure work up your appetite!
Read More »
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