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Are you addicted to your smartphone?
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 17th Sep, 2019
Smartphone addiction is a lot more common than you might think. Want to find out if you are addicted to your smartphone? Read this blog post and get some helpful tips if you are. Read More »
Depression as an Au Pair
For Au Pairs | by Julia on 12nd Sep, 2019
In many countries, depression is very widespread but still something of a taboo topic. We want to raise awareness and support those who need help.  Read More »
Mental health awareness month
For Au Pairs | by Julia on 5th Sep, 2019
Start of the series: Experts estimate that around 450 million people worldwide experience some sort of mental health issues. However, this fact is still considered to be a taboo subject. This is why we want to introduce our mental health awareness month sharing information about the topic.  Read More »
How to stay healthy as an Au Pair
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 27th Aug, 2019
Kids get sick a lot more often than adults. So what can you do when you have to work with them on a daily basis? If you want to learn how to stay healthy as an Au Pair, read this blog post. Read More »
Au Pair in Italy: Useful Tips for a Great Stay
For Au Pairs | by Felicia on 23rd Aug, 2019
Even if Italian people are famous for their welcoming and warm-hearted attitude, an Au Pair going to Italy may face the very common cultural shock, at least at first, since moving in a foreign country is always challenging, even for the bravest ones. That’s why we thought you might need some useful tips for your happy stay in Italy. Read More »
How to travel environment friendly
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 20th Aug, 2019
Travelling and being environment friendly can be hard to combine. Want some tips on how to make your next trip a little better for the world? Look no further. Read More »
Are Au Pairs paid enough?
For Au Pairs | by Elena on 5th Aug, 2019
Do you think Au Pairs are paid enough? Or should we just focus on the cultural exchange? Read the story of 10.000 Au Pairs in the USA who filed a class action against some US Au Pair agencies, accused of keeping the Au Pair wages low on purpose and join our discussion! Read More »
Best places for an Au Pair stay in Europe
For Au Pairs | by Lorenzo on 19th Jun, 2019
This is a complete ranking of the best destinations in Europe for Au Pairs that you may have never thought of exploring!
Get a lot of useful information about European regions, countries, and cities for Au Pairs in this quick overview. Read More »
Dating as an Au Pair
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 15th Jul, 2019
Between having to take care of your Host Kids and wanting to travel as much as you can, starting a new relationship as an Au Pair can be tricky. Is it worth it though? Read this blog post to learn about the pros and cons of dating as an Au Pair and get some tips to stay safe. Read More »
How to prepare for your Au Pair stay
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 9th Jul, 2019
Before you can start your Au Pair adventure, there's still a lot to prepare. If you want to know what you will have to do to get ready for your time abroad, click on this article to learn more. Read More »
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