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Fun with food

by LeonieReading time: 2 min.
Advice for Au Pairs: Fun cooking ideas with kids

Fun with food

It’s a rainy day or holiday and you don’t know what to do with your Host Kids? I have just the right solution for you: a fun day of cooking! You might not be the best chef and your kids can be picky eaters. So let them be part of the process. I will show you simple ways to make cooking a fun activity for all of you.

Be creative

Kids love colours and being artsy. Hence, you can bring art into the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you plan to do cupcakes or waffles. Simply colour them in and let your kids create their own work of art. You don’t even have to bake, plates give you space for creativity as well. Allow your kids to be imaginative, they could make funny faces for example. Furthermore, you can pretend to be in a cooking show. Let your kids act as important chefs and fun will be guaranteed.

Exchange cultures

You probably have a different cultural background than your host children. So share your cultures with each other. You can prepare traditional dishes of each country. In doing so, you’re not only educating the kids but yourself. To make it even more fun you can prepare a food challenge. Let each other guess what they’re eating, kids love exploring new things.

Be patient

You should be aware of the fact that kitchen activities can get quite messy. But this is part of the joy. You can tell your kids from the beginning that they will have to help with the cleaning up process. Obviously, they should not clear up the whole space by themselves. Just try to make them tidy up little things, even if they just put the milk in the fridge again. They should want to do an activity like this again, so give them some rest afterwards.
It is also important to give them enough time to do things by themselves. Even if it doesn’t work out at first. You don’t have to stick to the recipe, they can create their own dish.Give your children enough freedom and be patient with them. Remember: it is all about having fun!


You should be extremely careful in the kitchen. There have to be rules from the beginning about which tools they’re allowed to use. Don’t let them use anything sharp like knives. You don’t want anyone to get hurt!

Feel inspired, explore the fun and creative world of cooking with your kids. This great bonding activity will be an unforgettable memory of your stay abroad. To find easy recipes a source of information could be YouTube, Instagram or various food blogs.
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