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Kira's Au Pair stay in France

by Kira on Apr 21, 2020
Kira's Au Pair Experience in France
It has always been a dream of mine to speak the French language well, so an Au Pair stay after school in France was very obvious. I wrote to several potential Host Families on the "" page and arranged a facetime meeting with one of them. Facetimen/Skyping is also very important in my opinion because it gives you a first "personal" impression of the family. I really got along very well with this family and so both parties decided to dare the exchange. The contract was sent to me before my arrival.

My host family has 2 girls, one 7 and the other 4 years old. I speak only French with both of them, which can be difficult at the beginning, but the language has improved a lot. In the second week my everyday life as an Au Pair began which consists of waking both of them at 7.00 o'clock in the morning, we have breakfast and I get them ready for school and then bring them there. In the meantime there is time for a language school or for sports. At 4.00 pm I pick both of them up again and keep them busy with games, in the garden and so on until 7.00 pm. On Wednesdays I have the children all day because in France there is no school on Wednesdays. All the Au Pairs I know in France have the children all day on Wednesdays and I do several activities with the girls that day which is a lot of fun for all of us. On weekends I have both days off, so I use the time to go to the nearby French Alps or to a lake with my friends who are also Au Pairs, of which there are many in France.

My ten months will be over in two months, but I can already say that this time was really wonderful and that it really helped me to improve my language skills and my personality. I have met so many new people and my Host Family has really become like a second family to me. Especially during the Corona time we bonded even closer.

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May, 14, 2020 - 07:05 am
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