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My Au Pair stay in Southern England
by Veronika on 2nd Jul, 2020
German Au Pair Veronika spent her stay in the south of England, on the Isle of Wight. In her experience report she presents life as an Au Pair on an island. Read More »
Benedicta's Au Pair story in Paris
by Benedicta on 17th Jun, 2020
For the last couple of months, Benedicta could spend her Au Pair stay in a suburb of Paris. Even during the corona pandemic she managed to make the best out of her stay.  Read More »
Sophie’s Au Pair story in New Zealand
by Sophie on 25th May, 2020
Sophie always knew that she wanted to gain international experience before becoming an elementary teacher. An Au Pair year in New Zealand was the perfect choice for her. Read More »
Kira's Au Pair stay in France
by Kira on 21st Apr, 2020
German Au Pair Kira is in the middle of her Au Pair stay in France and shares her experience with you! Learn how she and her Host Family deal with the current Corona situation. Read More »
Tammy's Au Pair life
by Tammy-Lynn on 16th Mar, 2020
A story of happiness and au pairing. Read about Tammy's experience with a British family, her daily life and her impressions about the Au Pair life. Read More »
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