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Fitore, child care provider from Milwaukee, USA - 1782915

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Kelly, 28 years old, Teacher from USA looking for Au Pair & Nanny jobs in Australia, Canada, Ireland, USA

American Au Pair
English May 2021 - Dec 2021 (10-12 months) Average response
Kelly is a Non-Smoker Kelly has got a first aid certification Kelly can swim Kelly can ride a bike

Come to know American Au Pair & Nanny called Kelly originally from USA, who is happy to join your family as Au Pair & Nanny. The Au Pair graduated from University . The applicant can drive and has extensive experiences in driving.

Raquel, 25 years old, Nanny from USA looking for Au Pair & Nanny jobs in USA

American Au Pair
English Apr 2021 - Jun 2021 (>1 year) Very active in response
Raquel is a Non-Smoker Raquel hasn't got a first aid certification Raquel can swim Raquel can ride a bike

Hello families! My name is Raquel, I'm 25. I've worked as a nanny and babysitter through most of my teenage years and spent the last 3 years in customer service, making human connections and helping people get what they want and need. Recently I've made the decision to go back to what makes my soul happy - focusing on making a difference in a child's life and fostering...

Ashlina, 17 years old, Student - High School from USA looking for Au Pair jobs in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia

American Au Pair
English, Spanish Jul 2021 - Aug 2021 (7-9 months) New registered
Ashlina is a Non-Smoker Ashlina hasn't got a first aid certification Ashlina cannot swim Ashlina can ride a bike

Dear future host family, mucho gusto! My name is Ashlina I'm 17 and I live in a small state of Wisconsin located in the United States just under Canada. I enjoy cooking, baking new treats, biking, enjoying a good book in the sun, playing my ukulele to my favorite songs, and playing with animals. I also enjoy being in beautiful nature which is why I'm looking for a place to...

ethan, 27 years old, Artist from USA looking for Au Pair jobs in France

American Au Pair
English, French, Spanish Jul 2021 - Oct 2021 (10-12 months) New registered
ethan is a Non-Smoker ethan has got a first aid certification ethan can swim ethan can ride a bike

I have taught summer school for about four years, teaching ceramics and random art classes, aged 5 to 18. I have worked in an elementary school for almost two years working with kids all day aged 6 to 9 in a classroom setting in a montessori school. Montessori is very open to social learning and all kinds of extra projects so I loved doing baking and cooking and art projects...

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