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Au Pair in Poland: Guided tour

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If you are interested in Au Pairing in a beautiful middle-european country, maybe Poland is the place for you! Many reasons make Poland a very popular country to Au Pair in. Besides, Poland is a place heavily influenced by various cultures and with a very rich and interesting folklore and customs. If you are interested or still deciding, we reccomend you check this Au Pair tour guide that we made for you! 
au pair tour poland
Poland is located in the centre of Europe. Poland was influenced by both Estern and Western Europe; it has around 38 millions of inhabitants. It was a place where people like Fryderyk Chopin or Maria Skłodowska-Curie were born. During your Au Pair experience in Poland you can visit big cities with interesting history and architecture, as well as places surrounded by nature, since there are regions with mountains, lakes and the beautiful seaside. 

Au Pair in Warsaw

The capital and the biggest city of the country was completely destroyed during the Second World War. Now it is rebuilt and the best place if you want to have fun. As an Au Pair in Warsaw you can experience the most multicultural place in Poland and try a lot of good restaurants and cafes.
Here you can visit a lovely, old town that people rebuilt themselves after the War from all the remains of the buildings. In summer you can sit with your friends by the Vistula river, which is very popular among young people when they want to have a relaxed evening. Also, there is a very interesting museum of neon lights that is open during the whole year. You can learn about the history of  neon lights and take nice photos. 
Become an Au Pair in Cracow

Au Pair in Cracow

By being an Au Pair in Cracow you will have the chance to see the former capital of Poland with impressive architecture that draws the attention of around 11 million of tourists each year. The historic centre of Cracow is on the UNESCO world heritage list. Among its famous St. Mary's Basilica and Wawel Castle, you can check out a lot of nice pubs and cocktail bars located in the Kazimierz district that is also a part of the historic centre of Cracow! 
When you want to spend time with your Au Pair family in nature, you should go to Zakrzówek, an artificial water reservoir created after flooding of an old quarry. There you can find turquoise water, have a swim, and rest in a newly renovated resort. Also, when you have a free weekend you can have a picnic with your friends there!


Become an Au Pair in Trójmiasto

Au Pair in Trójmiasto

Trójmiasto is the name of three big cities located by the seaside. Each of them offers you amazing activities. The best part is that you can easily go from one city to another in less than 20 minutes by means of the fast urban rail. 
The biggest city - Gdańsk, with its popular, colourful houses in the old town is considered as the most beautiful city by many Polish people. There, you can also see The Crane which allows you to feel the atmosphere of old ports. Besides its architectural gems, Gdańsk has a lot to offer when it comes to food and beverages. On weekends, you should go with your friends to Ulica Elektryków. This is a place with a huge range of cocktail bars, food courts, and clubs. 
In Gdynia, you can see ships that are transformed into museums. Next to them, there is an amazing aquarium with thousands of living creatures from the sea. When you want to rest you should go to the Orłowski cliff that changes every year, since it goes deeper and deeper to the sea. 
Sopot is a small, but fun place. There you can always find a club or a beach party. Did you know that in Sopot you can find the longest pier in Europe? And, although it is not a big city, it offers you kilometres of beautiful, sandy beaches.
Become an Au Pair in Poznań
Ratusz w Poznaniu

Au Pair in Poznań

When visiting Poznań, it is recommended to start your Au Pair tour with the old town, where you can see the symbol of the city: two goats that are butting their heads. You can ask the children about the legend; if they are from the region they will know it for sure! Then you should walk around the old town and admire colourful, tiny apartments. Poznań is the most colourful city in Poland, among the listed sights there is a red basilica and even a pink royal castle!
From April to September you can take the Host Kids on a drive around the city by a vintage steam train! You also need to try the famous St. Martin croissant filled with white poppy, which has a protected geographical indication provided by the EU!
Become an Au Pair in Wrocław

Au Pair in Wrocław

Wrocław is a stunning city located near the Polish-German border. Besides the stunning architecture, you can find a lot of interesting museums for both children and adults. One example would be the museum of railroad mockups or the interactive water knowledge centre Hydropolis
Another good way for Au Pairs to tighten their bond with Host Kids is to try to collect gnome figures, which are the symbol of the city. You can collect almost 500 figures and mark them in a special app, so you can see how many  you have already spotted. During the winter time, do not miss the most famous Christmas market!

Beside big cities, you can discover a quiet and beautiful countryside. Visit the Mazury district if you  enjoy lakes and sailing. On the other hand, in the southern part of Poland you will have the opportunity to hike in beautiful mountain landscapes. Even if you are not a sporty person, you’ll find a pick for you! Read about the Morskie Oko lake in the Tatra mountains, a place that is magical. And please, don’t forget to try pierogies and Polish Liquor (if you are older than 18 years !). 
If you want to learn about useful tips for an enjoyable stay as an Au Pair in Poland, read this article!

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