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Au Pair in a big city

by LeonieReading time: 2 min.
Au Pair in a big city

Au Pair in a big city

Have you ever wondered how life might be in a big city? As an Au Pair you have the possibility of experiencing the big city life. London, Paris, New York City and loads of other potential places are waiting for you. Today, I will give you some important information about city life as an Au Pair.

Big city life

It doesn’t matter if you decide to become an Au Pair in the UK or in the USA or France, all of their big cities have one thing in common: they can be quite overwhelming at first. Especially,  if you’re not used to living in this kind of environment. A big city is a place that never sleeps, there is always movement, people are always in a hurry. This is something you’ll adapt to without even realising it.

Cultural diversity

Usually millions of people live in a city coming from different backgrounds. Therefore, you can find a great cultural diversity. If you’re an open-minded person and interested in people in general, this will be the perfect time abroad for you. There is a lot to see and get to know, so you will never have a boring minute during your stay.


The costs of a big city can definitely differ from the rest of the country. You should keep in mind that part of your pocket money might be used for public transport. Hence, it is important to clarify with your Host Family if they are willing to bear any additional costs. Usually, you will get a higher pocket money if you live in a bigger city, but this depends on your Host Family and the country you choose to live in.


Living in a big city also means your Host Children might have limited freedom to spend time outside on their own. Therefore, it is crucial to ask your Host Parents if their kids are allowed to play outside on their own. It is quite common for you to be by their side most of the time for their safety. Keep in mind: there is a lot of traffic in big cities and there are a lot of people around. You’re responsible for the kids' well-being. But don’t worry about it, it is a familiar environment for your Host Kids and most of the time they don’t know it any other way. Not only your Host Children’s safety is important, also yours is. There might be parts of the city you should avoid: make sure you ask your Host Family for advice.

Eventually, you should enjoy all the opportunities the big city life offers you. An unforgettable time is ahead of you! Whereas, if you are not fond of big cities, you can always pick the countryside. Here is a list of advantages that you would experience as an Au Pair in the countryside.

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