Au Pair Room

As a Host Family you have many requirements and responsibilities during your participation in the program. Besides meals, Au Pair wage and insurance you will have to host the Au Pair at your place and provide him/her with a proper accommodation. 

Below we have listed some specific requirements the Au Pair room should meet. 
  • The area of the room should be minimum 8 sq. m
  • Daylight – the room should have a window with natural daylight.
  • Heating – the room should have a proper heating system if your winters are cold.
  • Lockable – existence of a door lock for privacy.
  • Being part of the same house/apartment of the family. As Au Pair program is mainly a cultural exchange, it is important that participants live with the local family.
  • Privacy – the Au Pair should not stay in shared rooms (e.g. with kids or other family members)
  • Sufficiently furnished (bed, wardrobe, table, chair, shelf, maybe radio/TV…)
  • Access to the bathroom.
To avoid possible misunderstandings and problems that might occur, write down important details in your Au Pair contract. In this case,  a future accommodation description will set right expectations from both sides.  During the course of the program, the Au Pair is responsible to keep his/her own room clean.   

What are my duties as a Host Family?
As a Host Family you need to provide your Au Pair with a private, cosy room, full board and a sum of pocket money. What else? Learn more

Before the Au Pair's arrival, make sure the room is ready, all required repair work is done. Check if the room is clean, if there are bed sheets, furniture. The room is ready to move in.  If you would like to  break the ice with future Au Pair and prepare something special, consider some small gifts. Your kids can draw or craft something. You can put flowers in the vase or add home flowers to give a lively and welcoming touch to the space.  
The Au Pair’s room is his/her personal space and that’s why it is important to make him/her feel comfortable in your home. This way you can make sure, that the Au Pair has everything required to focus on his/her work and responsibilities.

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