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How to celebrate Independence Day as an Au Pair

by Sammy-JoReading time: 2 min.
How to celebrate Independence Day as an Au Pair
Once a year, Americans treat red, white and blue as if they were the only colors of the rainbow. This day is July 4th and marks one of the United States’ most important holidays: Independence Day! Whether you’re going to celebrate with your Host Family or your friends: Read on to get inspired.

What is Independence Day?

As you might already know, what we now know as the USA was a British colony at first. Well, in 1775 colonists in New England started to think they would be better off without the British, so they began fighting them. 
A year later, on July 2nd 1776, the American Congress secretly voted for their independence from Great Britain. Two days later, on July 4th, the Declaration of Independence was published. By this document representatives of the thirteen US states at the time announced their political separation from the British government. 
Today, July 4th is a federal holiday in the US celebrating the birth of a new nation.

Independence Day with your Host Family

What better way to experience Independence Day than with actual Americans? Celebrating with your Host Family will show you what this holiday is really about: Barbecues and fireworks. Grab your Host Kids and bake some delicious brownies together, while your Host Parents prepare the best burgers and steaks of your life. As you’re waiting for the fireworks to begin, play outside or start a watermelon eating contest. 
The first time I celebrated Fourth of July was exactly like that: We had a fantastic barbecue and when it was finally dark enough, we would enjoy brownies topped with vanilla ice cream while watching the red, white and blue fireworks. 

Independence Day with your Au Pair friends

Spending the day with your Au Pair friends can be a lot of fun, too. Grab a picnic blanket and some snacks and watch the fireworks in your favorite park. If you’re into sports, you could also go to a baseball or football match. Many towns also have special events on Fourth of July, such as carnivals or free open-air concerts
I was lucky enough to experience Independence Day with friends, twice. The first time we gathered all the snacks we could find, huddle into the car and drive to our favorite spot: A park surrounded by water. We talked a lot, ate a lot and listened to good music. I got to see some very impressive fireworks, including one spelling “USA”.
The second time I went to a carnival with my closest Au Pair friend. We played games, enjoyed some wild rollercoaster rides and ate some of New York’s typical hot dogs while admiring the fireworks behind the ferris wheel

What to wear for Independence Day

What to wear for Independence Day? Why, red, white and blue, of course! The motto is “go big or go home”, so don’t be afraid to overdo it! The only patterns allowed today are stars and stripes. Go ahead and wear that crazy hat with pride. 

However you are going to celebrate, have a fantastic time! Independence Day holds a special place in my heart and I’m sure it will in yours, too.
Enjoy your holiday!
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