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How to make your Au Pair feel at home
For Families | by Sammy-Jo on 8th Oct, 2019
You obviously want to be the best Host Parents you can be. But how can you make sure your Au Pair feels at home? Read our tips and tricks in this blog post. Read More »
Hosting an Au Pair as a stay-at-home parent
For Families | by Sammy-Jo on 10th Sep, 2019
Being a stay-at-home parent is the hardest full-time job in the world. It's no wonder you could use an extra pair of hands from time to time. In this blog post, we'll show you how an Au Pair can help you. Read More »
Why hosting an Au Pair will make you more tolerant
For Families | by Felicia on 3rd Sep, 2019
Being a Host Family is not easy and requires willingness to open your house and your life. While you wait for puberty to hit your kids like a hurricane, here is why hosting an Au Pair will prepare you to that wonderful period called adolescence and to an all-world of new life experiences, making you even more tolerant than you already are. Read More »
Raising your kids bilingual
For Families | by Sammy-Jo on 13rd Aug, 2019
If your family is multicultural you might have thought about raising your kids bilingual. Want some tips and tricks on how to get started? This blog post might help. Read More »
Don’t feel guilty for needing help in childcare
For Families | by Sammy-Jo on 30th Jul, 2019
Being a working parent is like balancing two full-time jobs at once. No wonder you need an extra pair of hands! Should you feel guilty for needing help in childcare? The short answer is no. For a longer answer, read this blog post. Read More »
What if your kids don't accept the Au Pair?
For Families | by Sammy-Jo on 23rd Jul, 2019
Do your kids seem to have trouble accepting your (new) Au Pair? Adapting to a new situation can be hard, especially for children. Read this blog post to get some tips on how to make this process a little easier for your kids.  Read More »
Problems with the visa application
For Families | by Julia on 22nd May, 2019
Even though there is no official information about it we often get feedback that it is very difficult to receive a visa in some countries. Read our recomendations for these cases.  Read More »
Would you hire an overweight Au Pair?
For Families | by Julia on 13rd May, 2019
Au Pairs come in every shape and size. Read more about the question of why you should give overweight Au Pairs a chance. Read More »
Parenting style: Did my Au Pair go too far?
For Families | by Leonie on 12nd Mar, 2019

In many cases a Host Family is not aware in which way the parenting styles in different countries can still tremendously differ from each other. How much freedom can I allow my Au Pair? Did my Au Pair go too far? Read more tips and advice for host families here.

Read More »
Why You Should Hire a Male Au Pair
For Families | by Sammy-Jo on 12nd Feb, 2019
Male Au Pairs face prejudices unlike other. This can make it especially hard for them to find a Host Family. Therefore, in this post we have gathered all the benefits of having a male Au Pair join your family. Read More »
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