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Brexit is killing us as a British Host Family

For Families | Jennifer Coleman
Jenny from the UK has been a Host Mum to 13 Au Pairs so far. She says "Brexit is killing us as a Host Family". In this article, she explains how Brexit will destroy the Au Pair program in the UK. Read More »

Allow Au Pairs to enter Germany & France- Petition

For Families | Julia
The entry stop for Au Pairs unnecessarily increases the burden on families: Au Pairs from third countries are not allowed to enter the country at the moment. Please support the petition so that families can finally receive support again! Read More »

7 reasons to hire an Au Pair

For Families | Alena
You heard or read about the Au Pair program but not sure if it’s the right solution for your family? That is a legitimate concern but we’ll try to help you to find an answer. Check out the reasons why you should consider hiring an Au Pair!  Read More »

What TV dad are you?

For Families | Alena | Reading time: 4 min.
Your kids are watching TV and saying “Dad, he is just like you!” Who is this guy? To help you to find out which character represents you as a dad most accurately we created a list of Top 10 TV fathers. Check it out! Read More »

What if your kids don’t eat vegetables?

For Families | Felicia | Reading time: 4 min.
Parents often struggle with the kids’ hatred against vegetables. Read some tips about how to get your kids to eat veggies.
Read More »

Au Pair's smartphone addiction

For Families | Alena | Reading time: 3 min.
Are you worried that the Au Pair is not taking good care of the kids because she/he is always on the phone? Find out what to do in this situation and how to deal with Au Pair’s smartphone addiction.  Read More »

What TV mom are you?

For Families | Alena | Reading time: 4 min.
Many great shows talk about family and parent’s roles. Were you ever curious which TV character makes similar parental choices like you or has a similar background? We chose our top 10 different TV moms of all times. Read the description, then watch an episode or a few and decide if you find some similarities.  Read More »

Visa Report

For Families | Julia
Applying for a visa can be very difficult. Learn more about the visa situation in different countries, how to prepare for the interview and what to do when the embassy has rejected your application.  Read More »

How to make your Au Pair feel at home

For Families | Sammy-Jo | Reading time: 2 min.
You obviously want to be the best Host Parents you can be. But how can you make sure your Au Pair feels at home? Read our tips and tricks in this blog post. Read More »

Hosting an Au Pair as a stay-at-home parent

For Families | Sammy-Jo | Reading time: 2 min.
Being a stay-at-home parent is the hardest full-time job in the world. It's no wonder you could use an extra pair of hands from time to time. In this blog post, we'll show you how an Au Pair can help you. Read More »
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