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Teny, child care provider from Granada Hills, USA - 2452565

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Hannah, 19 years old, Waiter/Waitress from USA looking for Au Pair & Nanny jobs in Australia, Austria, Ireland, Sweden

American Au Pair
English, Spanish Jan 2023 - Feb 2023 (Select) Very active in response
Hannah is a Non-Smoker Hannah has got a first aid certification Hannah can swim Hannah can ride a bike

Hello! My name is Hannah. I am a young, youthful, and energetic soul looking for unique experiences outside the regular 9-5 job. I am currently 19 turning 20 at the end of 2022. I grew up in a busy household with four older siblings and many other children in and out of the house, since my mother was a private tutor. So an active and bustling household is comfortable for me,...

Rayssa, 26, Brazilian, Au Pair currently in USA searching for Au Pair job in USA

Brazilian Au Pair
Portuguese, English, Spanish Jan 2022 - Jan 2023 (Select) Very active in response
Rayssa is a Non-Smoker Rayssa has got a first aid certification Rayssa can swim Rayssa can ride a bike

Dear future host family, My name is Rayssa, but you can call me Ray. I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm AUPAIR IN COUNTRY Available ASAP. I'm in Friendly Rematch 11 months left. My host family needed to leave the Program for personal reasons. Hi! I'm Rayssa. I’m 26 years old and I’m from Brazil. I'm currently live in Los Angeles, California and taking...

Ann Gladys, 36, Filipino, Nurse currently in USA searching for Nanny & Caregiver for elderly job in USA, United Kingdom

Filipino Au Pair
English Feb 2021 - Dec 2023 (>1 year) Active in response
Ann Gladys is a Non-Smoker Ann Gladys has got a first aid certification Ann Gladys can swim Ann Gladys can ride a bike

Dear Host Family, I’m Gladys but you can call me Glads for short. I’m 35 years old and I live in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. I finished a degree course Bachelor of Science in Nursing and now I am a Registered Nurse here in the Philippines.. When I was still young, I dreamed to travel abroad because I wanted to support my three kids and my family. I’ve...

Saira Eunice, 29, Mexican, Hair Dresser currently in USA searching for Au Pair & Nanny job in Canada, Spain, USA, France, Mexico

Mexican Au Pair
Spanish, English Nov 2022 - Jan 2023 (Select) Active in response
Saira Eunice is a Non-Smoker Saira Eunice hasn't got a first aid certification Saira Eunice cannot swim Saira Eunice can ride a bike

Me considero una persona responsable,- amable y amorosa con los niños y con todas las personas, me gusta mucho cuidar de los pequeños, me encantan las mascotas , Mi fuerte es la cocina estudie gastronomía, así que no tendría ningún problema por hacer alguna comida o postre . Me encanta viajar y conocer nuevos lugares , experiencias . Podría empezar a trabajar de...

Jeneane, 36 years old, Actor /actress from USA looking for Nanny jobs in France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

American Au Pair
English Feb 2023 - Jun 2023 (Select) New registered
Jeneane is a Non-Smoker Jeneane has got a first aid certification Jeneane can swim Jeneane can ride a bike

I am a mom, my son is 13 years old. I have always loved working with children and have been a nanny for years. I am very qualified and would love to be connected with the right family.

flory, 24 years old, Au Pair from USA looking for Au Pair & Nanny jobs in China, South Korea, USA, United Kingdom, Japan

American Au Pair
French, English, Chinese ... Nov 2022 - May 2023 (Select) Active in response
flory is a Non-Smoker flory hasn't got a first aid certification flory cannot swim flory can ride a bike

The only thing I will say is that your children will have so much fun with me I am really a ray of sunshine. I was raised by a single father and he thought me to always have a positive mindset that way I can move forward in life without thinking about the negative. I love kids with all my heart and Would do anything in the world for

Lisseth, 31, Colombian, Nanny currently in USA searching for Nanny job in USA

Colombian Au Pair
Spanish, English Dec 2022 - Jan 2023 (Select) New registered
Lisseth is a Non-Smoker Lisseth hasn't got a first aid certification Lisseth can swim Lisseth can ride a bike

Hello I am Lisseth, I am a kind, loving, responsible person, I like children, I love being with them and see their smiling faces, I have experience with children of all ages and newborns too, I was a teacher of children in the congregation to which I belong which is located in Colombia, and I hope to finish my studies as a graduate in early childhood education. I hope to be...

brittany is a Non-Smoker brittany has got a first aid certification brittany can swim brittany can ride a bike

Hi there! I'm Brittany, I just graduated from San Diego State majoring in Child Development. I have always had a passion in working with children because I love how full of life they are and enjoy watching them become their own person! I love being outdoors, going on adventures, and just hanging out. I know that I would be a great role model for the child(ren) and be someone...

Amy, 24 years old, Teacher from USA looking for Au Pair & Nanny jobs in Austria, Germany

American Au Pair
English, German Mar 2023 - Sep 2023 (Select) Average response
Amy is a Non-Smoker Amy has got a first aid certification Amy can swim Amy can ride a bike

Hi I'm Amy! I was born and raised in San Diego, California, then moved to Michigan where I received my bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology from Michigan State University. I am the 3rd child of 6 children in my family and therefore have always been comfortable and drawn to working with and helping children. My goal is to be a positive figure and influence in every...

Carolina, 45, Peruvian, Cleaner currently in USA searching for Nanny job in USA

Peruvian Au Pair
Spanish, English Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 (Select) Active in response
Carolina is a Non-Smoker Carolina has got a first aid certification Carolina can swim Carolina can ride a bike

Hello, my name is Carolina, I want to belong to the Au Pair family because I like to have a good time with children and in various children's activities. I have two children aged 19 and 17 and I love them, they are my inspiration and engine of life. I would like to take care of children, they fill the house with joy and good energy, share experiences with the family and also...

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