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Full name Antónia

City/State Miskolc/

Country Hungary

Start Oct 2021 - Jun 2022

Duration of stay 12-24 Months

Good knowledge of English (B2), Hungarian (Native)

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Letter to the family

(I am with Agent Au pair)

Dear Host Families,

My name is Antonia Toth, I am a 23 years old young girl who lives one of the most adorable city of Hungary, Miskolc. Currently, I graduated from the Molecular Bionics Engineering in the University of Szeged and, therefore, I hold a bachelor’s degree. After completing my studies there in the city of my university, I moved back to my family’s house, due to spend the summer with my lovely family. In the summer I and my family together we take care of an organic farm in which possible to find vegatables as well as fruit trees. Of course in this fabulous farm we have pets such as cats, rabbits and ducks. In my entire family, it is possible to say that I am famous with my pastry, tidiness and surely with my smiling face and positive vibes.

The reason why I want to be an au pair in your family is because I believe that I can find the same warm happiness as I found in my own family. On the one hand, I can teach to the kids as much as I can. Since I am a molecular bionics engineer I can help with older children homework's in professional meanings, but with an understandable way. Which are about the life sciences such as; physics, math, chemistry, informatics and biology. On the other hand, I am aware of my duties in your family house and with your children. I can affirm that during my childhood I tasted good emotions with my older sister Noemi and my parents. I can be a good playmate for your children because I was a little girl too who grew up in very friendly athmosphere. I am able to help you with the houseworks because I witnessed to my dear mother and father how they are doing everything in very great way, therefore, I learned it how to do it myself as well. Beside these, personally, for me it is very much important to have commitment to the children, because they are our world’s future. It is good to see that after spending some time together, a little human being would count in you, listen to you, and when a person teaches something, he/she learns, moreover, improves not only in objective things but in behaviour also. I have faith that my positive attitude towards to children is the most important, and with kindness you can possible to earn anything.

For the process of learning, experiencing, travelling and living in another country is a very perfect way to achieve new horizons. To witness the differences of various cultures, explore new places, and getting to know new friends makes the learning unforgettable. Furthermore, the another reason why I have decided to be part of your family as an au pair in the States is being familiar with the cosmopolite culture of the States and learning from its diversity. Last but not least, it will be the key for the gate of life-learning experience.

In my free time I like to be productive, therefore, I often create something new like a drawing, a crocheting, doing DIY crafts or just making some delicious food. I am doing sports a lot, such as, acrobatics, running, and cycling. I am always energetic and cheerful. Nature means life to me, so I try to spend time as much as possible in it. I am fascinated by its beauty.
I have travelled a lot so far, apart from Europe, I have been in Canada two times in a horse riding camp when I was 12-13. I traveled there alone without my parents for two summer. In Europe, with my family we also went on a vacation abroad every year to Greece, Italia, Austria, Germany and Romania and Slovakia.
I had to move away from home due to my university education for 4 years and lived with two of my classmates, in a rented flat. There in Szeged we run our own household so I learned to adapt to others and to compromise. My friends wanted me to be in charge to make order and clean around the flat. I never leave my tasks without completing.
After the au pair program I am planning to continue the university education with a master degree, hopefully, my further experiences as an au pair will help me to achieve this with openness, farsightedness.

I can not wait to hear from you.
Thank you so much for reading my letter and for your valuable time.

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My first abroad experience as an au pair was at 2014 in England with a newborn baby and an adorable four years old little boy. We played a lot with Luki, the older boy, he was very funny, cute and vivid all the time and I always had to create new games for him. We also took a walk a lot in the nearest park, also with the baby Jacob. During the bedtime I used to read some fairy tails for them, which they loved to hear so much. I also taught Luki some Hungarian sayings as well. I was there just for a month, but it was an experience of a lifetime, and we still keep in touch.
My other experience was a volunteer work in a local kindergarten which was organised by my high school. With the kids I played a lot, especially in the playground. Their favourites were the tag game, the hopscotch and the folk dance. We loved to do together handmade crafts, like drawing and making montage from the cutted newspaper photos. I assisted to the teachers a lot in very needy situations. For example, with the paper works, cleaning up the children after toilet and breakfast, lunch, and prepare for the afternoon sleeps. I went there from the September of 2016 untill the May of the 2017 every week for almost a year.
In the summer of 2019, my mother's collague Zsolt asked me to take care of his two boys while they were at work. The kids were 8 and 10 years old at that time, and they were so energetic and we had so much fun together. I guided them to learn how to clean their rooms, I helped the older boy, Bence's summer school practice activities. I prepare for them breakfast, lunch and snacks every day and what was more fun that we cooked something together. They used to love to go to the playground with their bikes. Their favourite playground activity was the slide.
Apart from these, I have experience also with my cousins, Bendegúz and Botond who are 4-6 years younger than me. I used to take care with them during the summers. I took them to a summer camp, and I used to go trekkings with them a lot in the nature. I helped my aunt in household stuffs and also baking and cooking. I have been watching them grow up, that is so satisfying.
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Personal information

Non-SmokerHas attended a first-aid training - Yes
Can swim well - Yes
Can ride a bike - Yes
Has a driver's license - Yes, with experience

Can swim well

Can ride a bike

Has a driver's license Yes, with experience

Has siblings

Has a valid passport


Has attended a first-aid training

Profession Engineer

Education University

Language Knowledge

Hungarian: Native Language, Since 23 Year/s
English: Upper intermediate (B2), Since 6 Year/s
French: Beginner (A1), Since 2 Year/s

Sports  I've tried lot of sports fo far, I was always an energetic person. First, in my young years I done ballet. After that I went swimming, dancing ( ballroom dancing and Hip-Hop ), gymnastics. In a summer holiday I was at a horse riding camp in Canada, w


For the Au Pair religion is Not important

Special diet considerations No special diet

Has health problems No

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Job information

Can work more for extra money - Yes
Can care for special needs children - Yes
Does accept family with pets - Yes
Can take care of pets - Yes

Preferred countries (maximum 5) USA

Preferred area Big City, Suburb, Town, Village, Countryside

Duration of stay 12-24 Months

Earliest starting date Oct 2021

Latest starting date Jun 2022

Does accept family with pets

Can work more for extra money

Can take care of pets

Age group 0 - 1 year old, 1 - 5 years old, 6 - 10 years old, 11 - 14 years old, 15+ years old

Hours of child care experience in the past 24 months 100 - 200

Would like to take care of this number of children/people 3

Would work for a single parent? Yes, with any of them

Can care for special needs children

Can care for special needs people

To students of age group

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