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Full name Federica

City/State Nottingham/ Nottinghamshire

Country United Kingdom

Start Oct 2020 - Nov 2020

Duration of stay 10-12 months

Good knowledge of English (C1), Italian (Native)

Last action 17 Oct 2020

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Letter to the family



My name is Federica, I'm a 28 y/o and I graduated in Milan (Italy) as scenic painter/set designer.
I like reading Harry Potter before going to sleep, crafting and DIY everything I can, painting murals in kids bedrooms, traveling, playing board games and cards, playing pretending (sometimes even creating a real set) and having sweet breakfasts in the morning.

I'm good at cooking and cleaning; I'm really patient and polite but it doesn't mean I won't take charge when required. At first, I can look a bit shy but I always get along really well with children, who seem to appreciate my "childish" side.

I believe politeness and creativity are the best way to mold tomorrow's minds.

I have a high school diploma in Architecture and design and a BA degree in Set design. I used to be a good student and I always liked to go to school. While in high school, I used to love History, Literature, Law, Art and Languages (English); I wasn't particularly fond on Math and Physics but I've always been stubborn and studied it until I could get a decent mark. The subjects I used to excel were obviously the artistic one: figurative and technical drawing, but also clay modeling and graphic design. University was where I really succeeded; I managed to get a scholarship and able to maintain by being top of the class for the three years to come. It was hard but really rewarding. In 2015, two weeks after my graduation, I moved to London and never looked back. I've done all sorts of regular jobs, registered as self employed and juggled between freelance paint calls and my main job.

My friends and co-workers describe me as polite, happy and respectful. I know where my place is and you can be sure I'll be working really hard all the time. I'm responsible, compromising, patient and I have a strong sense of justice and fairness.
I'm creative and, since I'm an artist, I get really excited about craft, decorations and artsy things.
I'm close to my family and I like to call them at least once a week.
I enjoy talking to the elderly and listen to their stories.
As mentioned before, I'm quite "childish" reason why I get along very well with kids and I like to play with them.
I'm a good listener, a mediator and helper.

I expect to find a nice family who I can create a durable bond with for the years to come.
I'd like to buy a house by the age of 30 and start my own family, so it would be lovely to know someone who could become a family friend, have dinners, game nights and fun together in the future.
For my immediate future, and professionally talking, I'd just say the basic rules: punctuality with the payments, fairness, mutual respect and professionality.
On a human level, I'd love to become friend with the kids and the parents too.

Edit: I've recently find out my sexual orientation it's a deal breaker for some families, therefore I'd rather being clear and transparent from start.
I'm a young gay woman, very reserved about my personal life who doesn't ever bring that up on the workplace. However I'm not willing to deny or lie on who I am in order to get a job, no matter how rewarding that could be.
I grow up with solid values such as honesty, hard work, respect and politeness and that's all I believe I should be considered for as a candidate.
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I'd like to be an au pair for various reasons, some of them may sound selfish but as you might have understood by now, I'm quite direct and I don't like to lie.
On top of everything I'm a child at heart: I could spend entire afternoons building lego houses, playing with barbies, watching Disney movies, writing stories, reading fairytales, creating doll houses and dresses, playing pretending and inventing tasks or missions that usually end up with winning or conquering food.
Second, I think I'm really good at it: I enjoy look after kids, being at home, taking them to the park or art galleries or museums; I have enough patience to stay there and explain why something should or shouldn't be done, I'm firm when I have to be and yeah I believe in punishments sometimes, such as forbidding to watch telly if you didn't finish your home work. I believe into educating the kids to help around the house (no matter the gender) and involving them in practical activities from a young age (obviously different tasks for different ages) in order for them to grow into responsible adults when the time will come.
Third, and this is what I call the selfish reason. I'm 28. I know I'd like to adopt kids some day and I feel I've been "trained" for this my whole life. I know I could make a good mom one day and even if I know the kids I'll look after are not my kids, I wish they could see me like an older sister. For instance, I live in a shared house and one of my flatmates is 23, a bit naive, and I can't help it but to feel responsible for her and worry as if she was my younger sister. It's something I have inside. Maybe also being distant from my family make me seek for a similar environment.
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Personal information

Non-SmokerCan swim well - Yes
Can ride a bike - Yes
Has a driver's license - Yes, with experience

Can swim well

Can ride a bike

Has a driver's license Yes, with experience

Has siblings

Has a valid passport


Has attended a first-aid training

Profession Artist

Education University

Language Knowledge

Italian: Native Language
English: Advanced (C1), Since 15 Year/s

Religion No Religion

For the Au Pair religion is Not important

Special diet considerations No special diet

Has health problems aubergine

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Job information

Can work more for extra money - Yes
Does accept family with pets - Yes
Can take care of pets - Yes

Preferred area Big City, Suburb, Town

Duration of stay 10-12 months

Earliest starting date Oct 2020

Latest starting date Nov 2020

Does accept family with pets

Can work more for extra money

Can take care of pets

Age group 1 - 5 years old, 6 - 10 years old, 11 - 14 years old, 15+ years old

Hours of child care experience in the past 24 months 0 hours

Would like to take care of this number of children/people 2

Would work for a single parent? Yes, with the mother

Can care for special needs children

Can care for special needs people

To students of age group

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