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Au Pair Turkey
Turkey - a country with rich history, diverse culture and part of many world known empires that influenced the development of the part of the world. Become an Au Pair in Turkey to experience a great combination of European and Asian cultures. Become a Host Family to give your children the possibility to discover a different culture and language. offers you information about the participation requirements, program rules, legal documents, visa regulations in Turkey, insurance requirements and many other organizational details. These will help you to prepare the exchange experience in Turkey. 

Au Pair in Turkey – requirements for participants

Did you know that Turkey is home to the two of the seven wonders of the ancient world: the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and Temple of Artemis at Ephesus? In addition to this, there are 13 spots in Turkey included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.
To join the Au Pair program in Turkey, there are certain requirements that both Au Pairs and Host Families should meet.

Au Pair requirements in Turkey

Participants’ requirements might be slightly different depending on the citizenship. Generally, the applicants should be:
  • 18 - 30 years old
  • comfortable speaking English or basic Turkish
  • fine with paying for their travel and other costs
  • interested in working with kids
  • keen to live in Turkey for a while
In addition to the program requirements, there are a few expectations for participants. All the applicants are expected to be in good health, be unmarried and without their own kids and have some experience in childcare as this will be the main responsibility of an Au Pair. Participants meeting the mentioned criteria are welcome to register at and find a Host Family here! 

Host Family requirements in Turkey

To host an Au Pair in Turkey, the families should meet the general requirements of the program, which are:
  • having at least one child under 18 years old
  • providing a private room for the Au Pair
  • having the possibility to afford the program costs
  • being interested in cultural exchange program
Families meeting the requirements above are more than welcome to join

Au Pair program in Turkey – Step by step application

If you match the participation criteria, there are just a few steps left to be part of the program:
Create your profile at
After the registration, create an attractive profile on our site. Complete it with all the important information, add the welcome letter a few pictures and personal description. Find users that meet your search criteria through our recommendations tool.

All Au Pairs have free access to the services of our platform. The families can choose a free membership to browse through users, send automated messages and add candidates to their favorites list. The family can also become a Premium Member and get the possibility to send personalized messages and receive access to documents required for the stay.
Arrange a video call with potential candidates
After chatting with the users on the platform, consider organizing a Skype interview with those you like. During the call you will get the chance to get to know each other better and reach a certain agreement. Organize several calls if you still have any doubts. 
Sign the Au Pair contract
Once you’ve reached an agreement it is important to sign the contract. Include important details like the pocket money, insurance, working hours per week and holidays.
Arrange an insurance in Turkey
The participants need an insurance that covers accidents and illnesses. This document might be needed to apply for the visa to Turkey. Host Families in Turkey are not obligated to pay for this. However, the family should offer their help in searching for the right one.
Apply for the visa and Residence Permit to Turkey
Participants will need to go through the visa process. In Turkey it is also necessary to get a work permit and a residence permit
Plan the Au Pair’s arrival
The Au Pair needs to make sure to pack everything for the journey. The Host Family needs to prepare a room for the arrival. Both parties need to agree about the pick-up place and time at the airport.  

Au Pair Turkey: salary, working hours and holidays

The Au Pair program in each country has specific responsibilities and standards for both participants and the Host Families. Although this is a beneficial cooperation for both parties, they need to ensure that they respect the standard regulations. 

Au Pair responsibilities in Turkey

The main responsibilities of an Au Pair are always connected to childcare, for example taking the kids to school or playing with them in the yard. The participant might also be involved in some light housework, though it should be strictly related to childcare as well e.g. cooking meals for the children, making their beds, etc.
The participant is not responsible for cleaning the whole house or cook for the whole family. He/She is not the cleaning lady. We recommend to discuss the Au Pair’s duties in detail and to write them down in the contract.

Host Family responsibilities in Turkey

Although there is no official legislation regarding the Au Pair program in Turkey, the Host Family should follow the rules of the international program. Thus, the family needs to provide the Au Pair with:
A private room at the Host Family’s place
Full board - which means at least 3 full meals per day
Pocket money - ca. 500 - 700 TRY according to our current state of knowledge
The amount of pocket money may be discussed, but it should correspond to the scope of responsibility given to the applicant.
Does it sound good so far?

Family free registration                   Au Pair free registration

Working hours have received all the information from our Turkish Host Families. There is no clear resolution regarding the participant’s working hours, but the Host Family may expect about 30 - 40 hours of the Au Pair’s activity per week.
Keep in mind that the participant is not in any case responsible for general housekeeping tasks and this should be made clear from the beginning of the cooperation.

Au Pair’s salary in Turkey

According to our Host Families, the Au Pair may receive even 500 - 700 USD per month in Turkey. Please, discuss this case in details before you sign the contract.

Time off and holidays

Due to the lack of official legislation governing the Au Pair program in Turkey, suggests to follow the international holiday policy of the program. We recommend at least 4 weeks of paid holidays for 12 months of the Au Pair stay and at least 1 day off weekly. 


One of the main requirements for every Host Family is to provide full board and lodging for the Au Pair. The participant is not responsible to pay for food or accommodation even in case of illness or during the holidays.
The Au Pair program is a cultural exchange, thus it requires the participant to stay in the same home with the Host Family to be able to spend more time together and learn more about each other’s cultures. Nevertheless, the participant should have a separate room.

Language course

The Au Pair program gives participants the possibility to learn a foreign language by living in the medium of native speakers and attending a language course. The participant can take an advice from the family about language schools in the city and discuss the daily schedule so she/he can plan out the time to attend the lessons every week. 

Au Pair contract and insurance in Turkey

The Au Pair contract and insurance play an important role in ensuring safety and security during the whole program for both Au Pair and the Host Family. Let’s look at how to deal with the paperwork!

The Au Pair contract

The Au Pair contract is a formal document between the Au Pair and the Host Family. It includes different organizational information and conditions of the cooperation during the whole stay.
The contract is also one of the documents that the Au Pair will require during the visa application process. Below is a list with the most important details of the cooperation, such as:

Termination of the contract

There might be a situation where both the Au Pair and the Host Family will not be able to find common ground and a solution. If this is your case, maybe you need to consider the termination of the contract. As a rule, there is a two week notice period (unless a different term is stated in the contract). During this time, both the Host Family and the Au Pair will be searching for a replacement or an alternative solution.

Au Pair insurance in Turkey

The participants will need a private insurance in Turkey. To apply for a residence permit, the Au Pair and the Host Family need to present an evidence that the participant has insurance. According to the official website, to apply for a residence permit the participant needs to have one of the following documents:
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Provision document issued by the Social Security
  • Document facilitating health services in Turkey
  • Application made to the Social Security Institution to be covered by the general health insurance
We recommend the first option as the fastest. Later on, the participant can apply for a social security insurance upon a social security payment. It is necessary for the Au Pair to receive a work permit. has also several partners, that offer insurance services for Au Pairs from all over the world. Read more about Dr. Walter or Care Concept.

Au Pair program in Turkey - visa and work/residence permit

There is no Au Pair visa in Turkey. According to our experience, the participants can enter Turkey using a tourist visa and then apply for a work and residence permit. The work permit and residence permit are necessary for the participant to stay in Turkey legally.
Visa regulations vary depending on the applicant’s nationality - you can find general information on the official website.

Residence permit for an Au Pair in Turkey

Participants can receive the residence permit for up to one year. The application consists of the following documents:
  • Residence permit application form
  • The original and a copy of the passport
  • 4 passport-size photographs
  • Declaration stating that the applicant has enough savings to support herself/himself in Turkey for a while
  • Valid medical insurance

Work permit for an Au Pair in Turkey

The participant cannot stay and work in Turkey without a work permit.  The employer, in this case the Host Family, needs to submit documents for the work permit.
Usually the application needs to be submitted online. The exact set of the documents varies. recommends to discuss this subject together.
Generally, the Host Family should take an initiative and inquiry about the work permit for 2 main reasons: 
  • The Host Family needs to submit an initial application as the employer
  • The official sources state the exact rules that are available in Turkish language only.
For any general questions beyond the Au Pair program in Turkey, check out our Au Pair WIKI and read the most common questions. If you still have any concerns, send us a message, we will be happy to guide you with further information!

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